Thursday, September 10, 2009

BEER Trekkin Chicago ~ Day 02

it's early...but even on work vacation, i like to get my early morning work-out in. if i recall correctly, the hotel gym opens at 6am. works for me. get some sweat on, freshen up, and catch a taxi to the Siebel Institute for the first day of my two day class.

i pretty much hung out last night. i grabbed a drink at PFChangs right across from my hotel along with a munchie after arriving safely. the highlight of my night was The Publican.

i should have just stayed there last night, but i was feeling adventurous so i tried hunting down one of the Goose Island pubs. the first try was a miss, though we found the second location. neither are the main Goose Island pub, and it showed. i was also tired. i hit the veritable brick wall of NEED SLEEP NOW. after sipping some coffee and munching on some wings, i didn't even get a beer. sad, i know -.- but sleep called and i needed to answer.

i'm definitely going to make the main Goose Island on North Clybourn a beer supping and food snarfing destination. i'm saving it for either Friday or Saturday. not sure where i will sup and snarf tonight, but that's hours from now.

~looks at clock~
bout time to hit the gym.

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