Friday, December 31, 2010

WOB Viera News

New Years Eve!
What are you doing this New Years Eve? Come hang out at WOB! We will have live music and half off select drafts. Look for special bottles to be released that night. At midnight, we will usher in the New Year with a special toast. We will be opening a rare and numbered bottle of St. Bernardus ABT 12 direct from Belgium. Don't worry there will be plenty to go around. For those that want the traditional toast, we have champagne to ring in the new year. Click here for more information.

We are tapping another cask!
This Friday, December 31st around 1pm, we will be tapping a cask of Thornbridge Merry. Fantastic deep brown holiday ale that was hopped/flavored in past years with Liberty, Chinook and Santiam hops. The 2010 brew still features Chinook, but having foregone Liberty and Santiam, instead employs Perle and Goldings. Malt bill consists of Vienna, Melanoidin, Munich, Amber and Chocolate varieties. A generous dosing of some Derbyshire Hidcote Lavender grown by one of the Thornbridge estate’s gardeners, Liz Bailes, as well as juniper and coriander (which was crushed by hand using a mortar & pestle and added with the lavender to the hopback) for the 2010 batch. Come by and drink this beer the way your ancestors drank beer.

Holiday Hours!
Come hang out at WOB for New Years. We will be open!
New Years Eve: 12 pm to 2 am
New Years Day: 12 pm to 2 am

Beer 101!
Want to learn how to make beer? Come join the class as Sean Gregg, president of the local home brewers club, shows you how to become a brewmaster in your home. Class is on Saturday, January 8th at 1 pm on the patio, so don't be late. Keep reading your newsletters for more information.

Party or Special Events!
Planning a party? WOB is the perfect party place to host your private event or company party. Contact WOB-Viera at to reserve your date, number of guests and area you would like to be in the bar.

New Bottles
  • Left Hand Jack Porter, 6.8% (Colorado)
  • Mercury Ipswich Dark Ale, 6.3% (Massachusetts)

New Drafts
  • Avery Reverend, 10% (Colorado)
  • Cigar City Humidor, 7.5% (Florida)
  • Red Hook Winterhook, 6% (New Hampshire)
  • Rodenbach, 5.2% (Belgium)
  • Rogue Shakespeare Stout Nitro, 6% (Oregon)
  • Shipyard Imperial Porter, 6% (Maine)
  • Southampton Imperial Porter, 7.5% (New York)

Live Music This Week
  • Thursday - Iris
  • Friday - Matt Adkins

Sunday, December 26, 2010

BrewGrrs *update*

The homepage is up, live, and ready for beer geek and burgundian perusal. Be sure to swing in soon (not today - closed for Christmas weekend with 365 days a year in sight for 2011) and chomp on some tasty burgers while savoring some tasty brews. You know you want to, yes you do.

BrewGrrs ~ Burgers & Brews

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cigar City Brew News

Expansion Time

Not quite two years ago in March of 2009 Cigar City Brewing sold the first batch of beer made on our then shiny new 15 bbl brewhouse. The beer (Maduro) was brewed back in January of 2009. If you are wondering why it took two months, readers of this blog will recall that we were waiting for the City of Tampa to finally approve the electrical work that we'd installed as per their approved plans, only to be told we couldn't install it the way they approved it and then to later be told ok fine it is approved, sorry we jerked you around for two months.

Fortunately, it was cold at the time and the time in the tank meant the beer didn't need to be filtered. It was a slow way to make beer, but the beer itself tasted exactly how we wanted it to. Back then the brewery consisted of myself, Wayne and a steady stream of volunteers many of which, like our Production Manager Doug Dozark, have become full-time employees. There are 25 of us now. And we continue to have our issues with the city, but as was the case two years ago, things have mostly worked out for us.

Which brings us to today, just a couple of months shy of our two year anniversary and we are ready to expand production once again. We've added tanks as we have grown (3 60 bbl fermenters, a 30 bbl and a motley collection of Brite Tanks and assorted vessels along with sundry bottling machines). But it has mostly been stop-gap measures just trying to keep enough beer around so that when a local bar orders Cigar City, the distributor actually has some to sell.

And that has been frustrating. Our success has far outpaced our expectations and the brewpub style brewhouse we started with just can't keep up. So we are pleased to announce that we have a new 30 bbl, four vessel, brewhouse set to arrive in about 6 weeks. This new brewhouse will double our per batch capacity and allow us to brew from our current 3 batches a day up to 8 batch a day! In addition to the brewhouse we'll be adding 9 30 bbl fermenters right away and hope to add some 90 to 120 bbl fermenters when we get the old brewhouse and 15 bbl feremnters sold.

What this all means is a drastic increase in brewing capacity along with a brewhouse capable, with enough additional fermentation space, of handling growth into the 45,000+ bbl range. Of course it also brings new challenges, space limitations, packaging speed conundrums and logistical problems, but taking on and overcoming these issues is something we have grown to relish and we now have a staff in place that greatly augments what Wayne and I were able to do alone. We welcome the challenges.

And lest I forgot our Pilot Brewery lead Brewer, Ben Romano is expanding as well! We've added 4 more 300 liter pilot tanks for Ben to create interesting new brews with. Including today's brew a Wayne designed Asian-inspired ale featuring rice, roasted sea weed and Chinese 5 Spice fermented with Saint Somewhere yeast.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Beer Reviews

The latest and greatest:

(original written works by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

BrewGrrs *update*

This is what you have been waiting for.
BrewGrrs is almost ready to GO!
Prepare those choppers to sink into some mind-blowing tastetastic burgers and ready those lips to embrace brimming glasses of fanfreakingtastic brews.
I'm ready. Are YOU ready?!
BrewGrrs isn't open YET...
...but we will be in a matter of days so keep those eyes and ears open.
See You There!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chimay Pint Night @ Broken Barrel Tavern

This is it, the big one!!!! Been trying to get this set up since before we opened, and finally, in time for Christmas we have received the glasses for a Chimay Pint Night at Broken Barrel Tavern. There are a limited number of glasses, so getting here early is highly recommended!

Gift Certificates are on special, buy a $50 GC and get an extra $10, FREE!

Beer Gifts!!!
We have the entire Jewbelation Vertical series in a gift set, with glass, for $44 (These beers will age magnificently!)

Beers of America, a tour of American History through brewing styles, are $36 for six different beers, two of each type. @ $3 a beer, for a set of beers in a wooden stand that have never been released before, this is the Christmas buy of the year. We are running low on these however, and only have a dozen left.

We can also custom make a beer basket for you or your loved one based on what you or they prefer to drink. We can work with any budget, so get'em what they want, GREAT BEER!!!

Happy Holidays & Drink Better Beer!

Cigar City Brew News

Maduro and Meatballs for a Good Cause

At Cigar City nothing is more important that being involved in our community. In Dunedin ( a small town here in Tampa Bay for those reading this from far away) one of our supporters needs our help and the good folks from the Dunedin Doggie Rescue and Rosie's Tavern in Downtown Dunedin have responded graciously and we are happy to assist. Please, if you are able to come out tomorrow night and help us to do what we can.

Maduro and Meatballs! (& pasta, a variety of sauces, and desserts) at Rosie's Tavern in Dunedin 7-10pm Tuesday 12/14 (tomorrow).

Cigar City's luscious Maduro Oatmeal Brown with Mama Louise's delectable Meatballs along with local culinaries (Paul, Tracey, Don, Tawny and Denise) contributing a variety of sauces, bowtie pasta, breads and desserts. Mama Louise will also have samples of her famous “Angry Italian Lasagna”… trays of this will be available for Holiday ordering.

Guest Bartenders Dawn Carney (Media Mogul) and Dunedin's Dogboy KK will donate all tips and we will do pretty much do anything for a big tip, including but not limited to whatever embarrassing thing you may have in mind.... if we decline, we feed the tip jar. Of, course we love beer so a Beer raffle of Cigar City items and beers from KK's rare and out of state beers. Thanks to Julie and David for donating the keg of Maduro to which all purchases of this beer go to the cause. Thanks to Joey Redner for the Cigar City beer items for the raffle.. and to all the cooks.

All proceeds go to Dunedin Doggie Rescue's tireless volunteer (and Treasurer) Ken Blaisse to help him procure a very expensive last option drug for end stage prostate cancer.

Rosie's Tavern of Dunedin Broadway Street, Dunedin 34698 727-743-9302

We offer our deepest thanks in advance to all who keep this cause in their thoughts and even more to those who can stop by tomorrow night. We are so thankful for the support we have gotten from all who help to make the brewery a special place and Ken along with the Dunedin Doggie Rescue are a big part of this.

