Monday, January 04, 2010

Weyerbacher Brew News

Latest Release:
Fireside Ale started shipping to our distributors today. Fireside is an intricate dark ale with a touch of smokiness. The rich malt flavor, crisp bitterness and smoke reach perfect equilibrium in this brew.

Next Scheduled Release:
Heresy and Insanity will come out during the month of February. Heresy is our outstanding Old Heathen aged in Bourbon barrels. Insanity is our Blithering Idiot aged in Bourbon barrels. Both take on complex and unique characteristics from the time spent in the Bourbon barrels.

Still in the stores:
There might be a small amount of Winter Ale in stores and Quad might still be available. There are a couple of distributors who have not yet asked for their pre-order so some states may not have theirs yet. You should also be able to find Double Simcoe 750s and Merry Monks 750s (champagne style) in outlets catering to craft styles.

Other News:
A new website is under construction – it will be exciting, easy to use and full of information. Expect it in the next 6 weeks or so. Check us out on Facebook. Become a friend!

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