Saturday, February 27, 2010

BEERtrekkin ~ Louisville, KY to Chicago, IL

It was with great anticipation that we hit the road Friday because we were now truly on the last leg of our trip and we were making a stop in Munster, Indiana at the Three Floyds (FFF) Brewpub. It was fantasticular stuff as you will read about in a bit, and the sis was excited about getting to see Kathy, another lil munchkin aunt. We stopped off at Indianapolis for that, specifically at the Castleton Square Mall where we hung out in Borders. Flashback! I haven’t been in a Borders Books & Music in a long time, and this one was fairly new. My lucky find there was the newest issue of Malt Advocate. I’ve been on the hunt for this magazine since I first learned of it a few years ago. No, really. Literally. No one seems to carry it or want to, and until now I’ve been reluctant to just subscribe to it yearly. There is another magazine simply called Whisky Magazine that I also have to find, but in the meantime… Kathy had to be on her way. She was meeting with some lovely ladies of the q-tip variety for cocktails at 4:30pm and cards. Shazam! I want to be in my 80s and 90s and still enjoying cocktail hour and cards and whatever fun comes my way. And if it wasn’t coming my way, I’d get out and find it. Getting old just means getting better, in my opinion.

We were able to make the rood earlier than we had the last couple days, the main reason to meet Kathy in time. I had to go on a wild goose chase through forests and tropical jungles to find us a luggage cart, but eventually I got lucky and we were soon packed, loaded, and on our way. Tell you what, those luggage carts are a darn good thing; now if only we had thought of that at our first hotel. Oh well.

Not too long on the road, we drove past more snow on the side hills of the road while passing ever expansive fields of white and slushy lakes. Or ponds, some were pretty small. The rivers weren’t slushed over though, and I attribute that to the difference between running water and still water. The slushy lakes were cool, and as much as it looked like once could meander across it, I wouldn‘t recommend it. Thankfully we haven’t run into any snow while driving, knockonwood, and with home in sight today, we very well may not. If we do, I’ll be sure to make the most of it. I may be a sun-bunny, not a snow-bunny, but that doesn’t mean I still can’t have fun with it.

Mm… coffee…

Called Doc around 11am to check on my baby, so here is the daily update on Mr. D’s health and well-being. Still perky, eating, and in especially good news, some a couple small BMCs between Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. I am letting Doc keep him over the weekend because he has to run some more tests Monday. Turns out my baby has an enlarged, infected, very sick kidney. Doc’s daughter and fellow veterinarian also checked on the D-ster and agreed on the problem. An ultrasound proved it beyond a doubt. So, they have him on antibiotics to treat the kidney problem now that we know what the specific issue is. The antibiotics may hopefully start his kidney back on the path of recovery, but it’s hard to say right now. If not, then Doc and Marjorie will proceed further. Once he is better though, my D is going to have to go on some kind of kidney medicine regiment to prevent something like this from coming back, and also engage in more follow up visits to stay on track of it. While I miss my baby terribly, I have my sis and lil munchkin and Skyler to keep me busy and smiling, along with the knowledge that he is in the best hands possible. Mom was kind enough to visit Mr. D some today at my behest, and she said that he is the star of the animal hospital. Everyone loves him. He is being super good, purring, and not fussing at all when they have to do what they do to test and give medicine. When it came to his bath there though, that was a different story. Much squirmier than when I give Mr. D his baths, all I can guess is that it just takes mommy’s magic touch. Something like that though isn’t unusual. I haven’t been as militant with his baths lately, a habit I need to get back into. He actually really does enjoy them, especially how clean and dandruff and loose hair free he feels afterwards. Before leaving the vets office, Mom took a pic with her cell phone (go Mom!) and sent it to me. Awws of cuteness ensued for minutes afterwards.

While chatting with Mom about Mr. D and other random stuff, we passed fields bursting with wind-power mills that stretched as far as our eyes could see in a slight gray haze. They weren’t just on one side of the road either. To our right and to our left, the wind-power mills were spinning in decent succession, a given with the massive wind which was blowing at that moment and had been for a while now. There were even some new ones being built and erected to harness even more of the clean power and energy that Mother Nature naturally has to offer: wind. Now that is renewable energy.

It took mere minutes to leave Louisville and find ourselves in Indiana. Greeting us across the border was a trio of extra long natural gas tanks that were painted to resemble ears of corn. Quite the hoot, actually, though it looked like on the two outer tanks were painted in detail while the middle one just a solid color.

