Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Collaberation & Rhymes Wit Tapping @ Vine & Barley

Ready yourself and make no plans for Monday April 19th and head down south to Vine & Barley in St. Lucie County.

Time: 6pm SHARP!

Why? To help myself and dozens of others celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Sierra Nevada Brewing out of Chico, California. Not only that, you will also be helping celebrate, taste, and drain the first of many kegs of Rhymes Wit.

Just what is Rhymes Wit you ask? Well! Let me tell you…it is none other than Mark Carbone’s very own beer that he designed and brewed himself at Sierra Nevada in Chico, California for their extra special Beer Camp. Specifically it is a Mandarin Wit, highlighting complex aromas of spicy Belgian yeast, wheat malt, and a hint of citrus. A silky smooth body is equally highlighted by tantalizing flavors of slight black pepper, and a malt graininess that fades into a mildly tart finish thanks to the addition of…locally grown mandarin oranges.

Of course, that can’t be the ONLY reason that I am commanding your presence at Vine & Barley on April 19th at 6pm SHARP! So, what else could there be?


A special beer by the name of Fritz & Kens Pioneers Stout. Yes, that’s right. Vine & Barley will be graciously hosting the one and ONLY keg of the very first (of 4) Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Celebration beers being brewed by Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada fame and four other collaborations. It is only righteous that the first should be with Fritz Maytag of equally famous Anchor Brewery standings. As the pioneers of the craft beer revolution that we now enjoy today and will continue to do so on into the beery future we stand humbly beholden before, it is destiny that the first beer is a collaboration between the two.

  • Name: Pioneers Stout
  • Stats: a richly roasted ale of stouty proportions enjoyable fresh and perfect for ageing.
  • Glassware: a snifter

A few random important facts:
  • Fritz & Ken’s Pioneers Stout is both keg and bottle.
  • Rhymes Wit is keg only.

And so in summary you better be at Vine & Barley at 6pm SHARP! There are no ifs, ands, or buts allowed. To celebrate 30 years of tasty Sierra Nevada beers. To celebrate Mark’s first Rateable beer (for you RateBeer/BeerAdvocate geeks out there). To make merry. To cherish, to taste, to savor, and to celebrate.

I’ll be there and hopefully you will too.

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