Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Weyerbacher Brew News

We’re hoping for late April to begin distribution in Minnesota! We’ll post more information on our website as things finalize, we’re finishing up contract details now. Finally, you can have a Weyerbacher with your Juicy Lucy!

From Head Brewer - Chris Wilson:
Spring has sprung! I was not expecting the fast switch to warmer weather, but that is exactly what happened. Maybe it is because we brewed Blanche a little early this year. The seasons are slaves to the brew schedule, right? I’ll have to try this out again next year.
Juliet will be released mid-April. It is a Doppelsticke, 8.5% ABV. The Germans say it "dopple-shtick-uh", so should you! It is a Double Alt. Alts have a long history in Germany and specifically in the town of Düsseldorf. Not too cold and not too hot, Düsseldorf has the perfect climate for brewing this refreshingly crisp ale. Alts fall in at around 4.7% and have a clean malty flavor with substantial hop presence. Take that and double it and you get a beer that is both richly malty and pleasantly hoppy. Due to cool fermentation and conditioning, the beer has the clean lager-like profile.
Dan, Chris Lampe and I will be heading off to the Craft Brewers Conference in Chicago on April 6th. We have to go get our schoolin’ on the latest brewing techniques and information. There is a slight chance that we might squeeze in a few beers with our brewing brethren as well. The first day of events always includes tours of “local” breweries. I am looking forward to our tour of Three Floyds Brewing Co. Maybe, we’ll get them to cough up some Dark Lord a little early. I think we are also hitting Flossmoor Station, Granite City and Gordon Biersch. They will likely be tasty as well.
Look for an announcement this month regarding the launch of our new website. We have made a tremendous amount of improvements and made a real effort to make the site interactive. More to the point, we want you guys to be able to communicate with us and get information from us much more easily. When the announcement comes out, I encourage you to take a look at it and tell us what you think!
Coming up we have Kilo on the horizon. I can’t say what we are doing because it is not official yet (legally approved I mean – better not take a chance on that these days), but I will say that it will be a nice refreshing beer for summer. We will release the beer to coincide with Philly Beer Week in June. That will also be the time you’ll be able to get your hands on some Fifteen for the first time. It is going to be awesome!

From Production Manager - Chris Lampe:
Blanche has been bottled and is being sent out to distributors!!! This is my spring lawnmower beer (and it should be yours too!). Tiny (the next in the Cork ‘N Cage Series) is also in the bottle and is just about finished conditioning. The whole crew here has had a month of hand bottling and corking this beauty, so you should be looking for it on the shelves very soon.

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