Saturday, April 24, 2010

Samuel Adams Brew News

Calling all homebrewers!
Wash out the carboy & siphon and get you best, most creative recipe ready to boil. Creativity (and quality) are the keys to this year's Samuel Adams - American Homebrew Contest. This year's competition will focus on Category 23 - the specialty beer category.
Each year 2 amateur homebrews are selected along with our employee homebrew winner to be featured in a mixed 6 pack and distributed nationally as part of our Longshot competition. To register your beer, learn how to homebrew or find a good place to buy your homebrew supplies visit the Longshot section of our website.
The competition is fierce as there are some damn good brews sent in each year, but always remember the sage advice of our dear friend Charlie Papazian: "Relax, have a homebrew!"

An IPA with some (L)attitude!
It's been a while since we've had a nice hoppy IPA, but this year you'll find a little something special in the Samuel Adams Summer Styles variety pack.
Samuel Adams® Latitude 48 is a unique IPA brewed with a select blend of hops from top German, English, and American growing regions all located close to the 48th latitude within the “hop belt” of the Northern Hemisphere. The combination of hops in this beer creates a distinctive but not overpowering hop character. The beer is dry hopped with Ahtanum, Simcoe®, and East Kent Goldings hops for a powerful citrus and earthy aroma. The hop character is balanced by a slight sweetness and full body from the malt blend. We love this's a beer hop heads will enjoy!

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