Tuesday, April 06, 2010


This is a blanket notice to all drinkers of Victory Hop Devil and Prima Pils in the Treasure Coast: do NOT buy any 6packs (or singles) you see in retail stores/bars/restaurants. They are OUT. OF. DATE.

I repeat, they are OUT! OF! DATE!

Technically the Prima Pils will be out of date on the 10th, but that's only 4 days from now and seeing as Southern Eagle is STILL placing to this very day, literally T.O.D.A.Y., out of date Victory Hop Devil and close-dated Prima Pils in whatever locations they can, it is obvious (and of no surprise to me) that quality control and good business practices are of zero concern while dastardly deeds continue to reign unchecked.

Even more so, the pitiable lack of care and concern Southern Eagle and now, apparently, Victory Brewing has shown for the beer drinkers of Vero Beach who desire a fresh and tasty bottle of Victory Hop Devil and Victory Prima Pils after a long days work, out fishing with buddies, with friends, etc... is now clear as day.

As much as I love(d) their beers, Victory that is, I cannot in good heart endorse their products for as long as such poorly managed, administered, and executed beer business practices continue unadulterated and unaddressed by Victory Brewing and Southern Eagle. Consider this my fond farewell until I personally see a change otherwise.

Am I upset? Yes. Rightfully so. And you should be, too.

(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)


  1. Harbor Branch JImApril 6, 2010 at 11:31 PM

    Love me some Hop Devil. Sux to see it so poorly handled.

  2. i agree. i haven't had a bad Victory beer yet, but so far it has poorly mishandled here in the Treasure Coast of Florida. i realize we may be a small yet growing blip on the beer radar of Florida for some of these breweries, but bad beer love is bad beer love. Vero Beach being my hometown, i don't really care if we are a blip because to me, we are THE blip and all others better watch out. i already spoke with Victory about this a couple weeks ago and have seen zero action from them since our phone call. i'm going to give them a heads-up AGAIN but as of right now, i am disappointed in their apparent lack of concern for their good name along the Treasure Coast.

    i mean come on. the Old Dixie Mobile Mart on the corner of 4th and Old Dixie. out of date Victory next to (out of date?) Gordon Biersch. besides being OOD, it's a horrible location in regards to people who would appreciate that good beer. ~shakes head~ Southern Eagle AB/InBev strikes again -.-

    i had never stepped foot in that store ever. ever. in my 32 years of living here until the other day to confirm the OOD Victory sighting from a beer geek friend of mine.