Travis and the CCB Crew

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dogfish Head Brew Masters Night @ Vine & Barley *TODAY*

**OMG!!! The beers being tapped at 6pm are epic in their own right, so to add the tapping of Bitches Brew at 9pm and watching Brew Masters at 10pm. Genius. Destiny. Heaven on Earth...even if just for one night. BE THERE! I will be!**


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

Coasters Belgian Beer Fest 2011

**Seeing as I missed last year's Belgian Beer Fest do to a very good reason: road trip with my sister and my newly born niece, I will not be missing this one. And yes, it will be E.P.I.C.**

Last year, we distinguished our Belgian Beer Fest as the 'first annual' Belgian Beer Fest. And we weren't kidding.

The wheels are already in motion, kegs are already on order, and we're excited to announce that Coasters Pub's Belgian Beer Fest 2 is marked on the calendar for February 11th, 12th and 13th, 2011. That's the weekend after the Super Bowl.

In what is sure to be known as the premier Belgian Beer event in the Southeast, we will be taking down all of our regular draught beers to make room for more than 35 taps of Belgian Beer at once, with many kegs in the on-deck circle waiting for the first round of kegs to empty. In all, we expect to offer around fifty different Belgian beers over the three day weekend, along with Belgian food specials and live music. Sound like fun? You bet it is. This isn't a 'beer tents in a parking lot' type of Beer Fest. This is your chance to sit down and enjoy some of the finest beers in the world in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Due to cost and rarity, most beers will be served in wine glasses to allow you to try a few different varieties without having to down multiple pints in order to do so. Keep in mind that a lot of these beers are potent, so please plan accordingly. Last year quite a few people booked hotel rooms at one of the many beachfront hotels nearby, most of which offer a free shuttle service. There are also a few 'mom & pop' type of motels nearby with cheaper rates.

As the event grows nearer, we'll post a list of the kegs that will be tapped. Until then, here's the page for last year's Belgian Beer Fest to let you see what was available. And here are some photos from last year's event!

Stay tuned for more details.

Broken Barrel Tavern *update*

**Unfortunately I'll be missing the Eisbock Cask tapping today but I will definitely be making the Terrapin Beer Dinner and the inaugral kick-off of the Space Coast Craft Beer Festival.**

Hello Beer Bretheren,
Here is a list of events coming up at TBBT over the next few days, weeks and months!!!

Schneider Aventinus Eisbock Wooden Gravity Fed CaskFriday, Dec 10th, @ 6pm
This will go very quickly, the Edel Weiss was gone in 40 minutes for Oktoberfest!

Christmas Gift CertificatesBy a $50 gift Certificate and get a $10 Gift Certificate for free!
Now through Christmas Eve

NYE Party at TBBTFriday, Dec 31st, Starting @ 9pm
80's Party w/ The Boogie Nights
Complemetary Champagne Toast @ Midnight

Terrapin Beer DinnerTuesday, Jan 25th, @ 7pm
Tickets on Presale, limited seats
$45, Five coarse Dinner w/ Beer Pairings by a Brewery Rep
Menu Coming Soon!!!

Space Coast Craft Beer FestivalSaturday, March 5th, afternoon
Sample all there is to offer in Craft Brewing from The United States & Beyond!!!
The First Craft Beer Fest of its kind on the Space Coast, by those
Additional Details Coming!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

New Beer Reviews

The latest and greatest:

(original written works by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

Stone Brewery Night @ Hurricanes VB

**Oooooh. Lucky Bastard! For that beer along it would be worth going, but then again, all Stone Brewery beers are tastetacularly fantabulous so you should...must go! Remember, think global but drink local because good beer diversity doesn't happen without you and me - the beer drinking ambassadors, raters, and advocates of Vero Beach and beyond.**


WOB Viera News

Eighth Night!
Tonight is the last night for Eight Crazy Nights! We have tapped the Vertical Jewbelation. It is a blend of all seven recipes of Jewbelation aged in Sazerac 6 year rye whiskey barrels with an ABV of 10.5%. To commemorate the special event, we have Vertical Jewbelation gift packs for purchase. It contains all eight bottles with a commemorative glassware. We have a limited supply of the gift set, so don't wait too long to get yours.

WOB is 1!
It's here! Starting tomorrow, December 9th, in the evening, we will be joined by representatives from our favorite breweries. Also we will be tapping 4 Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary and 2 Terrapin Hoppy Monster kegs. It doesn't end there. The celebration continues on Saturday, December 11th, with live music, C - Lane & Beav is playing at 4 pm. Matt Adkins and Jay Dibella is playing at 9 pm. Also we are having the Lakins are providing complimentary pulled pork and brisket all afternoon till the food is gone. What else you ask? A great line up of vintage beer on draft. We will also have special surprises for you. Come out and celebrate with us. It will be a weekend you won't forget or will you? For more information click here.

12 Beers of Christmas!
On Monday December 13th, we will be starting the 12 beers of Christmas. We will reveal one special keg every day till the 24th. To get everyone started the first keg we will be debuting is Cocoa Beach Brewing "Not Just Some" Oatmeal Stout. Come out to meet owner/founder/brewmaster Chris that evening. To find out what will be on next, go our website starting the 13th and every day to see what the keg will be. Click here for more information.

Gift Cards!
Looking for the perfect gift this season? Stop by WOB and get a gift card! Also we have shirts, hats etc. There are over 500 gifts available for you!

New Years Eve!
Kick off the new year at WOB! We will have live music, beer specials, special toast at midnight and more. Keep reading your emails for more information.

New Bottles
  • Cigar City Bolita, 9% (Florida)
  • Cigar City Improvisacion, 9% (Florida)
  • Cigar City Either, 11.2% (Florida)
  • Cigar City Or, 11.2% (Florida)
  • Cigar City Sea Bass, 8% (Florida)
  • Great Divide 16th Anniversary Wood Aged Double IPA, 10% (Colorado)
  • Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti, 9.5% (Colorado)
  • He'Brew Jewbelation 14th, 14% (New York)
  • He'Brew Lenny RIPA Rye on Rye, 10% (New York)
  • Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary: Brewmasters Reserve, 9.2% (California)
  • Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary: Fritz & Ken, 9.2% (California)
  • Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary: Jack & Ken, 10.2% (California)
  • Weyerbacher Heresy, 8% (Pennsylvania)

New Drafts
  • Cocoa Beach "Not Just Some" Oatmeal Stout, 6% (Florida)
  • Florida Beer Lager, 5.1% (Florida)
  • He'Brew Vertical Jewbelation 10.5% (New York)
  • Magic Hat Howl, 4.6% (Vermont)
  • Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary: Brewmasters Reserve, 9.2% (California)
  • Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary: Charlie, Fred & Kens Bock, 8.3% (California)
  • Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary: Fritz & Ken, 9.2% (California)
  • Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary: Jack & Ken, 10.2% (California)
  • Southern Tier Oat, 9.6% (New York)
  • Stone Vertical Epic 10.10.10, 8.9% (California)
  • Terrapin Sound Czech, 5.3% (Georgia)
  • Widmer Brrrbon, 7.2% (Oregon)
  • Victory Yakima, 8.7% (Pennsylvania)

Live Music This Week
  • Thursday - James Johnson
  • Friday - C-Lane & Beav
  • Saturday 4 pm - C-Lane & Beav
  • Saturday 9 pm - Matt Adkins & Jay DiBella

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

New Beer Reviews

The latest and greatest:

(original written works by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

Schneider-Sohn Aventinus Eisbock Cask Tapping @ Broken Barrel Tavern

**Since it's the same day as Brewpostles II I shall have to abstain. BUT!! I can say having had the cask Aventinus Eisbock last year at a special Broken Barrel Tavern event, all non-Brewpostles don't want to miss out on this EPIC beer.**

Schneider Aventinus Eisbock Wooden Cask 
Friday, December 10th, at 6pm

Only a few Dozen of these make it to the United States so Drink Accordingly!!! When it's gone it's gone, and I doubt it'll last more than an hour or so!!!


Thursday, December 02, 2010

Beer & Wine Tasting @ Harbour Bay Gourmet *TODAY*

Listen up people cause I'm only saying it once. Just because Great Spirits is gone doesn't mean the beer tasting doesn't go on. It does. It has. And it's about to again. With a little help from her friends, yours beerly will be at Harbour Bay Gourmet tasting 4 fantabulous beers crafted in good taste with lots of TLC. See below for details:

When: Thursday December 2nd, 2010
Where: Harbour Bay Gourmet
Time: 5pm - 8pm
Cost: FREE! but we'd love it if you bought something
  • Blanche de Bruxelles - a delightfully divine Belgian Wit (white) beer with a gentle appearance which slowly unravels to reveal delicate flavors of wheat, coriander, curacao orange peel, and spice.
  • Dogfish Head 90 Minute - continuously hopped for 90 minutes to an equal 90 IBUs (International Bittering Units), she matches piney citrusy hop zest with a full, slightly sticky mouthfeel resplendent in caramelized sugars, and a complimentary melba toast crunch.
  • Brooklyn Local 2 - 100% bottle fermentation lends this decadent brew a gentle effervescence which carries well privileged aromas and flavors of dark pitted fruits, moist dark breads, brown sugar, honey, and a kiss of orange zest.
  • Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout - a Christmas seasonal, she arrives decked to the nines in dark chocolate drenched dark pitted fruits, vanilla bean, fudge, burnt caramel, and a dark chocolate laden licorice root.