Got up to work out again. At least I’m building good workout habits while on the road. It’s far too easy to be lazy at home, a bad habit I need to break. Yesterday’s workout was thankfully on an exercise bike so I sweated up a storm for 50 minutes and after sneaking a peak in today’s exercise room, they have a bike here, too. I’ll do the elliptical if I have to, but I prefer the bike. As I look at it; I didn’t put on the extra poundage over night, so it’s going to take a while to lose it. Slow and steady and I don’t want to be as skinny as I was. That was too skinny. Gasp! There’s no such thing as too skinny you say?! Um, actually, yes there is. But I digress.

A shorter drive, it seemed like no time at all that we met up with Kathy then hit the road to Munster, Indiana and a date with destiny: FFF Brewpub. It was actually rather easy to find, and while we cruised the exit street on our way to beer and food destiny, I kept the lil munchkin entertained by feeding her. It was time, after all, and the binky was losing effectiveness. Can’t blame here though; when you’re hungry you are hungry and babies can only tell us how they feel by crying sometimes. It’s learning how to differentiate the cries, smiles, burbles, giggles, and funny faces that test a mom’s observation mettle. Belly happily stuffed, we made our way into the brewpub to stuff our own bellies just a wee bit. With all the snow on the ground, I just had to touch it…and I did. Hard and crunchy, it reminds me of the ice in snow cones, except in this instance, you want to avoid any and all colors. I made the mistake of sneaking a peek into the bar while holding the lil munchkin for a few: No Babies Allowed. Actually, no kids allowed and I can understand that. The side we sat on was baby friendly and from there we wiled away a couple hours. The intention was to miss some of Chicago’s rush hour traffic, but that didn’t work out so well in the end. I had a Ham on Rye (the beer, not the sandwich) followed by a Scarf Patrol, a bourbon-barrel aged Oatgoop. Fanfreakingtastic. I also got a couple 22oz bombers to go: Brian Boru and Behemoth Barleywine along with a 12oz bottle of Cantillon Classic Geueze. I must always answer the call of the sour, especially when it comes from Cantillon. For munchies, I ordered a small plate of mussels steamed in Gumbalhead with chopped celery, bacon, salsa verde, and buttered herbed toasted baguettes. Yummy!! Jenn went for a small side of fries with homemade horseradish for dipping. Let’s just say the small plates were the big version of small. Other than that, the food was fanfreakingtastic and their mussels quickly grew into my favorite mussels eaten to date. Awesome! The beers were, of course, delicious, savory, and I look forward to delving into the bottles I took home. As much as the night could have waned on pleasurably at the FFF Brewpub, we had to get to the hotel in Chicago at some point. T-shirts were a no-go again (I seem to have bad luck when it comes to getting t-shirts at brewpubs I visit), but I did take home a pint glass. Most importantly, I came, I saw, I drank, I ate, and in the bestest company possible.

Our plan to miss out on Chicago traffic was a massive FAIL. Apparently everyone was not out partying despite it being a Friday night. Buggers. After crawling and creeping along, the hotel came into view amongst piles of snow which I promptly walked in with toe-socks and flip-flops. Yes, toe-socks and flip-flops. Crazy, I know, and just the way I like it. In reality, the shoes I brought suck so shall have to look for new ones. I’m actually thinking of those toe shoes, especially if they are water proof. Toe-socks + toe-shoes = incomparable coolness.

I was zonked and fell asleep around 11pm Florida time, 10pm Chicago time. The rest will do me good for the last lap of my BEERtrek and then it’s onto BEERventures, BEERports, and BEERhunts. Prosit!

(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Stone Goes to England

last and certainly not least...

Pt:4 Stone Skips Across the Pond from stonebrew on Vimeo.

BEERtrekkin ~ Macon, GA to Louisville, KY

So day two of my beer road trip and vacation and due to extreme exhaustion, I didn’t bother with getting this out last night. Oh well. I am here now with rambles and pics so all is good.

Let us dispense with the bad news first. Mr. D is still at the IRAH under the care of Doc and his assistants. We spoke some more today, and while Mr. D is more perky and alert today, he isn’t really having any significant BMC. He’s eating and drinking which is good, but something along the intestinal area is interfering with the natural steady flow of his food. Doc is worried about a lump/mass he feels around in that area, so he has some of that x-rayable ink working its way through. Hopefully the x-ray this morning will give us some more information so we can go from there. No matter what, I told Doc to do what he needs to find the problem and make my baby all better. Doc and IRAH is old-fashioned in that it isn’t excessively greedy; I know they won’t go test crazy and do a bunch of stuff and charge a bunch of stuff that isn’t necessary. Doc’s been our family veterinarian almost as long as I’ve been walking this Earth, maybe even longer.

