Friday, September 11, 2009

BEER Trekkin Chicago ~ Day 03

it'll be soooooo nice to sleep in some tomorrow before chilling and cruising the fine town of Chicago. though, getting up early does get me dibs on the exercise bike at the gym. hm...

first day of class was awesome. i respectfully didn't geek out upon meeting Randy Mosher, and the man is awesome. laid back, genial, and a pure joy to listen to and talk with.

we snarfed some grub at Goose Island during lunch where i savored a bottle of Sofie along with my fresh spinach greens salad topped by glorious bacon slivers and fresh chicken. after class, a group of us hung out upstairs and supped on some beer and just chilled. a great group, i must say, and i'm greatly heartened to see so many women there.

beer is beautiful and beer is for everyone, man and woman equally. it's very encouraging to see such a strong showing on my fellow estrogen-fueled side.

picked up a few bottles of goodies at Sams. i almost had to worry about how to ship it, but voila! Sam's offers shipping also. problem solved at the source. can't ask for more.

dinner was at The Publican again. crazy busy which shouldn't have been a surprise, but a bit too crazy for myself. i would have enjoyed it more if i'd had someone to chat with, but tis cool. not sure if i'll make it back again before i head back home sunday, but dinner was excellent. the bluefin tuna crudo was exquisite. a steady din of jovial patrons promised a busy night long into the evening for which i didn't stick around. got a bummer ph call from the mom; a problem back home i have to take care of this morning. but i digress. i didn't have the opportunity to chat with the bartender and his lady assistant whose company i enjoyed yesterday, but that's all good. the only "let down" of the evening.

today, i'm thinking i'll hit up Rock Bottom Brewery for some grub and some beer. i may have to get there on the early side since, driving past it last night, the jovial throngs were out in full force. it's also a 5 minute walk from where i was staying. bonus! skip one more cab fee today.

let it be known that i, kristyn lier, have ridden more cabs in the last 3 days than i have ever ridden in my whole 32 years so far. and i still have one more day of Chicago romping...

(original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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