See you all there!
Remember, support your local business!! It matters!!!
Yes, there will be wine but as for what wines, I am not privy to for I am here to pimp the beer to my hearts content...and beyond!

New Beer Reviews

The latest and greatest:

(original written works by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

WOB Viera News

Eight Crazy Nights!
It starts tonight! Now through December 8th come to WOB to start your holiday celebration. We are debuting one draft per night for eight crazy nights. He'Brew Brewing Company has recreated Jewbelation 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. Also we will have the new 2010 release, Jewbelation 14. On the eighth night, the last draft will be Vertical Jewbelation which is blend of all 7 Jewbelations on draft. We are one of the chosen out of 88 bars in the nation to do a Vertical showcase of Jewbelation This is a great start for the holiday season. Click here for more information.

Anniversary Party!
WOB - Viera is turning 1 next week! Let's celebrate! To start this special weekend, on Thursday, December 9th we are going to have a draft line that the world has never seen before. We are featuring Terrapin Hoppy Monster Series and Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary kegs. Joining us that evening are representatives from our favorite breweries too. Don't stop there! The celebration continues on Saturday, December 11th, with live music, C - Lane & Beav is playing at 4 pm. Matt Adkins and Jay Dibella is playing at 9 pm. Also we are having the Lakins are providing complimentary pulled pork and brisket all afternoon till the food is gone. What else you ask? A great line up of vintage beer on draft. We will also have special surprises for you. Come out and celebrate with us. It will be a weekend you won't forget or will you?. For more information click here.

12 Beers of Christmas!
Don't stop at the Anniversary Party! Because we are going into the 12 beers of Christmas. Starting December 13th, we will reveal one special keg every day till the 24th. To find out the reveal, go our website starting the 13th and every day to see what the keg will be. Click here for more information.

New Years Eve!
Make your plans now. It will be here before you know it. Live music, beer specials and more. Keep reading your emails for more information.

New Bottles
  • Abita Christmas Ale 2010, 5.5% (Louisiana)
  • Brooklyn Winter, 6% (New York)
  • Boulder Never Summer, 5.9 (New York)
  • Hoppy Claus Holiday, 7.8 (California)
  • Mendocino Black Eye, 6.5 (California)
  • Rogue Yellow Snow, 6.2% (Oregon)
  • Smisje Kerst, 11% (Belgium)
  • Southampton Imperial Porter, 7.5% (New York)

New Drafts
  • He'Brew Jewbelation 8, 8% (New York)
  • He'Brew Jewbelation 9, 9% (New York)
  • He'Brew Jewbelation 10, 10% (New York)
  • He'Brew Jewbelation 11, 11% (New York)
  • He'Brew Jewbelation 12, 12% (New York)
  • He'Brew Jewbelation 13, 13% (New York)
  • He'Brew Jewbelation 14, 14% (New York)
  • Mercury Ipswich Winter, 6.2% (Massachusetts)
  • New England Sea Hag, 6.2 (Massachusetts)

Live Music This Week
  • Thursday - Wilcor
  • Friday - Iris
  • Saturday - Christian Wilson Duo

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cigar City Brew News

City Council Meeting Info

For anyone planning to attend the City Council meeting where the wet-zoning for the Cigar City Brewing Tasting Room will be voted on this is the pertinent information.
Date: Thursday December 2nd
Time: 10:30 AM
Location: 315 East Kennedy Boulevard (Downtown)
City Hall, 3rd Floor
Tampa, FL 33602

This is a public meeting so anyone may attend and speak if they so choose or just attend to show support. We encourage everyone that has the time to attend. Thanks again for the overwhelming support and well wishes. Win or lose we are humbled by the support from the community and beyond.

Joey Redner and the CCB Staff

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Reading Mash

Finally finished:
  • Michael Jackson's Complete Guide To Single Malt Scotch 6th Edition

    Currently reading:
    • Grape VS Grain: A Historical, Technological, and Social Comparison of Wine and Beer by Charles Bamforth

    In the que:
    • The Beer Guide by Josh Oakes
    • Beer Is Proof God Loves Us: Reaching for the Soul of Beer and Brewing by Charles Bamforth

    New Beer Reviews

    The latest and greatest:

    (original written works by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

    Thursday, November 25, 2010

    WOB Viera News

    **I'll be WOB for Brooklyn Day. Our pal Rich will be there from 7pm - 9pm (I think - waiting for confirmation from Rich). Any and all of my posse interested in drinking some tasty Brooklyn brews at WOB Viera with me n Rich, see you there!**

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We are opening our doors at 5 pm tomorrow, when you are done hanging out with family and friends. Come enjoy your favorite beer or some great seasonal beers. On Friday, we are opening our doors early on Black Friday at 10 am for those that need to have a break, relax and enjoy great beer.

    Brooklyn Brew Party! 
    This Tuesday, November 30th, we will be featuring Brooklyn Brewery. The featured draft line up is Brooklyn Lager, Brown, Black Chocolate Stout, Pennant, Cuvee Noire and Brooklyner Weisse. Along with the extensive line up, a representative from the brewery will be here. See you then.

    Eight Crazy Nights!
    Next Wednesday, December 1st through December 8th start your holiday celebration at WOB. We have been chosen as one of 88 bars to do a Vertical showcase of Jewbelation. He'Brew Brewing Company has recreated Jewbelation 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. Also we will have the new 2010 release, Jewbelation 14. We will debut one draft per night for eight crazy nights. On the eighth night, the last draft will be Vertical Jewbelation which is blend of all 7 Jewbelations on draft. Stop by WOB this holiday season.

    Anniversary Party!
    We can't believe that WOB - Viera is turning 1! So it's time to party!
    Help us kick off our 1st Anniversary weekend. On Thursday, December 9th we are going to have a draft line that the world has never seen before. We will also be joined that evening by representatives from our favorite breweries. Then on Saturday, December 11th, the party continues all day with live music, C - Lane & Beav is playing at 4 pm. Matt Adkins and Jay Dibella is playing at 9 pm. The celebration continues with complimentary food and and extensive line up of vintage beer on draft. We will also have special surprises for you. Come out and celebrate with us. It will be a weekend you won't forget. For more information click here.

    Attention all Bastard Lovers!
    We have been given the title of Most Arrogant Bar in Florida. Thanks for all your help. We couldn't have done it without you. Next year lets go for the national title!

    New Bottles
    • Mendocino Red Tail, 6.1% (California)
    • Mendocino White Hawk, 7% (California)

    New Drafts
    • Cigar City Jai Alai Humidor, 7.5% (Florida)
    • Cocoa Beach Pale Ale, 6.6% (Florida)
    • Dunedin Red Head Ale, 5.1% (Florida)
    • High & Mighty Home for the Holidays, 7.2% (Massachusetts)
    • Red Brick Long John, 8.2% (Georgia)

    Live Music This Week
    • Wednesday - Billy Chapman
    • Friday - James Johnson
    • Saturday - C-Lane & Beav

    Cigar City Brew News

    Turkey Day, White Oak IPA, and Black Friday

     **We will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving, all other days this week we will be open normal business hours so come on in.**

    Thanksgiving is almost here, and we hope you have your growlers filled, bottles chilling, or a combination of both for the big day! What could be better than the perfect brew, a great meal, and the company of friends and family? Not much to us..

    Just in time for the holiday we have just release a limited amount of White Oak Aged Jai-Alai IPA in the tasting room in 4-packs and we are sure this would be an amazing compliment to your meal or festivities! Soon these beauties along with Cubano Espresso, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, and Jose Marti' will be available in local Publix stores. Look for them after the first of the year.

    Everyone knows after the Turkey Day happenings are cleaned up, the holiday shopping begins and we have plenty of goodies for all the beer drinkers in your life from shirts and hats, to the best gift of all BEER! For the holiday season we have also put together some gift baskets ranging from $25-$150 with all sorts of very sought after CCB schwag. In fact, in honor of the usual early bird specials at all the big box retailers come in for a gift basket on Friday before 5pm and we'll throw in a pint of your favorite beer so you get a little something in return for being such a thoughtful person!