Putting worries for my baby aside, I enjoyed our venture today out of Georgia, through a little bit of Tennessee, and finally making it to Kentucky. Of note, the Kentucky Bourbon Ale billboard prominently lit and on display. Righteous.

I may be a bourbon phreak, but I unfortunately have yet to cruise the Bourbon Trail. Not officially at least, though I did live that adventure vicariously through all the road signs noting Jack Daniels, Makers Mark, Bulleit, and Knob Creek to name a few. Mm… gonna have to get me some when I return home later next week.

My lil munchkin was a bit more restless in the care today, though understandably slow. She’s not getting as much exercise and outsides-boutsies as she normally gets. Exhaustion doesn’t set in as well, and the tired squirmies begin. We made it obviously, and today she’ll get more play-time thanks to a stop-off to visit an aunt on her pappy’s side.

During our drive through Atlanta, Jenn showed me more of her haunts while living there, and during our drive north beyond Atlanta, I was introduced to the hotels she n mom stayed at on their drive down. We’re taking pretty much the same route back with a couple small detours: one to Three Floyds Brewery in Indiana and the other to Glenview, IL to visit some relatives. Brunch is in order, which sounds fine and dandy to me. I have a splattering of beer so if it does turn into brunch, a small quaff may be in order.

Speaking of beer, we also stopped off in Dalton at the same Kroger Mom n Jenn stopped at previously. Their stop though coincided with Sunday, and Sunday in Georgia isn’t friendly to my beery and spirituous beverages. Seeing as yesterday was Thursday, we were in the green. Jenn had mentioned an impressive beer selection for a grocery store, and I can now wholeheartedly agree. I was also impressed by the mini selection of Asian and Asian-themed beers over by the Southern Tsunami sushi bar. Mm… baby octopus. Yes folks, Southern Tsunami apparently offers baby octopus up here. Great for me then, though not so great back home where I am baby octopus deprived. Sure there is Hiokis, but that’s a planned drive for dinner, not a quick healthy munchy from the grocery local.

I have been very good when it comes to the beer of this trip so far. Granted there is no room in the car for a cartload or two of beer, but so too is there no room in my budget. Besides, I have come to terms with (quite amicably too) that pretty much no matter where I am, beer I don’t get to taste will be right there with me. C’est la vie. So is the world. What I did bring home was the Lindeman’s Cassis Lambic, the last of the fruit lambics from Lindemans which I have yet to try, along with Moonshot and Edison of Beer Wars fame, Samuel Adams Coastal Wheat, and three beers from the Tap Room 21 Brewery; Pale Ale, Amber Ale, and Lager. Out of all the beers I picked out, I am most excited for the Tap Room beers.

We didn’t spend much time in Tennessee while cruising the interstate, but in passing through Chattanooga I took in the very cool Chattanooga River. Getting more in general rocky mountain territory, it was fun to note the sheered cliffs along the road sides which were decorated in ice sheets and icicle. Some had even crumbled to the ground where they lay in a slightly sloppy mess of ice chunks and slosh. I tried to snap a pic or two of them, but my camera didn’t like the idea for whatever reason so you’ll just have to use the imagination.

Keeping myself awake in the mornings, I find that four cups of coffee for this road trip does the trick. The morning workouts help revitalize and work out any stiffies, but the coffee is essential for bright eyes on my part.

The further north we go, the colder we get. Inside Jenn’s car is a dashboard trip monitor which marks the temperature outside. Somewhere around Georgia/Tennessee border area, the 40s surrendered and the 30s took over. In parking the car at our hotel in Louisville last night, we closed out at 33* Fahrenheit. A tittly bit nipply if I do say so myself. I’m definitely glad I took accepted Mom’s generosity in lending me her black winter coat which is thankfully not girlie. Besides being water resistant, it blocks out almost all the wind and cold for a toasty embrace. The jean-covered legs are a different story. My knee-length toe socks help, and as much as I hate wearing toe closed shoes, I’m going to have to surrender the flip-flops from this day onward for my black Sketchers.

