Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sierra Nevada Hops Into Spring @ BrewGrrs **TODAY**

**Wet those whistles cause Sierra Nevada is bringing the HOPS!!! Spring is here. I'm ready! Are you?**


Sunday, March 27, 2011

BEERflections ~ Bells Beer Blast @ BrewGrrs

For the inaugural brewery event at the still virgine venture of restaurateur and pilot, Robert Cobun, BrewGrrs wisely chose the bombastic Bells Brewery of Comstock, Michigan. Brainchild of the charismatically eclectic Larry Bell, his beers are broad in their flavor spectrum and style designs with a soft spot for stouts I am always willing to savor any day, any time, all the time. With time on my side, I started stashing kegs of brews both dark and delicious, mysterious too. While stouts are key to Bells brewdentity, there is another key ingredient which sets Bells apart from others: hops and honey.

Okay, technically two ingredients.

The beer in question is none other than the coveted Hopslam. Uber limited and seasonal only, at the start of every new year hopheads and beer geeks everywhere Bells is to be found (and sometimes beyond) eagerly await its release.

Bars galore plan extravagant Bells Bashes centered around this heavenly brew and BrewGrrs was no exception. With our own keg of deliciousness squirreled away along with a small mountain of sixtel barrels awaiting their time to shine, that moment arrived Wednesday February 23rd. On draft all day long were Best Brown, Special Double Cream, Cherry Stout, Java Stout, Expedition, Oberon, Two-Hearted, and a BrewGrrs staple, Amber Ale. Reading through such a stellar list, one will notice a glaring absence: Hopslam.

Fact: The best brews in life are worth waiting for.

Sign-up for Hopslam started at 7pm with the auspicious tapping going down at 8pm. Being a ¼ keg, the total glasses her stainless steel confines would relinquish averages 65 – 70 max. Her vessel of choice for the first of many brewery events was the ever dashing Samuel Adams Perfect Pint glass. Winos, grappa enthusiasts, and scotch fanatics (to name a few) have long heralded the benefits of a proper glass for the proper wine/spirit. Beer is no exception and all good brews deserve their own proper glass to showcase all that the five senses eagerly await to savor.

Come B-Day (that’s Brew Day for the uninitiated), beerholics from Vero Beach and beyond descended upon BrewGrrs to get their name on the Hopslam List. In-between sign-ups and tapping, eight other fantabulous Bells brews flowed nonstop from gleaming nozzles of fermentable delights into eager hands. Yum and yum! Having tasted all the beers in bottle form, it was a personal treat to relish the flavor symphony of such kegly treasures as the Cherry Stout, Best Brown, Java, Special Double Cream, and Expedition. The others I’ve savored many times over and shall continue to do so.

As 8pm knelled, I climbed atop my pedestal ala BrewGrrs bench upon which I crowned lucky Hopslam recipient after lucky Hopslam recipient. In no time flat, 48 minutes to be exact, thar she blew and Hopslam floweth no more…at least, not until next year. Hopslam may have flown the coop, but there were still other tastetastic Bells brews to enjoy which, judging by the sea of laughing smiling faces, they were and then some. As I left my pedestal with voice still intact and wandered amidst my merry posses of peeps, the warm melody of camaraderie, love, and beer filled my heart to overflowing. Though my own tears were kept in check, Rob, enjoying the festivities via Skype, couldn’t hold back wave after wave of proud happy tears.

Truly some of the best days in my life revolve around beer, beer and my Love who though unable to be there in person was there in my thoughts and in my heart.

Both during and after the festivities a few necessary tweaks were duly noted and stored for future brewery event reference. One in particular was that trying to read names is a big no-no and reading 50-50 ticket numbers is a big yes-yes. I apologize for all the names I butchered that night for there were plenty. And regarding glassware, as much as I love the Samuel Adams Perfect Pint, for special brewery events it is better to have a special glass of singular dedication.

As I reminisce, for BrewGrrs first major brewery event executed in short notice, the generous showing of veteran beerventers and newbies alike were beyond even my always optimistic dreams. To each and every one from brewery to distributor to the peeps who helped us shine that night not so long ago, Cheers!

Remember: Life is short. Drink good beer.
Until next time...

(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Modernone Grand Opening & BrewGrrs

Kill the Keg!!!
Help BrewGrrs kill our keg of Avery White Rascal so we can put Blanche de Bruxelles back on draft. Only you, our beer peeps and peepettes can help with this ever important task. To aid in the Killing of the Keg, Avery White Rascal is $2 off regular price until ALL GONE!! Stay tuned for further BrewGrrs specials for the grand opening weekend (Friday & Saturday) for the Modernone building.


