Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Samuel Adams Brew News

Great American Beer Festival
It's that time of year again! We're headed back to the festival that helped launch Samuel Adams Boston Lager® some 25 years ago. The Great American Beer Festival kicks off Thursday in Denver.

We'll be there with many styles of Samuel Adams alongside nearly 500 breweries and 2,100 styles of beer in total that will be served in the hall. There is no doubt that this is the greatest time in history to be a beer lover in America.

Should you find yourself at the GABF, don't forget to stop by our Longshot booth. There you'll find the three employee finalists sharing their beers and trying to win your vote to become the one employee homebrew to make it into next year's Longshot variety pack.

Longshot finalists:
Jeremy White, Andrew Garvin, & Tim Kerrigan

Taste of Rhode Island Returns
The festival of great beer and great food continues next week as we'll be once again participating in the annual Taste of Rhode Island Festival in Newport.

Taste of Rhode Island captures the essence of why Rhode Island is loved by travelers and locals alike. What's better than fantastic local foods paired with delicious Samuel Adams® Beers! Stop by the Samuel Adams Brew Pub where you can sample a variety of Samuel Adams® Beers and learn about beer and brewing! Also cast your vote in Samuel Adams® Beer Lovers Choice™ competition for the next style you want to see added to our family of beers in January 2010. Other fun activities include beer shucking competitions, cooking with beer demos and a live presentation on the Lager perfect pint glass.

What: Taste of Rhode Island
When: Saturday October 3rd 11am- 9pm; Sunday October 4th 11am-6pm
Where: The Newport Yachting Center, Downtown Newport, RI

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