Cracker Barrel came to the rescue again in one of our walkie-feedie stops, and hopping around outside where the cutest lil birds. I meant to snap a pic, but when we came back out of Cracker, they had gone. Don’t blame 'em. They were trying to get away from the cold and someplace else much warmer, I am sure.

With Louisville close in site we were ready to just be there. Mr. Skyler was just as ready as we were to be there, and poof! Then we were. Watched some Olympics, ate, supped a couple more New Belgium 1554 beers, and called it a night. I slept on the living room couch as last time, and Jenn, munchkin, and Skyler snuggled in the bedroom. After all, privacy is good and the last thing I want is to disturb them at five in the morning as I do my online stuff, imbibe another sweet nectar of life – coffee, and head downstairs to the gym for a workout.

Just for the record: It is currently 25*Fahrenheit outside.

(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

Craft Beer sales UP significantly and then some

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cigar City Brew News

Official Hunahpu Release Party Info Post

With March 12th quickly approaching I would like to update everyone about how the Hunahpu Release will be going down. It will be going down thusly:

The Beer:
  • Hunahpus will be sold in 25.4 ounce bottles (750ml).
  • There is a strict limit of 6 bottles per person during the first go around.
  • The beer will cost $20 per bottle which includes all taxes.
  • The beer will go on sale promptly at 7PM
  • The beer will be sold by sequential ticket number. meaning when your number is called (via the PA system) you should make your way to the bottle booth as expeditiously as possible.

Tickets for Hunahpus are attainable at the brewery starting at 11 AM on March 12th and will be handed out until 7PM or they are all gone, whichever comes first. Once you have your ticket you do not have to stay at the brewery. You may leave and come back at 7PM. We want to eliminate standing in line as much as possible.

We will take credit cards for Hunahpus BUT only after all cash sales have been processed. So if you are ticket #1 and your number is called and you attempt topay with a credit card, you will be skipped over and have to wait until all cash buyers have purchased their beer. If your only method of payment is credit card we do apologize and we didn't want to flat refuse credit cards, but we also have to acknowledge the fact that credit card transactions just take longer in this setting. You will be able to use credit cards for all other purchases including pints, merchandise and growlers.

The Draft Lineup for the 12th:
We field this question literally everyday and we hate having to say "we can't say yet," but the fact is we can't. There are some beers that might be ready by the 12th, but once you hint at them the expectation becomes that it will be a sure thing and sometimes the beer doesn't want to cooperate with our schedule.

So on March 8th we will post to the blog a final, 100% locked down, no backing out, you can bank on it beer listfor the Hunahpu Release. That being said we plan to have many of the things in our barrel room available on the 12th, at least on draft, if not for growler sales. The March 8th update will specifiy which beers will be available in growlers and which are draft only.

If you ask what will be on draft prior to the 8th we are happy to conjecture,but all you are getting is a guess. And along those conjecture lines we are trying to acquire kegs from other Florida breweries.

The Venue/Outside Beer/Where Can I Go Pee-pee:
Outside beer is ok and indeed encouraged, but if you intend to share with everyone, bring extra tasting glasses or disposable cups. We won't beable to provide 12 glasses every time someone opens a new bottle. Even if they are sharing it with us and even if it is really good!

Both the old and new tasting rooms will be open as well as most of the brewery floor space. There are 8 taps in the new area, 8 taps in the old tasting area and an additional 6 faucets on the brewery side willbe exclusively for growler fills. The growler line will be clearly marked.

There are 2 restrooms inside the brewery and they are clearly marked. There will also be three Port-o-Potty stations set upoutside.

We do not have a kitchen so it is probably best to eat before you come. We will put on some light snacks at 6PM which will consist of Empanadas and mini-Cuban Sandwiches. They will be tasty. Ohhh so tasty and you will relish each tiny, delectable bite. But alas you will not be wholly sated and will likely still feel peckish, so eat a good lunch/dinner before you come. Seriously you are looking a little thin anyway. Mangia!

Do not take your beer outside of the brewery/tasting room. We are not zoned for alcohol consumption outside of the brewery. If you take an open container outside of the brewery you hate the rule of law and are clearly working to undermine the bedrock of our civilization. Don't destroy a thousand years of societal structure founded on the rule of law because you want to drink your beer while you smoke, urinate or do both. Someone likes you enough to watch your beer while you step outside for a moment. I suppose.

