Saturday, April 10, 2010

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**Whatever you want to call it, Wayne and Joey, I am sure beyond a doubt that it will taste fanfreakingtastic. Brew on, brew on! XOXO! - kristyn**

Humidor Series: Gedanken Gruit

I've learned that with some folks the less they know about a thing, the more they'll be sure they know everything that could ever be known about it. And such was the case with Humidor Series: Gruit. No one alive today has ever had a wide range of honest to goodness Medieval era Gruit Ales. Which means pretty much every "Gruit ale" brewed on the planet today is a guess. But apparently some people are allowed to be guessers, while we are not allowed to be. So I am re-nicknaming Humidor Series: Gruit, to Humidor Series: Gedanken Gruit.

A Gedanken is a proposal for a thought experiment that would test a hypothesis. We had the hypothesis that if you were going to brew a beer with an abundant source of anti-microbial wood like Cedrela you might have something Gruit-like. Fools that we are, we thought we were allowed to do such a thing.

Anyway, we are happy with what we came up with. It's a very different kind of a beer. It has a bit of a wildness to it, but it is fairly drinkable at the same time. It's not like anything we have ever made. What exactly it is, from a "I must classify this or I will stay awake nights" point of view I can't really say. But, I think it qualifies as Gruit-like. Now if you happen to be say, Merlin and have been keeping yourself alive for generations using some truly righteous Gruit-esque concoctions then by all means share your personal experiences. But, if you don't have fond memories of quaffing honest-to-goodness real Gruit beer back when it was actually all that was going in the beer world, please allow us a little bit of conjecture.

The CCB Staff.

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