Friday, March 18, 2011

BrewGrrs & American Craft Beer Week

Yes, BrewGrrs will be participating in American Craft Beer Week 2011 for the entire week. While specific tantalizing tidbits are yet to come, I can at least fill all my beer peeps in on some of the works-in-detail:
  • tapping of 2 kegs every day of the 1/6 size and of rare exotic funky designs 
  • a featured beer and food pairing every day
  • brewery reps

A tease of participating breweries to entice and excite:
  • Terrapin
  • Cigar City Brewing
  • Harpoon
  • Dogfish Head

...and with more details to come so STAY TUNED!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

BEERflections ~ Coasters Belgian Beer Fest 2011

Back in my early beer geek days, I explored the landlocked fields of Belgium via the sunny sandy beaches of Vero Beach, Florida long before my own landlocked fields of irresistible beery temptation. Exploring the wide world of beers beyond my own windswept shores was more tantalizing, intriguing, and approachable than delving into what was then (in my mind) a rather chaotic home-state of craft beer affairs. Now my beery horizons linger near and as far away as the quaint town of Saignelegier, Switzerland. The vast world of artisanal fermented treasures is as approachably real as the sudsy nectar kissing one’s lips while flavors aplenty unravel in sensual scintillation.

But where does Belgium fall within all this new world beerness?

For a country so small, Belgium’s self-indulgent veracity for beer, food, and the powers that provide such visceral pleasures burgundism is no better proof of the good life. A contradiction of pride, humility, and faith rounds out their burgundian palate for which I have great personal affinity. Everywhere beer has taken me and continues to take me, I know without a doubt tis in continued thanks to Belgium.

Which brings me and my Love to the 2nd Annual Belgian Beer Fest at Coasters of Melbourne Beach. I missed last year’s inaugural fest but was determined not to miss this year's. So with my Love at my side, we sauntered up the road for a slice of Belgian bliss in sunny Florida.

After lazing around Vero together, Laura and I hit the interstate to make our way norther and faster. Naturally, I prefer the slow scenic cruise north via A1A but time was of the essence and beer was calling. The parking lot was deceptively sparse given the illusion of shopping plaza largesse, bur the packed quarters revealed beyond Coaster’s weather worn green doors spoke otherwise. Standing room only, we smuggled our way close enough to the bar to grab the attentions of the beertender and ordered a round to savor in waiting. The beer in question was none other than a collaborative brew between Coasters and Cigar City especially for Belgian Beer Fest 2011, an Abbey Dubbel brewed with plantains and raisins. As with all things that Cigar City brews, twas a divine concoction of earth, funk, hops, and Belgian inspiration with a Florida twist. Tempted by another round, I nonetheless explored other tasty pastures with a Scaldis 12 and finished with the long-missed Rodenbach Classic.

Adrift at sea, lost in customs, stuck in distribution…whatever the reason, the Rodenbach Classic has not graced our shores in years. Ironically, of the three Belgian beers I savored that night the Rodenbach Classic was the least pleasing. Maybe it has been too long since my tastebuds and she have commiserated, but overall I found her weak, watery, and nothing like her previously vaunted legacy. Others may ratchet it up to disassociation and delusion but I trust these tastebuds and I trust the beery recollections they are associated with. Having acquired similar sentiment from another fellow Belgian enthusiast long familiar with her tasteful designs, I hold doubly firm in my conclusions.

Food wise, Coasters specializes in pub grub and darn good pub grub at that. As our glasses slowly emptied, so too did our helpings of spinach artichoke dip and chips with salsa and cheese. Between the beers and the nibblies, Laura and mine inner Burgundians were duly sated.

Sharing in the jolly festivities (albeit at a different table) was fellow burgundian-in-arms, Jim Masterson. Other Veroites also made the trek northward to savor three days of beers and pubbery during the weekend of February 11th. We only made it up to Melbourne for the 12th but twas a Saturday night well spent. With midnight creeping round the bend, we cruised south along the mystical route of A1A to hearth and home. Love in hand, heart and belly sated, soul aglow, life was truly good. With another successful Belgian Beer Fest under their belt, I look forward to seeing how in 2012 Coasters bests themselves at the Burgundian game of life.

(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

Beer For Life @ Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute

**Be sure to reserve your spot for a night of Belgian revelry with Kristyn Lier ~ Beer Ambassador of the Free World, Jivin' Jim, and a line-up of tasty brews the likes of which you will gladly savor. Scrumptious nibblies will of course be provided and along with a full belly, you will go home knowing that your burgundian indulgence helped raise money for Cancer Research at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. See you there!!!**


WOB Viera News

Wells & Young's Meet and Greet!
Tomorrow,Thursday March 10th, the head brewmasters from Wells & Young's will be here for a meet and greet at 5 pm. They will be speaking about Wells and Young's, brewing in general, and will then follow up with a Q&A. Wells Bombardier and Young's Double Chocolate Stout will on draft as well as Well's Banana Bread in the bottle. They came all the way from England so don't miss this chance to meet them.

St. Patrick's Day!
Don't go anywhere else for your pint of Irish heaven, come to World of Beer on Thursday, March 17th, to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! We will be featuring beer specials with our favorite Irish imports. $4 Irish pints, $3 Harpoon Celtic Ale pints, $2 O'Hara's Irish Red and $1 Irish beer shots. Also we will have complimentary food at 6pm that includes corn beef & cabbage, and shepard's pie. The Brevard Police & Fire Pipe & Drum will be by in the 7 pm hour playing all your favorite Irish Music. Live Music with Matt Adkins & Jay DiBella starts at 9 pm. Cheers!