If you have other questions we have not addressed please email


Stone Goes to England

Pt:3 Stone Skips Across the Pond from stonebrew on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BEERtrekkin ~ Vero Beach, FL to Macon, GA

Today marks the first day of my road trip/vacation with the sis, my new niece, and the pooch of the house, Skyler. Leaving a bit later than planned, we still made it to Macon, GA by 7:30pmish without any hang-ups. We even had time for lunch, walkies, and some playtime along the way; all good and important things in the life of a dog and a baby.

We swung by the Indian River Animal Hospital to check on my baby, Mr. D, who decided to get sick just days before my road trip/mini vacation. Thankfully Doc Johnson and his fantabulous staff have always taken good care of our family's four-legged babies. This time was no exception. Mr. D looked good though a little worse for wear; the antibiotic was leaving him feeling a little groggy. Not too groggy though to glomp onto his mommy, me, and nuzzle for as long as I held him. My memento for the visit was an impressive layer of kitty hair on my shirt. After all, I won't be seeing him again until next Wednesday. In the meantime, the folks are cat-sitting so I know he is in good hands.

Taking the FL Turnpike to I75, it was a smooth drive despite the best efforts of rain and the typical Georgia road construction. It’s been a while since I have made the I75 drive north through Georgia, and yes, there was construction then as there is now. I could swear it hasn’t progressed any at all either. Thank goodness it’s not my taxpayer money…at least, not to the best of my knowledge. You never know these days with the gajillion taxes me pay, big, small, and indescribably.

Skyler was all eyes, ears, and nose for the first part of the trip, despite the fact that he was exhausted from at least two weeks of rustling around with Puppy Joe and Old Man Baron. My lil niece was cute as a button and a total good girl for this first day of our trip. Sleep was the name of the game and she was a certified winner. I even snuck in a nap or two along the way, despite best efforts otherwise. I am riding in back with the lil button, after all, so I need to be awake for any needs that arise. That and to make funny faces at her cute baby self.

Along the way a few billboards of amusement popped into my view. During the merger of the FL Turnpike into I75 there was a line of billboards as far as the eye can see. Literally. At over two dozen billboards I just stopped counting. After all, I can only acknowledge so many kitschy warehouses, sleazy stripper, and creative if not industrious porno shops in one sitting. As for Georgia billboards, seeing their decrepit faded state determined their obviously low stature on the state priority poll. It should also be known that upon crossing that Georgia border I ran into the dreaded temperature drop and funky smell that never fails to turn the nose. I can’t explain why. I don’t know why. And I don’t know if care to. Just understand that if you are driving north through Florida, once you enter Georgia, strange and unusual changes take place most significantly of which is no liquor sales on Sunday. Period.

Thank goodness it isn't Sunday.

Once upon our Macon exit, we stopped at a Publix so I could bop in and grab a couple 6packs of beer. I figure even if they didn’t have something good that I can’t get in Florida, they’d at least have the good ol' boys like Sierra Nevada, Dogfish, Flying Dog, or Brooklyn. Instead, I had the extreme fortune of bringing back to the hotel two sixers of New Belgium: 1554 and 2*Below. Mm… nummers! I’ve had the 1554 before so I’m supping on that tonight. I haven’t had the 2* Below before so tasting notes must be observed before blissful quaffing can ensue. I know my beertrek has officially started when in the midst of travelling away from home, I locate, buy, and drink of tasteful brews of a diversity I can't find back home. Let the beer hunting begin. Before beer and hotel relaxation, food was a must. A bacon cheese burger from the Outback across the street filled the black hole in my tummy, and pjs were donned for final relaxation.

I must say in conclusion that if you’re thinking of road trekking in February and operate under the delusion that it’s only from Florida to Georgia so shorts are A-OK…know that you are so wrong. Suffice to say, the jeans and long sleeve shirts will be going on tomorrow after waking up early to work out. Gots to keep my exercise routine rolling even if I am on vacation. No rest for the weary, or in my case, the giddy excitement.

(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

Vine & Barley News

What do a yard sale, pizza and wine tasting have in common?
Vine & Barley, Port St. Lucie's "Very Unique Wine & Craft Beer Lounge", is proudly supporting the American Cancer Society's lifesaving mission. And to help do just that, we are inviting the public to take part in any of the following upcoming events. All are opportunities to help battle cancer.

Yard Sale
Saturday, Feb. 27 8 a.m. until noon
Come to 1913 Wren Avenue, Fort Pierce and shop 'til you drop.