    Gift Cards are also available just in case you aren't sure what to grab.

    Don't forget Loko Cuisine will be hosting the Asian Persuasion tasting experience here at the brewery on Saturday December 4th. The cost is $20 per person, and includes an awesome Asian inspired menu along with a pint of fresh local beer made steps from where you'll be eating. Get your tickets by December 1st from

    Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

    Travis and the CCB Brew Crew

    Sunday, November 21, 2010

    BEERflections ~ Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Celebration

    Birthdays are special affairs that come around once a year every year, each one different than the previous. Life is sacred, a blessing enjoyed in contemplative solace or in jovial communion. We the people of the United States of America celebrate all birthdays big and small, far and wide, and on November 15th 2010, we the people celebrated 30 years of craft beer independence by Ken Grossman and his family of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. Located in Chico, California, when Sierra Nevada grew from a dream in 1979 to a brewed and true reality in 1980, the heartscape of beer and beer drinkers alike was forever changed. Even though I would have been only 3 years old then, our paths were destined to cross in a flurry of united passion and shared creativity. On this, our most sacred of eves, candles of inspiration were in each and every one of us who celebrated the Sierra Nevada birthday bash at Vine & Barley.

    In further celebrating the spirit of collaboration, Vine & Barley teamed up with Chef Wayne of the West End Grille for a grand evening of food and beer. The beers were none other than the four Anniversary Collaborations, the first ever cork and cage beers to bear Sierra Nevada’s proud name. A finer tribute could never have been if it wasn’t for the cooperative genius of fellow industry pioneers Fritz Maytag, Charlie Papazian, Fred Eckhart, and Jack McAuliffe. Together with Ken Grossman, they blessed our palates and cellars with these tangible fruits of burgundian wisdom.
    • Fritz and Ken’s Pioneer Stout is a luxurious dip into the dark side. Smooth as velvet, melted chocolates, roasted grains, and vanilla bean are just a few of the interlocking layers of flavor unraveling in savory reverence.
    • Charlie Fred and Ken’s Imperial Helles Bock is a personally pleasing treat. Traditional helles bocks are neither imperial nor cellarable, but these wily gents took their brewing savvy and turned a German classic successfully on its head. Stewed succulent apricots, peaches, and plums smother moist chewy breads, mingle with spice, dance with honey, and finish with gentle floral warmth to divine and to soothe.
    • Jack and Ken’s Black Barleywine Ale gives a deserved nod to the Grandfather of craft beer, Jack McAuliffe. A pioneer’s pioneer, he foresaw our sudsy revolution of beer diversity and quality with the first post-prohibition micro brewery, New Albion. Though Jack was ready for us, we were not ready for him. As the doors unfortunately shut on his dream, new doors were opened within the hearts and minds of dreamers like Ken, Fritz, Charlie, and Fred. Resurrecting a New Albion summer solstice classic, new life was breathed into a black Barleywine of epic proportions featuring bittering hops, stewed fruits, warmth, wood, and spice.
    • Our Brewers Reserve Grand Cru represents the best Sierra Nevada has to offer. A fantabulous blend of Oaked Bigfoot, Celebration, and fresh Pale Ale, she starts sweet, stewed, and spiced, skirts the edges with oak, and finishes with a flash of dry-hopped attitude tempered by a lingering glow. A wee bit rough around the edges, I look forward to future tastings contemplation.

    Being bottle-conditioned ales, all four 30th Anniversary special releases are fine specimens for cellaring. While not always a perfect science, half of the fun (if not more) is the actual adventure beer cellaring will take you on. Savor one fresh and relish the rest with time, curiosity, and a dash of mystery.

    Vine & Barley’s first beer and food pairing event, Mark Carbone, Tim Hebeler, Andrew Bradley, and West End Grille worked together to pull off a truly one of a kind birthday bash. Conspiring since the release of Pioneer Stout, with each subsequent release an extra keg was safely squirreled away. It takes a special and flexible mind to think outside the box in planning such an advance event, so to everyone involved, double pocky thanks. Limited to fifty tickets ala RSVPs, while not sold out a solid representation of beer peeps gathered about the bar inside before moving outside to our fanciful dining mecca. The weather couldn’t have been more pleasant and as we gathered round our tables, special attention was paid our centerpiece of whole hop cones and Sierra Nevada tulip pint glasses layered in variously roasted malts topped off with more whole hop cones. Smashing! As much of a visual treat as the chalices brimming with beer and plates flashing food porn, our evening slowly unfolded amidst jolly laughter, merry banter, spirited debates, and endless smiles.

    Keeping me company that night was my lovely Laura while we were joined at our table by Mark Boland, Howard Steinberg, and a young gentleman whose name escapes me right now. A table of awesomeness if I do say so myself…and I do.

    Speaking of names, I must offer my sincerest apologies to a good friend and fellow Vine advocate, Cindie. Names are not my strong point, but tis no excuse to see you twice in less than a month and on both occasions not remember your name. It is not embarrassing insofar as it is offensive and insulting to you, Cindie, and I am sorry. When next we meet, the first beer is on me.


    Beers are great and all but what about the food? With four big boys lined up in a row, there needs to be four comparable courses lined up in a row to both parry and marry the procession of flavors. In the carefree spirit of “why not”, the course pairings were:
    • Fred and Ken’s Imperial Helles Bock and deviled eggs stuffed with fresh crab meat, mascarpone cheese, pickles, scallions, and dusted with the always classic Old Bay seasoning. ~ Different to be sure, they were a tasteful indulgence of two personal loves: devilled eggs, cheese, and crab meat. Okay, technically three but what’s in a number anyway. They needed a smidge more crab but overall a successfully eclectic pairing.
    • Our Brewers Reserve Grand Cru and mahi baked in red curry coconut milk, served atop fresh bib lettuce tossed with cilantro, watercress, cucumber, scallions, cashews, and appropriately dressed in more Thai curry dressing. ~ My personal and the overall crowd favorite pairing despite or in spite of the heat. Sweet and spice danced about my tastebuds in orchestrated harmony while the cashews added a pleasantly soothing nuttiness.
    • Fritz and Ken’s Pioneer Stout and hickory smoked beef brisket slathered in gravy of its own juicy desires were accompanied by roasted garlic fingerling potatoes. ~ Tasty brew aside, the brisket smelled droolerific in long passed preparation within which lay the core problem. Cold brisket, cold gravy, and cold potatoes make for a cold beer ambassador reception, indeed. Maybe next time.
    • Jack and Ken’s Black Barleywine Ale and banana stuffed wontons are deep fried, then drizzled with a chocolate ganache and dusted in powdered sugar. ~ The banana was soft and creamy, the wonton just crispy, and the sweet chocolate ganache created a banana cream menagerie. Whereas I initially doubted this pairing, I fell instantly in love.

    Being big beers in flavor and alcohol, we wisely enjoyed our beery dinner in savory leisure. On the flipside, a wee bit of tweaking on timing may have saved the third course from arctic doom. Overall though, an evening without regrets. Not only did we lucky few who RSVPed enjoy brimming glasses of Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary beers matched with four unique flavorful courses, we also took home our commemorative ticket, a special 30th Anniversary chalice, and a bottle of Fred and Ken’s Imperial Helles Bock. Wow and wow! As I savored a cigar and the last of my Black Barleywine Ale amidst friends and my loved one, I was reminded again of just how lucky I am. Life is good because we’ve got each other and that’s all we need. To health, loved ones, and memories more, cheers!

    (an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

    Saturday, November 20, 2010

    Beer Tasting @ Roy's Liquors & Fine Wines

    Come visit yours beerly this coming Sunday (that's tomorrow for you early birds) at Roy's Liquor in Fort Pierce, Florida for a beer tasting. I will be pouring 4 different beers amidst a flurry of weekend festivities. After all, season is upon us and tis time to both be and make merry.

    Date: Sunday, November 21st
    Time: 1pm - 5pm
    • Brooklyn Sorachi Ace
    • Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale
    • Stone Russian Imperial Stout
    • The Bruery Autumn Maple

    See you there!!!

    Thursday, November 18, 2010

    New Beer Reviews

    The latest and greatest:

    (original written works by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

    Cocoa Beach Brewing to Debut @ World of Beer Viera

    Special annoucement! This Tuesday, November 23rd, at 6 pm we will be debuting for the first time anywhere, our good friends, Cocoa Beach Brewing Co. They are a new brewery in Brevard County and only been around for a year. We feel special that they have decided to let WOB be the first to debut their beer. We will be launching Chris' Pale Ale and we will have limited amounts of t-shifts and give aways which will be distributed by raffle. Purchase a Cocoa Beach beer and receive a ticket for the raffle. Stay tuned for future debut parties for Cocoa Beach Brewing Co.

