Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Bold City Brewery news

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well. Today @ 3pm we’ll be tapping a Dry-Hopped Rye Pale Ale. The first person to guess which hops were used to dry hop, will get a free pint on me. There are only a few pints left of the Starry Lights, get it before it’s gone. We’ve got a couple new beers and SODAS (Ginger Ale and Cream Soda) that will be coming online in the coming months. We’ll close out the summer with a Hefe, which should be ready to go by the second week of September. In November, we’ll be releasing a Scottish Wee Heavy and the Smokey Porter will be coming back on tap. Also, on top of all that we’ve still got the O Coffee Stout set for a late September / early October release. Be BOLD! Go JAGS!


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