Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Cigar City Brew News

Humidor Series: Gruit is Ready!

The latest entry in the Spanish Cedar-aged Humidor Series of brews goes on tap in the Tasting Room on Wednesday 4-7-10. Our take on a Gruit this beer is brewed using our Spanish Cedar in place of hops. The base beer is a pale ale and it comes in around 5.5% ABV. Humidor Series: Gruit is light of body, medium sweet with cereal grain notes and lightly spicy due to the Spanish Cedar. It is aa session-gruit (if we can make up terms for a moment) and an ideal warm weather brew.

Humidor Series: Gruit will be released mostly in draft in the Central Florida area (draft and growlers available at the CCB Tasting Room) with very limited 750 ml bottles for sale in the same footprint. This beer is designed to drink fresh, so it is advised that you do not age this beer.

CCB Team

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