    WOB Viera News

    Time is running out!
    We have till this Friday, November 19th to claim the Most Arrogant Bar title for 2011. We have ridiculously priced our Stone Bastard family of draft, bottles and retail bottles to help the cause. What are waiting for? We know you can do it. Let's make WOB-Viera your Most Arrogant Bar.

    NFL Sunday!
    This Sunday, November 21st, come hang out at WOB for all your NFL games. We will be providing pulled pork sandwiches starting at 2 pm. Stop by, grab a beer, watch the game and some complimentary food.

    Brewmasters National Debut!
    This Sunday, November 21st at 10 pm, the Discovery Channel is debuting a program called Brewmasters. The first brewmaster to be featured and one of favorites breweries is Sam from Dogfish Head Brewery. The Discovery Channel followed Sam around the world in search for new ingredients for his beer. We will be broadcasting this program Sunday and we will have rare bottles available for purchase during the show.

    This Thanksgiving, stop by WOB when you are done hanging out with family and friends. We are opening our doors at 5 pm so you can come enjoy your favorite beer or some great seasonal beers. Need a break from shopping? We are opening our doors early on Black Friday at 10 am for those that need to have a break, relax and enjoy great beer.

    Brooklyn Brew Party!
    Save the date for Tuesday, November 30th. We will be featuring Brooklyn Brewery. We will have an extensive line up of great Brooklyn beers along with representation from the brewery. The featured draft line up is Brooklyn Lager, Brown, Black Chocolate Stout, Pennant, Cuvee Noire and Brooklyner Weisse. See you then.

    Eight Crazy Nights!
    Start your holiday celebration on December 1st through December 8th at WOB. We have been chosen as one of 88 bars to do a Vertical showcase of Jewbelation. He'Brew Brewing Company has recreatedJewbelation 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. Also we will have the new 2010 release, Jewbelation 14. We will debut one draft per night for eight crazy nights. On the last night, the last draft will be Vertical Jewbelation which is blend of all 7 Jewbelations on draft.

    New Bottles
    • Boulder Obovoid, 6.8% (Colorado)

    New Drafts
    • Sierra Nevada Celebration, 6.8% (California)

    Live Music This Week
    • Thursday - Christian Wilson Duo
    • Friday - Wilcor
    • Saturday - Iris

    Cigar City Brew News

    Cigar City Invades Tallahassee and Winter Park Harvest Festival
    We've got a few events this week you might want to check out!

    This Thursday:
    Proof is celebrating the long awaited arrival of Cigar City in Tallahassee
    by having a HUGE event.

    (Arrive early! These events pack our bar to capacity! I usually arrive
    before 6pm.)
    Glassware Giveaway
    13+ Cigar City brews on tap
    ...and more!

    Buy a pint of cask beer and keep the glass!
    On cask we will have Christmas Improvisación!
     On tap, we will have some amazing brews, including special recipes and one-offs, including:
    • Tocobaga
    • Bolita
    • Humidor IPA
    • Jai Alai
    • Maduro
    • Jose Marti
    • Improvisación
    • Guava Passion Sour
    • Spicy Plum
    • Or
    • Caramel Mate Maduro
    • Sound of Big Chocolate Wood
    • Twig and Berries
    You will not want to miss this event!
    *Cost:* FREE


    Is the first ever Winter Park Harvest Festival celebrating locally grown and sourced foods and other products, as part of this event our friends at the Ravenous Pig will be participating in a "Farm to Table" dinner featuring several local establishments and we will be providing a Pumelo American IPA for the event. We're not exactly sure of the menu yet, but knowing the Pig and the other restaurants involved it's bound to be stellar! If you are in the area check it out along with all of the other festivities. For more information check out the Festival's website


    Monday, November 15, 2010

    Vine & Barley along with West End Grille Celebrate Sierra Nevada's 30th Birthday *TODAY*

    **There are a few tickets left....but not many. It's not too late so RSVP now! See you this afternoon.**

    As a bow to the Sierra Nevada’s 30th Anniversary ‘Collaboration’ beers, Vine & Barley is collaborating with West End Grill to bring you a very special Beer & Food pairing Event. This coming Monday Nov 15, at 6:30pm, Vine & Barley will be tapping the only four Sierra Nevada ANNIVERSARY KEGS on the Treasure Coast… AND Beyond. These four very limited beers will be paired with food samplings from West End Grill specifically prepared to compliment each of these four extraordinary beers. The menu is attached below. A limited edition Sierra Nevada Commemorative 30th Anniversary Snifter is included for you to keep, as well as a bottle of one of the four Anniversary beers. Live music provided by Shawn Langford. The cost is $59/pp. To reserve your spot, either come by Vine & Barley, or give us a call at 772-446-7550. Space is limited to the first FIFTY PEOPLE ONLY. See you then!

    • First Course: Sierra Nevada Charlie, Fred & Ken’s Imperial Helles Bock - Paired with Devilish Eggs stuffed with fresh crabmeat, mascarpone cheese, pickles & scallions, dusted with Old Bay.
    • Second Course: Sierra Nevada Brewers Reserve Oak-aged Ale - Paired with Red Curry Thai Mahi Salad- Baked Mahi with red curry & coconut milk, served over fresh bib lettuce tossed with cilantro, watercress, cucumber, scallions & cashews drizzled with an authentic Thai dressing.
    • Third Course: Sierra Nevada Fritz & Ken’s Pioneer Stout - Paired with Hickory Smoked Beef Brisket, topped with gravy of its own juices, served with roasted garlic fingerling potatoes.
    • Fourth Course: Sierra Nevada Jack & Ken’s Black Barleywine - Paired with Banana Wontons- Ripe bananas rolled in a wonton & deep fried, drizzled with a chocolate Ganache & powdered sugar.


    Sunday, November 14, 2010

    Cigar City Brew News

    **Help save Cigar City Brewing's tasting room ala Tap Room. Click the link below and sign the petition. Fight moronic bureaucracy! Save beer!**


    Broken Barrel Tavern *update*

    Hello Barrel Heads!!!

    This is a reminder that all Thanksgiving orders are due by this Wed, Nov. 17th. $49.99 gets you a smoked turkey and 5 sides. And as an added bonus, since our food supplier could not guarantee the birds at 8-10 lbs, we are giving out birds that will average from 8-14lbs. There is not additional charge for these larger birds but they will be selected at random, though most birds we have received to this point have indeed been larger than 10 lbs. YOU CAN'T BEAT THIS DEAL ANYWHERE!

    Also, Beer school the next two Saturdays for all you beer drinking Geeks! Intro to Beer school, offered quarterly, will be this Saturday the 20th @ 4pm. Beer Styles 101 will be offered the following Sat, Nov. 27th also at 4pm. Each class is $10 and you will be getting far more than that in samples. Former students graduating Magnum Cum Lager from the first beer school are welcome to attend again, as several of you have already chosen to do. This is a great way to use education an excuse to drink Beer!

    One final note, we are also booking out our back room very quickly for Holiday Parties, so be sure to get your booked ASAP! We also offer drop off, pick up and full catering service.

    Location & Hours
    Phone: 321.728.4755


    Saturday, November 13, 2010

    BEERflections ~ Corner Cafe & Brewery 2nd Anniversary Celebration

    It seems just like yesterday that I was cruising south on I95 to join Matt, Lisa, Jim, Juan, and others in the festivities celebrating Matt’s first full year brewing his beers for thirsty Tequestrians and beyond. Tequesta is an itsy bitsy sleepy town nestled between Jupiter and Stuart, blink and you’ll miss it. A treasure trove neither too big nor too small, Corner Café & Brewery is just right. Hidden from the casual observer within an old strip mall off US Highway 1, much like Tequesta, blink and you’ll miss out on some of the best food and beers to grace thine tremulous lips.

    A veteran homebrewer long before he struck a fortuitous partnership with Lisa and Jim, Matt flawlessly translated his brewing prowess into brewing artfully creative and tastefully balanced beers for the lucky citizens of Tequesta. As promised for this most hallowed of celebrations, Matt crafted two special beers, one to delight the hopheads and the other to inspire the maltheads.

    The first was a double IPA (India Pale Ale) aged on oak. Shimmering orange and golden hues, her fluffy pithy head eventually receded enough to free a lively nose of orange oils and zest, whole hop cones, pine sap, pine needles, and grapefruit rind with the white oak weaving them all together without overpowering. Within her tasteful confines I found a rightfully sappy sticky body bursting with fresh orange oils, zest, pine resins, and a lingering honeyed fruity sweetness underneath. Much like her nose, the white oak weaves in and out, slowly drying the palate without parching it. Lovely, simply lovely.