March Friday Fest
March 5th, 5pm - 8pm
Celebrate the Luck O' the Irish early at March's Friday Fest in downtown Fort Pierce from 5 to 8 p.m. on March 5. While there, look for the Vine & Barley table, which will have baked goods, Dominos 'slice the price' cards and raffle tickets to win a cruise. 'Slice the price' cards are $10 per card. Cruise raffle tickets are 1 for $10 or 3 for $25. This event is weather permitting.

Wine Tasting and Silent Auction
Wednesday, March 31, 5:30 to 8:00 p.m.
Mark your calendar now for this special engagement. Sample wines from around the world from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. and bid on some wonderful gifts at 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 31. Wine tasting admission will be $10.00 and receive a engraved Vine & Barley wine glass and many wines to taste.

Vine & Barley is located at 1680 SW St. Lucie West Blvd. in St Lucie West. All proceeds from these events will go to the American Cancer Society Relay For Life. For more information on any of the above fundraisers, call Joann Carbone at (772) 446-7550.

The Relay For Life is the American Cancer Society's signature event. It is an opportunity for everyone in communities across the globe to celebrate those surviving cancer, remember loved ones lost and fight back against the disease.

Port St. Lucie's Relay kicks off at 6 p.m. on Friday, April 30 and continue overnight until noon Saturday at Tradition Field. There, teams camp out and take turns walking, running or even dancing around the track. Those teams will also host a variety of games and activities, prize giveaways and more, ensuring plenty of ways to have fun. Tradition Field is located at 525 NW Peacock Blvd. in Port St. Lucie.

For more information on how you can become a part of this life-changing event, contact Keri Hughes at 772-562-2272, ext. 119 or via email at

'A Very Unique Wine & Craft Beer Lounge'
1680 SW St Lucie West Blvd
Port St Lucie, FL 34986

WOB Viera Beer News

St. Patty's Day Celebration
On March 17th, we are celebrating St. Patrick's Day featuring beer specials with our favorite irish imports. Don't forget to wear green that day. $4 Irish pints, $3 Rogue Kells, $2 Irish Car Bombs, $1 Irish Beer shots. Click here for flyer.

Rock by the Sea
World Of Beer is teaming with Rock By The Sea, a Florida Not-for-Profit organization, to present the Rock By The Sea Road Show featuring Lani Daniels, Sam Thacker and Alternate Routes front man, Tim Warren. This intimate and unique night of music includes individual sets by each of the artists culminating in a late-night jam where they will all share the stage. Rock By The Sea will be selling merchandise and hosting a Gibson guitar raffle to raise money to benefit the UF Pediatric Brain Tumor Program at Shands HealthCare and others.. Additional information about the concert series can be found at and at

Who's ready for Mojo Risin Nitro
Once again the World of Beer scores! We have Mojo Risin Nitro on draft. There are only 2 kegs available in central Florida and we have both of them. A limited release beer brewed with more than a half ton of extra malts and twice the hops, poured on the nitros tap for added body. Don't miss this awesome beer.

New Bottles
Hoppin Frog bodacious Black N Tan, 7.6% (Ohio)
OPB Squared, 11% (Florida)

New Drafts
Cigar City Maduro Espresso, 5.5% (Florida)
Smithwick's, 4.4% (Netherlands)
Southern Tier Unearthly, 9.8% (New York)
Gordon Biersch Maibock, 6.4% (California)
Harp, 4.2% (Ireland)
Dogfish Head Red&White, 10% (Delaware)

Live Music This Week
Thursday - Micah Reed
Friday - Wilcor
Saturday - C-Lane & Beav

Cigar City Brew News


Tasting Room Lineup Week of 2-24-10
Jai Alai India Pale Ale
Maduro Brown Ale
Double Cream Ale
Cubano Espresso Brown Ale
Humidor Series: IPA
Humidor Series: Double Cream Ale


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kate the Great 2010 from Portsmouth Brewing

Lost Abbey Brew News

Around the Brewhouse
Greetings from Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey. Our beloved Director of Brewery Operations is taking this issue off from his column as he’s on the East Coast this week doing several special appearances (or, as we call it: “Being Tomme Arthur”). Not to worry, however, as we’ve still got a lot of news for you. Read on.

