Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Anchor Brewing sold to Griffin Group

Personally, I'm not wholly surprised. Anchor brews good beer but does little in brand building/recognition/marketing. They also haven't added anything new to their portfolio in easily a decade. This is something Sierra Nevada is hyperly aware for themselves and have begun reinvigorating their brand and their beers. Quite successfully too, I might add.

Fritz originally bought the brand from someone else and now the brand (his spirits too) have been bought by someone else. He's not exactly getting younger and never really worked on culling someone else to take his spot. Apparently he has other interests he's been wanting to pursue.

How will Anchor and the Griffin Group work together in the coming months and years? We shall have to wait and see and then go from there.

Skyy Vodka Team Acquires Anchor Brewing

Anchor Brewery Sold

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