    And for those who ride with our friend the malt, there was the Bourbon Barrel Milk Stout. An old friend, we quickly grew reacquainted after ample time to adjust to cozier temperatures for intimate indulgence. I first ran into Matt’s Bourbon Barrel Milk Stout at the 2009 Field of Beers and it pleases me greatly to say she hasn’t changed a bit. Dark and delicious, she caressed my tastebuds with melted caramels, chocolate truffles and nougat, vanillin, and finished with a slow soothing bourbonesque aura which left warmth in my breath and chest. A sensuous delight, nights fantasia are made of this.

    Of course, Matt had his stalwart line-up of year-round brews flowing in good measure. Many a Gnarly Barley, Julio Jefe-weizen, Kaiser, and Terminally Ale were savored alongside their 2nd Anniversary sister brews. To avoid confusion and complications, only pints were poured that night, November 4th 2010, though on all other days one also has the heady choice of a 240z glass within which to savor the beery bliss.

    Not that the beers needed help but any worthy celebration of good beer and good times demands good food, something the Corner Café has in spades. Last year’s inaugural celebration saw the carving of a whole roast pig while this year’s saw the return of not one but two whole roast pigs amongst other assorted nibblies. One didn’t have to eat at the Anniversary Buffet but for the sweet price of $20, you’d be crazy not to. While the full menu of mind-blowing tastebud-tantalizing burgundianvana was also available that night, I unabashedly raided the twice relocated buffet to partake of:
    Whole roast pig (orange optional); Caribbean dolphin (white sauce based); Caribbean jerk wings (herbs, crunch, and just enough heat); beef sliders (for the plain janes); black beans and rice (always a classic); plantains (sweetly sautéed to melt-in-the-mouth indulgence); yucca (generously battered); sautéed mixed veggies (crisp and fresh); potato salad (mayonnaise based with a pleasant vinegar nip); cole slaw; fresh cut fruit; chips and Juan’s salsa.

    Think that will be enough to tide you over? Well, if not or even so, no dinner is complete without dessert. Mom taught me well and it is a dining tradition this burgundian is more than happy to continue. For me, the brownie was where my lust lay, especially when partaken with the justly warm Bourbon Barrel Milk Stout.

    A bite…A quaff…

    Angels harped, cherubs trumpeted, and flavorvana descended as eyes rolled white and a low moan rumbled through my body from the very tippy toe to the tallest hair. Wow! Yum! I think I shall have another, please and thank you.

    Sharing in the good times were a few random beer tasting peeps and former Great Spirits customers along with my Timmy-poo of JJ Taylor fame and my fellow Veroite, Eric. By sheer coincidence, I ran into Dan Oliver whom up until then had just been a voice and an email address during the course of promoting the now passed 3rd Annual Treasure Coast Beer Fest. But I digress. From three past noon to eve, taps relinquished beery bliss, notes were taken, flash flashed, food savored, company relished, and another milestone celebrated. I even got so lucky as to sneak a brief peek at Matt’s upcoming venture, his very own brewpub, Tequesta Brewing Company. Aptly located right next to Corner Café, the stars are indeed shining bright. With a brand new brewhouse ready to create beer magic any day now, a bar steeped in history, and a growler machine to end all growler machines, there will be far more southerly beer skirmishes to Tequesta in my near and far reaching future.

    As exemplified that Wednesday, no amount of dreary Florida showers or a crippled muffler will keep Kristyn Lier from enjoying life to its utmost at any given moment of any given day. This is my life, and I am blessed beyond comparable words thanks to beer and the spirituous life I live. Holy mackerel and peanut butter, life is good.

    (an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

    Friday, November 12, 2010

    Total Wine *Jensen Beach/Stuart* Grand Opening Weekend

    Come celebrate 3 days of Total Wine fun at their newest location in Jensen Beach/Stuart. Starting today, Friday, and on through Sunday, there will be day long tastings with some very special breweries and guests. See below for details!

    • all day Sierra Nevada and Samuel Adams beer tasting from 11am - 6pm.
    • ribbon cutting ceremonies are from 5pm - 8pm for which Cigar City will be representing good Florida beer by pouring some of their eclectic tasty brews.

    • Samuel Adams will be pouring once more from 11am - 6pm
    • Orange Blossom Pilsner (OBP) and its founder, Tom Moench, will be pouring from 1pm - 4pm
    • Pilsner Urquell and Peroni will be pouring from 2pm - 6pm.

    • from 12pm - 2pm yours beerly, Kristyn Lier, will be pouring Boulder Brewing whose selections include Hazed & Infused, Mojo IPA, Sweaty Betty, and their winter seasonal, Never Summer Ale.
    • from 2pm - 4pm yours beerly will be pouring Dogfish Head whose selections include 60 Minute IPA, 90 Minute IPA, Midas Touch, Raison d'Etre, and Pal Santo Marron.

    Cigar City Brew News

    Either/Or Release,Cajun Cafe Beer Festival, SideBerns Beer Dinner

    Hey Guys,
    First of all, we are speechless at the amount of support we have received in the last 24 hours for our Tasting Room that now hangs in the balance of the Tampa City Council's decision to let us continue operating. Your continued support is what is going to keep our doors open; so please keep the phone calls, letters, and emails flowing!

    Tomorrow (November 12th) we will be releasing Either and Or, our collaboration with Hill Farmstead and Grassroots Brewing. We will have it available on tap, and in 12 oz. single bottles beginning at 11am.

    Don't forget this Saturday, November 13th is the Cajun Cafe Beer Festival. Over 100 Specialty, Craft, and Imported Beers; along with the best Cajun Food this side of Louisiana will be available for your enjoyment along with great live jazz from Bobby Tess. Tickets are available at the door only and are limited as are portions of that awesome whiskey bread pudding Paul usually has around! The CCB crew will be out pouring our wares and rumor has it there are some special kegs of ours Paul has saved for the occasion. It should be a great time, hope to see you there!

    Please join us Tuesday, November 16th for a Cigar City Brewery Dinner at SideBerns.

    Here is the list of 7 Beers to be tasted:

    • Jai Alai India Pale Ale
    • Humidor Series Ale
    • Guava Grove
    • Maduro Oatmeal Brown Ale
    • 110K+OT
    • Marshal Zhukov Imperial Stout
    • Cubano Espresso

    From SideBern's Press Release:

    SideBern's is pleased to present our first ever brewery dinner. It is fitting that we chose to work with Tampa's own Cigar City Brewery. Crafting award-winning brews made with local influence, CCB is a true gem in Tampa's ever evolving cultural crown. If you have never been to their tasting room, located next to the brewery, you need to make a trip. These beers are as unique as they are delicious. Chef Chad tasted through the line-up with the CCB team and set an order to the dinner from the light hop driven Jai Alai IPA to the creamy rich Marshal Zhukov Imperial Stout. The menu is still in the works, as the seasons dictate what will be used for each course. Look for more details soon but don't wait to buy a ticket.

    We have a limited amount of seats.
    Here is the link for online ticket purchase:

    Until next time,


    Thursday, November 11, 2010

    New Beer Reviews

    The latest and greatest:

    (original written works by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

    WOB Viera News

    Most Arrogant Bar!
    The competition starts this Saturday November 13th to November 19th for the Most Arrogant Bar title for 2011. To accomplish this feat, we have decided to offer draft and bottle specials on the following Stone Bastard family Stone Bastard family including Arrogant Bastard, Oaked Arrogant Bastard, and Double Bastard. Unfortunately, the special keg, Lucky Bastard, from Stone is not ready for release but will be here in couple weeks. Consumption must take place during that week. Also retail sales count towards the title. Let's make your bar take a place in history.

    When you are finished eating your Thanksgiving feast and hanging out with family and friends, stop by WOB. We are opening our doors at 5 pm so you can come enjoy your favorite beer or some great seasonal beers. Also for the early risers that are catching some great sales on Black Friday, we are opening early at 10 am for those that need to have a break, relax and enjoy great beer.

    Brooklyn Brew Party!
    Tuesday November 30th, We will be featuring Brooklyn Brewery. We will have an extensive line up of great Brooklyn beer along with representation from the brewery. Save the date and keep reading your emails for updates.

    Golf Tournament News!
    Unfortunately, we had to cancel the golf tournament. For those that wanted to participate but couldn't, don't worry, we are planning to reschedule it for the spring. When the date is scheduled, we will keep you posted.