Expansion Updates
First off, our tasting room expansion is nearly complete. As you’ve probably read in previous newsletters, via the website, Facebook, etc., back in late November we began a major expansion of our tasting room and warehouse / barrel room / cold storage. We’re please to report that the expansion – save a few minor details – is complete. With the construction of the new warehouse and barrel room across the lot from the brewhouse and tasting room, we’ve not only been able to bump our barrel library to 800-plus barrels, but also nearly double the size of our tasting bar to 42 feet, add 14 more taps for fresh beers, and create a vintage bottle list for visitors who would like to sample some our rarer delights. Combine that with our swanky lighting, new bottle cabinetry and hip bistro-style barrel tables, and you’ve got a tasting room experience quite unlike anything else. You can learn more about our tasting room on our website here:

A New (Old) Face
Along with our with our new tasting room, we’re also pleased to announce our new tasting room and special events manager, Terri Osterfeld. Those of you familiar with Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey know that Terri (aka: “Beer Molly”) has been a staple behind the bar on weekends since late 2006. But with our fancy new digs and the ever-expanding crowds, we started needing her here a lot more than just weekends. So as of January 1 Terri became a full-time employee in charge of the tasting room, merchandise, special events, and online sales. Now she’s here Wednesdays through Sundays, serving beers, filling orders, coordinating tours and basically keeping the public side of our operation running smoothly. If you ever have a chance to drop by the brewery or purchase anything from our online store, Terri’s the girl who handles it for you, so make sure to say hi. She can be reached at or through our website at:

Extended Tasting Room Hours
Oh, and speaking of Terri, now that she’s on board fulltime, we have newly extended tasting room days and hours. They are as follows:
Wednesday: 1pm to 5pm – Growler Fills & Bottles Sales only
Thursday: 12pm to 5pm – Growler Fills & Bottles Sales only
Friday: 2pm to 8pm – Full Tasting Room (Tasters, Pints, Growlers & Bottles)
Saturday: 12pm to 5pm – Full Tasting Room (Tasters, Pints, Growlers & Bottles)
Sunday: 12pm to 4pm – Full Tasting Room (Tasters, Pints, Growlers & Bottles)
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed

You can all the info on our tasting room (beers on tap, vintage bottles, special events, etc.) by visitng our website at:

Barrels for Sale
As you’re probably aware, we have quite an extensive collection of barrels in which we age beers. What you might not know, however, is that many of those barrels — especially our spirit barrels (bourbon, brandy, sherry) — we only use once. Oh, they still impart lots of flavor and character, but the style of beer combined with the volume we’re producing really dictates that we used fresh distilled spirit barrels. As a result, we have a regular supply of whole (empty) barrels that we’re willing to part with for very little. Not only do these barrels have great flavor, but there color and character are something to behold too. So if you’re a homebrewer, a gardener (yes, they make great planters), a craftsman, or any one of hundreds of other people who has use for gently-used spirit barrels, these are just $25 each (whole 33gal barrel) when you pick up it up. If you’re interested, visit our website here:

Upcoming Events ~ Carnevale di Lost Abbey
Saturday, February 27th is our 3rd Carnevale di Lost Abbey Masquerade party. An annual bash held in honor of the release of our 2009 GABF Gold Medal-winning Carnevale Ale, we’ll be serving up food by our house chef Vince, live music by the Professors, and a huge tap and bottle list of great Port Brewing and Lost Abbey beers. The masquerade is from 7pm to 11pm and food and music are free for everyone who shows up in costume and mask. It’s $10 for those without a costume (we will, however, provide you with a mask). Beers are all regular price. More information, visit the Lost Abbey website at:

Eataly ~ New York

Personally, I'm already drooling in excitement and my tummy is rumbling in anticipatory hunger. Eataly ~ New York just became my #1 reason to visit NY sooner than later.

Eataly - Birreria (NYC Brewery) Announcement from BeerAdvocate on Vimeo.

Monday, February 22, 2010

TONIGHT: Stouts 'n' Stogies @ Town Crier Pub

Place: Town Crier Pub
Location: Tradition Square of St. Lucie
Time: 7:30pm to close
Stogies: La Reina Maduro ~ torpedo tip & round tip
Beer: Anchor Porter
*technically not a porter, but she is dry, roasty, and rich with notes of chocolate and wood making for an excellent match to any cigar*

Cigars are courtesy of (Sylvio) Palomino Premium Cigars & Gourmet Coffee of Palm Springs, FL.