Beer 102!
Saturday March 26th, the president of the home brewers club will be back to expand your knowledge even further on how to brew beer. Also you will be tasting the batch of beer from the last class. Beer kits will be available for purchase. We had a great turn out from the last come early to get your seat on the patio. Class starts at 1 pm on the so don't be late!

Bracket Challenge!
It is time to register for the bracket challenge for March Madness. The challenge runs from March 14th to April 5th. Submit your bracket prediction for all (63) games in the Men's tournament after the teams are announced for a chance to win weekly local prizes and an overall grand prize of a $200 WOB gift card. Click here for more details.

New Bottles
  • Erdinger N/A, .05% (Germany)
  • Erie Drake's Crude, 6.9% (Pennsylvania)
  • Great Divide Hercules Double IPA, 9% (Colorado)
  • Great Divide Titan IPA, 7.1% (Colorado)
  • Greens Gluten-Free Amber, 6% (Belgium)
  • Radeberger Pils, 4.8% (Germany)

New Drafts
  • Erie Drake's Crude, 6.9% (Pennsylvania)
  • Victory Headwaters, 5.1% (Pennsylvania)

Live Music This Week
  • Thursday - Groove Box
  • Friday - Luis Rexach
  • Saturday - Adam Moreno

Friday, March 04, 2011

Cigar City Brew News

Now on Tap:
  • Jai- Alai IPA
  • Papaya IPA
  • Pineapple-Lychee IPA
  • Maduro Brown Ale
  • Vanilla Maduro
  • Cubano Espresso
  • Jose Marti Porter
  • El Lector Dark Mild
  • Patio Tools Dry Irish Stout
  • East India Spiced Porter

Guest Taps:
  • Florida Beer Company SwampApe IPA
  • Swamphead Cottonmouth Belgian Wheat Ale

  • Coconut Cocoa Dry Irish Stout - We will tap this around 5pm today.

The Papaya IPA was just released yesterday, we have this available on draft at the tasting room and available in 750mL bottles. This beer was brewed as a fund-raising effort to benefit the Florida Brewer's Guild and their tireless support of small breweries right here in Florida. It will also be on tap tomorrow at the FBG Fest which is sure to be a blast! We should have some more Peach IPA back on tap for next week and Ben has been cranking beers out on our pilot system many of which will be hitting the taps soon too.

Don't forget about Hunaphu's Release Party coming up next Saturday. We should be updating the blog again in the next day or two with a tap list.

The CCB Crew

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

WOB Viera News

Bracket Challenge!
It is time to register for the bracket challenge for March Madness. The challenge runs from March 14th to April 5th. Submit your bracket prediction for all (63) games in the Men's tournament after the teams are announced for a chance to win weekly local prizes and an overall grand prize of a $200 WOB gift card. Click here for more details.

Early Morning Project!
This Saturday, March 5th stay up late to catch Early Morning Project. The Tampa based duo will be performing at 9 pm that includes the production manager of the Blue Man Group from Las Vegas and our very own Just Dave. Come see this dynamic percussionist perform. Leading up to the highlight of the night, Chris will use his percussion talents on our empty beer kegs which will bring the house down. See you Saturday!

Customer Appreciation Day!
This Sunday, March 6th, is Liquid Aloha Day as well as Customer Appreciation Day! We are pulling out the barbecues for hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken and vegetables for all of customers. Also an ambassador from Kona Brewering Company will be here for our summer give aways at 4 pm. Grilling starts at 1:30 pm till the food is gone. Stop by, grab a great beer, grab some food and finish your weekend at WOB!

Mardi Gras!
This Tuesday March 8th it time to party. We will have $3 Abita drafts and great giveaways such as shirts, beads and more beads. Let's bring a little of New Orleans to Melbourne and have some fun!

Wells & Young's Meet and Greet!
Thursday March 10th, come meet the head brew master from Wells & Young's. The Brew Master will be here at 5 pm speaking about Wells and Young's, brewing in general, and will then follow up with a Q&A. Wells Bombardier and Young's Double Chocolate Stout on draft as well as Well's Banana Bread in the bottle. What a great beer week! Mark your calendar now.

New Bottles
  • Brewdog Paradox Spring Bank, 10% (Scotland)
  • Hoppin Frog Silk Porter, 6.2% (Ohio)
  • Red Brick Helles Bock, 6.7% (Georgia)
  • Terrapin Rye Squared, 9.5% (Georgia)

New Drafts
  • He'Brew Genesis Ale, 5.9% (New York)
  • Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale, 5.9% (Hawaii)
  • Widmer Pitch Black, 6.5% (Oregon)

Live Music This Week
  • Thursday - Adam Isgitt
  • Friday - Christian Wilson Duo
  • Saturday - Early Morning Project