    New Bottles
    • Harpoon 100 Barrel Series #33, 6.7% (Massachusetts)
    • Harpoon Pots Land Bier, 4.8% (Massachusetts)
    • Harpoon Winter Warmer, 5.9% (Massachusetts)

    New Drafts
    • Lagunitas Brown Shugga, 9.5% (California)
    • Sierra Nevada Estate, 6.7% (California)
    • Terrapin Moo Hoo, 6% (Georgia)

    Live Music This Week
    • Thursday - James Johnson
    • Friday - Iris
    • Saturday - Christian Wilson Duo

    Wednesday, November 10, 2010

    New Beer Reviews

    The latest and greatest:

    (original written works by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

    Cigar City Brew News

    The Tasting Room Needs Your Help Again.

    Last Thursday we went to get our temporary wet-zoning made permanent and to extend our hours of operation. Since we have operated for two years without incident this should have been a rubber stamp. But, due to politics, a willful lack of understanding and what I personally believe is just a downright embracing of unfair practices, we got a 3-3 vote (you need 4 yes votes) and had to reschedule.

    Our next trip in front of the Tampa City Council will be December 2nd. My birthday. We need 4 votes at this meeting and a following one or we lose our wet-zoning on the 16th of December. This means no more Tasting Room, no more special events, no more limited release parties, no beer for sell, at all, at the Tasting Room.

    We have had no incidents at the Tasting Room. There has never been a police call for the brewery. We have never been cited for any violations. In short, we have shown, through our actions not our words, that we are a responsible business and neighbor. And oh by the way, while the economy has been stumbling along we have gone from 2 employees to 22. And some of those employees are in danger of losing their jobs because some members on the city council lack leadership and critical reasoning skills.

    I don't know if we can change any minds. Some bias runs too deep. But I am humbly asking of everyone that supports craft beer in the Bay Area to help us. If you ever wondered why Florida is often considered a beer wasteland, dealing with provincial politicians and unfair laws is one of the reasons. And we have run headlong into that fact many times. This is just another iteration of the climate breweries have to operate in here.

    This is what you can do to try to help. Contact ALL of the members of City Council. If you live in the city and vote, tell them so. If you live outside the city or the state, tell them Cigar City Brewing is one of the reasons you come into the city to spend money. In short, let the council know that Tampa having a craft beer scene is important to you. Handwritten letters (addresses are int he links) are always more personal, but if you simply do not have time there is an online contact for each member. And there is a phone # for each member as well. Feel free to call and let the members know that CCB and craft beer are important to you.

    These are the three members of Council who voted against us.

    Gwen Miller

    Thomas Scott
    Curtis Stokes

    These are those Council members who voted for us, let them know that you appreciate that they looked at evidence and fact and were not swayed by unsubstantiated claims.

    Mary Mulhern

    Yvonne Yoli Capin

    Joseph Caetano

    Finally, the member who was absent. Let Charlie Miranda know you support CCB and craft beer and are counting on his yes vote on December 2nd.

    Charlie Miranda

    I want to thank everyone for their support. When I look back at the last two years and see the growth we have had it both amazes and humbles me. And I know that any success we have had is due to our loyal supporters who buy our beer and spread the word to others. We appreciate and value that support and regret that we must lean on you again, but we truly do need your help again desperately.


    The CCB Staff and Joey Redner

    Saturday, November 06, 2010

    Beer Tasting @ Total Wine *Jensen Beach/Stuart*

    Brand spanking new and ready to fulfill your beery and spiritous needs, come check out the new Total Wine & More in Jensen Beach/Stuart. There are two beer tastings this weekend:

    When: Saturday, November 6th
    • Bob Gordash of Holy Mackerel will be tasting his three beers from 11am - 2pm. Beers: Holy Mackerel Golden, Mack in Black, and the newest, his Panic Attack.
    • Diageo will be tasting the new to Florida Guinness Foreign Extra Stout from 11am - 4pm.
    • Moosehead will be tasting their Moosehead Lager and Moosehead Light from 2pm - 6pm.

    When: Sunday, November 7th
    **Yours beerly will be pouring this day so come say Hello those who have been in Kristyn beer tasting withdrawal**
    • From 12pm - 2pm I will be tasting four wonderful beers from Breckenridge. They are the Avalanche Amber, Agave Wheat, Lucky U IPA, and the sublime Vanilla Porter.
    • From 2pm - 4pm I will be tasting all 6 beers from Oskar Blues Brewing, the original craft beer in a can. The beers are Mamas Little Yella Pils, Dales Pale Ale, Gordon, Old Chub Scottish Ale, Gubna, and...this year's newest batch of Ten Fidy.

    Vista Plaza
    2550 NW Federal Highway
    Stuart, FL 34994

    Have fun, be responsible, and check out your new Total Wine of Jensen Beach/Stuart!

    Friday, November 05, 2010

    New Beer Reviews

    The latest and greatest:

    (original written works by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

    Cigar City Brew News

    Either/Or, Tocobaga Ale, and a food tasting of the Asian Persuasion

    Tocobaga Ale is back in the tasting room and on it's way to taps within our distribution area. This 7.2% hoppy, amber ale is quickly becoming a very popular offering where ever it becomes available so try it when you see it! We already have more in the tanks, fermenting away so I am guessing it should be available for a while. In the tasting room we are pouring growlers of it, so if you are close by come and get them filled. For now Tocobaga Ale will be draft only.

    The first of our Pilot Series beers, an Imperial Sweet Stout is now on tap in the tasting room. With Marshal Zhukov's tap drying up for the time being this will make a great replacement! Weighing in at around 12%ABV, Ben's not messing around as we can see from his first offering! The result is a smooth full bodied stout, sweet but balanced with flavors of roasted malt and a delicate bitterness. Also coming soon will be a Dark Mild and a Table Saison all brewed right here 45 gallons at a time!

    Either and Or were packaged this week, these black beauties will be released next week in the tasting room and should be in retail establishments soon after. Starting next Friday, you can purchase 12 oz.bottles of both and for this very special release we will have them on draft for you to try in the tasting room side by side. Which will be your favorite? Only one way to find out! Draft is going to be very limited for this release so be sure to stop by if you can!

    Tickets are now available for the Asian Persuasion food tasting which will be here at the brewery on December 4th from 7-10pm. Presented by Loko Cuisine, the tasting will feature 5 courses of food engineered to pair delightfully with our ales.The price is $20 per person, and your first beer is included. Tickets are available online through Loko Cuisine's website only, so click here to get yours today! Here is a look at the menu:

    With the holiday season coming up, we'd like to remind you that nothing compliments (and helps to get you through) your gatherings with friends and family better than a few pints.. or more. Kegs of Jai-Alai IPA and Maduro Brown Ale are available for sale during the tasting room hours and can also be ordered in advance for your events! They are available in 5 gallon and 50 liter (13.2) gallons sizes. If that is too much you can always come and fill up those growlers! We now have the 1 gallon size back in stock, ready to be filled.

    Moving up in the world, we now have a selection of specialty sodas available in the tasting room for the designated driver, pregnant women who get dragged here by their beer crazed spouses, and Charlie Sheen since supposedly he's on the wagon again! All are made with natural ingredients, do not contain high fructose corn syrup, and taste drastically more fantastic than that diet whatever you are drinking now! Of course you are here for the beer, but just in case you're here and want something else give them a try!

    Now on Tap!
    • Jai-Alai IPA
    • Maduro Brown Ale
    • Cubano Espresso
    • Vanilla Maduro- almost gone!
    • Bolita Double Brown
    • Seabass Farmhouse Ale
    • Pilot Series Imperial Sweet Stout
    • Coco Loco
    • Tocobaga Ale
    • Jose Marti Porter
    • Humidor IPA

    Guest Tap:
    • Dunedin Brewery Celtic Gold Ale

    Until next time,

    Thursday, November 04, 2010

    Flying Fish Brewery & Florida

    ** from their brewery newsletter. Having tasted a few of their beers thanks to the sis, I can say wholeheartedly, Welcome to the Sunshine State!**

    Yep, after keeping our distribution within 100 miles, we've dipped our toes into expansion. Working with our friends at Total Wines and More, we will be featured in all of their stores in the above states starting this month. That includes all new Exit releases as well. Once approvals are through, we'll also be in their stores in CA and NC. Check out the current list of store locations.