Belgian Beer Fest @ Coasters of Melbourne, FL

Belgian Beer Fest 2010

Friday, Feb 26 - 11am - Midnight
Saturday, Feb 27 - 11am - Midnight
Sunday, Feb 28 - Noon - 9pm

Coasters Pub
971A East Eau Gallie Blvd
Melbourne, FL 32937
(Corner of A1A and Eau Gallie in Beachside Melbourne, in the Wal Mart/Winn Dixie plaza)

Clear your calendar, book a hotel room, find a pet-sitter, and arrange for a liver transplant, because Coasters Pub will be the Belgian Beer Headquarters of Florida from Friday February 26 - Sunday February 28, 2010. This three-day beer event will feature 35 taps of Belgian Beer and lots of Belgian brews in bottles. We're patting down the distributors and importers and putting them through full body scanners, searching for rare and eccentric kegs of Belgian Beer. Don't worry; their faces and privates are pixilated. Even still, the list is growing every day and looking fantastic! Since most of the beers are rare and high octane, the plan right now is to serve the most of the draught beer in 8oz wine glasses rather than full servings to allow you to try more different beers and styles. The more sessionable and lower alcohol brews will be served in pints. We were originally planning on selling all the beers for one flat price to make things easy, but as kegs arrived, we were flabbergasted as to the huge cost variant from one beer to another. As a result, all beers will be prices individually, and the price range will be anywhere from $4.5 for an Affligem Abbey Ale or Ommegang Hennepin to $9 per wine glass for a Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus. For Belgian-inspired food specials, we've arranged to procure fresh mussels, the national food of Belgium, as well as worked with a Belgian chocolatier to make Belgian Chocolate goodies just for the event. Trappist-made Chimay cheeses are also in house. Of course, our entire regular food menu will be offered as well, so there will be plenty of grub available.

Now, some clarification; especially to those of you who have never been to Coasters. When the words 'Beer Fest' are uttered, it seems that some folks imagine parking lots full of beer trucks, hot dog stands, bouncy houses, local arts & crafts, cigar shops, beer bongs and numerous speakers blaring out some sort of repetitive drum-machine back-beat pretending to be music. No. That's not what we're doing. We're simply taking our pub & restaurant, equipped with 35 taps, a capable kitchen, and room for an acoustic guitarist and offering you beer geeks the most extensive 35 taps of the Belgian Beers that Florida has ever seen. For three days.

Come Thirsty. Leave Safely.

So anyways, THIS is what you're looking for, isn't it?

The Beer List:
  1. Affligem Blonde Ale
  2. Allagash Curieux
  3. Alvinne Gaspar
  4. Alvinne Melchior
  5. Alvinne Podge
  6. Avec les Bons Dupont
  7. Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus
  8. Chimay Triple
  9. Cigar City Belgian Coaster Ale - made special for this event - A Belgian-style IPA brewed with Trappist Ale yeast and infused with Guava.
  10. Corsendonk Abbey Ale
  11. Corsendonk Brown Ale
  12. Corsendonk Christmas Ale 2008
  13. Delirium Noel
  14. Delirium Tremens
  15. DeRanke XX Bitter
  16. Duchesse De Bourgogne
  17. Gouden Carolus Noel
  18. Grimbergen Dubble
  19. Gulden Draak
  20. Ichtegem's Grand Cru
  21. Kerkom Bink Blonde
  22. Kwak
  23. LaChouffe Golden Ale
  24. Leffe Blonde
  25. Lindeman's Framboise
  26. Maredsous 8
  27. Moinette Blonde
  28. Noel des Geants
  29. Nostradomus Brown Ale
  30. Ommegang Hennepin
  31. Piraat
  32. Saison Dupont
  33. Saxo Blonde Ale
  34. Scaldis
  35. Slaapmutske Triple Nightcap
  36. Smisje Vuuve
  37. St Bernardus Abt 12
  38. St Bernardus Prior 8
  39. St Bernardus Triple
  40. St Bernardus Xmas Ale
  41. Stella Artois
  42. Teras Boulba
  43. Terrapin Belgian Stout
  44. Tripel Karmeliet
  45. Tsmisje Speciale
  46. Unibroue Ephemre
  47. Unibroue Maudite
  48. Unibroue La Terrible
  49. Unibroue Trois Pistoles
  50. Wittekerke

Many Belgian bottles will be available as well, including Westmalle, Rochefort, Orval and Chimay. FYI: Yes, that's more than 35 beers. Thirty five brews will be tapped at any given time, and then other Belgian or Belgian-style beers will be rotated in as kegs empty. Please note that many of these beers will be limited to a single 5-gallon keg, so supplies are limited. