Saturday, September 12, 2009

BEER Trekkin Chicago ~ Day 04

~yaaaaaaaaaawns~ stretch ^_^

i almost got up early to work out, but sleep called my name and, well, i answered. got up at 9am which was nice. i'm going back to the 5am wake-up tomorrow morning, but that's all good. of course, i'll still work out this morning. i'm thinking a bit later and i'll have the bike to myself.

i have ALL day today to do whatever i want. i'm hitting up The Hop Leaf for sure. they are supposed to have a huge Belgian selection and, after browsing their beer menu, i'd have to agree. i'm going to hit up Goose Island of course. grab a flight of beers and a couple t-shirts. one for me and one for Tim. i must have some Bourbon County Stout. mmmm.... delicious!

i'm itching for The Publican again...but shall see.

went to the Rock Bottom Brewery last night. food good, especially the burger i took home. the PJs were calling my name so i answered. while i was there though, i supped on their flight of beers, all their beers. i saved their two stouts for last which worked wonderfully. by the time i got to them, they had risen to the perfect cellar supping temperature. i was going to get a tshirt, but none of them grabbed my fancy.

i'm also going to wander around a bit, and try to use the Red Line to my advantage today. i'm growing tired of giving the taxi drivers my money. and speaking of the taxi drivers...CrAzY. but, i'm glad i don't have to drive in this atrocious traffic. next year, i'm definitely going to use the red line far more than this time.

like a dork, i forgot to buy the Sensory Analysis Kit yesterday from Siebel, so i am going to have to pay s&h to have it mailed to me in Florida. meh, that's life. if they're anything like the few vials we used in class, then they are more than worth the money.

i scored 6 fabulous beers from Sam's Wine & Spirits. the one i am most excited about is the Le Baladin Xyauyu Copper, vintage 2005. i am soooooo excited about this. i'm salivating giddily just thinking about it. saving me the trouble of finding someone to ship them for me, Sam's also offers shipping service. score!

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