    French Quarter Beer Dinner ~ December

    When: December 5th, 2010
    Where: French Quarter in downtown Vero Beach, FL
    Time: 5pm - 9pm
    RSVP: yes please!!! 772-770-4870 (limited seating)
    Cost: $29.50 per person (does not include tax & gratuity)
    Menu: **I have the beers and will have the complete dinner menu Friday so keep an eye open, the phone at the ready, and get ready to RSVP!!!**
    • Appetizer: Southampton Biere de Mars
    • Main Course: Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan Brown Ale
    • Dessert: Breckenridge Vanilla Porter

    BEERflections ~ A Day with The Bruery @ Vine & Barley

    From inception some breweries are destined for culinary prowess the likes of which burgundians the world over live, breathe, and create. One such brewery out of Placentia, California has all those passions of beer and food at heart: The Bruery. Relatively new to Florida’s Treasure Coast, she has been slowly and surely pleasing the palates of you and me. Bottled or on draft, this veteran and sometimes jaded beer ambassador has been smitten with The Bruery long before they set foot on these sandy shores thanks to RateBeer Orlando throwdowns. To celebrate their beers of soulful flavor, Vine & Barley of St. Lucie West tapped not one, two, or even three but six different beers for A Day With The Bruery.

    A subdued event, Monday notwithstanding, there were still good vibrations in the air as I parted those double doors around 6pm and savored Vine’s familiar surroundings. Just like home, no matter how much time has passed it always feels just like yesterday. On their way out were veteran Viners, Allison and Whitney, whose company is always a pleasure. Next time ladies, next time. Farewells exchanged in passing, I made it up to the bar where I ran into Mark, Louise, Joe, Marc, and of course the one and thankfully only, Mark Carbone. Sneaking in later that evening was Eric and John, his lodge brother and friend. Tim Hebeler pause in for a brief beer social before making his way home to what was hopefully a good long night of sleep. A one man powerhouse, these beertiful events would in large part not even be a twinkle in my eye if it wasn’t for Tim’s tireless and selfless efforts, all for the love of good beer. Not that the fine gentleman of BeerWorks and beyond haven’t had an effect on the wonderfully wide world of beer along the Treasure Coast. They have and they still do with no plans to do anything less.

    Feeling the relaxed atmosphere permeate my tired body, I lived the night in calm comfort. Though there were six, my aim was to try those Bruery delights that I had not tasted on draft before. Considering my choices, I started with the herbaceous Trade Winds Tripel, cruised through the hoppily dry Mischief, and ended with the sublime Coton. Eric likened the Coton to a poor man’s Utopias, a comparison I could see, smell, and taste to certain extents. But why drink just one when you can drink both, albeit in a happily abject state of poverty. Riches are beholden to the eye that sees them though and in both are treasures equal and separate.

    But I digress…

    My triple date of Bruery dames were all fine affairs of the heart. In the good company of beer and friends, time was immaterial. Only when an intangible shift in the air signaled the end of our social affairs were farewells exchanged in jolly good fashion. On my way home, windows down, I simply basked in the cool touch of night as home rounded the bend. Inside yet not quite snug, nibblies were in order and the last of two bacon-wrapped scallops with brown sugar and cinnamon met their tasty demise. Not one to leave any soldiers behind, the bacon and blue cheese topped crustinis were also shamelessly savored in midnight munchy madness. Special thanks to my lovely for sharing such decadently divine morsels with me. So good!

    Lounging in my trust Lazyboy, tummy beyond satisfactory sated, my attentions were turned to a bed still covered in clean clothes the house elves neglected to put away during my absence. A laundry shuffle later, the bed was filled with Kristyn and my head was filled with visions of Bruery flavor alchemy and bacon, beautiful bacon. Cheers and good night.

    (an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

    Schenck to Distribute Orlando Brewing

    **per Orlando Brewing newsletter**

    Breaking News:

    As a treasured customer of Orlando Brewing, we are appreciative and respectful of your loyalty and support for our products. The demand for your Orlando Brewing Company beers has grown steadily over the last year, thus to answer this call for a larger presence in the market place our distribution system needed to grow also. Ancient City has been a loyal partner in growth, but is unable to continue with us on that path.

    We are informing you that Orlando Brewing has secured the services of a World Class Distributor. Schenck Company is now partnering with us to bring our great beer and their award winning customer service to you. To order Orlando Brewing beers please contact your current Schenck representative.

    If you are not currently a Schenck client you may call the brewery (407)872-1117 or e-mail the brewery at

    Corner Cafe & Brewery 2nd Anniversary Celebration *TODAY*

    Alright all my peeps and peepettes, I don't have all the details yet but hope to by the end of the day and will update accordingly. In the meantime I can at least get some of the specifics out there. I can still taste vividly last year's 1 Year Anniversary Celebration and no doubt this year's 2nd Anniversary celebrating two years of Matt's fantastically tastetacular beers at Corner Cafe & Brewery in Tequesta, FL will be equally epic.

    Date: Thursday, November 4th, 2010
    Where: Corner Cafe & Brewery
    Time: 6pm - 9:30pm
    FaceBook Latest: Okay last reminder....anniversary party tonight. Two great special beers and tons of wonderful food. Beers go on tap at 3pm and food around 530pmish.
    Beers: The Kaiser; Julio's 'Jefe'weizen; Gnarley Barley; Terminally Ale; and a special beer or two just for the anniversary celebrations.

    Trust! You will want to be there!
    Ohyeah. I wouldn't miss it for anything!
    To give the curious an idea what to expect, check out last year's 1 Year Anniversary celebrations HERE.

    WOB Viera News

    Will hits 1000!
    Stop by tonight at 6 pm because Will J. will getting his 1000 beer! This is the highest honor anyone has ever achieved at any World of Beer. When you see Will, congratulate him. We are so proud!

    Victory Rollout Party!
    Friday evening, November 5th, we are throwing a rollout party for Victory beer. They have finally made it to Brevard county from Pennsylvania. We will be featuring an extensivedraft line up of Victory beers along with bottles. Come in this weekend to welcome Victory Brewery to Brevard county!

    Customer Appreciation Day!
    This Sunday, Novermber 7th, we are rolling out the barbecue. Starting at 1:30 pm the grill will be cooking up hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and marinated vegetables. Stop by, grab a beer, watch NFL, barbecue and hang out at WOB! For more great events click here!

    St. Bernardus Night!
    Also this Sunday, Novermber 7th, all the way from Belgium, Marco Pasarello from St. Bernardus will be here for a meet and greet. This former brewmaster will be talking about the history of the brewery. His arrival will be at 7pm till 9 pm. We will have on draft St. Bernardus ABT 12, Prior 8, Pater 6, Witbier and St. Bernardus Christmas. You do not want to miss this special visit.

    Beer and Food Pairing!
    Tuesday, November 9th, come by for another amazing food pairing. We will be featuring Harpoon Brewery from Vermont. Your favorite master chefs will be preparing a four course meal that will be paired with the following beers: Harpoon UFO, IPA, Wet Hop and Winter Warmer. The event starts at 6pm. Tickets are available for $25 but a limited amount will be sold. Also, stopping by will be representatives from Harpoon Brewery for a meet a greet. Hurry in and purchase you ticket(s) before they are all gone!

    Great American Golf Tournament!
    The deadline is looming and if you haven't registered, you better to it now. It's only nine days away till Saturday, November 13th! Don't miss the best golf tournamant around Brevard County. Where can you go and get breakfast, lunch, dinner, NINE holes of free beer and prizes? Come join us to help benefit Nana's House children's charity. Click here for more information about how to register, sponsorship and Nana's House. What are you waiting for?

    Most Arrogant Bar!
    This year we will be competing with the entire United States for the Most Arrogant Bar title for 2011. To accomplish this, those who are worthy must do your part by consuming this arrogant goodness. We will be featuring the entire Stone Bastard family including Arrogant Bastard, Oaked Arrogant Bastard, Double Bastard and will be introducing a new edition to the bastard family. (You will have to wait and see what it is.) We will have ridiculous draft and bottle specials to help the cause. Consumption must take place from November 13 to November 19. Come out during that time and help make your bar take a place in history.

    New Bottles
    • Belhaven Twisted Thistle, 6%, (Scotland)
    • Belhaven Wee-Heavy, 6.5% (Scotland)
    • Bell's Special Cream Stout, 6% (Michigan)
    • Boulder Never Summer, 5.94% (Colorado)
    • Dogfish Head Pangaea, 7% (Delaware)
    • Ft. Collins Common Grund, 5.6% (Colorado)
    • Left Hand Oxymoron, 7.2% (Colorado)
    • Left Hand Warrior, 6.6% (Colorado)
    • Southampton Imperial Porter, 7.5% (New York)

    New Drafts
    • Dogfish Head Pangaea, 7% (Delaware)
    • Lost Coast Raspberry, 6.5% (California)
    • St. Bernardus Christmas, 10% (Belgium)
    • The Bruery Autumn Maple, 10% (Canada)
    • Victory Hopdevil, 6.7% (Pennsylvania)

    Live Music This Week
    • Thursday - Wilcor
    • Friday - C-Lane & Beav
    • Saturday - Matt Adkins & Jay DiBella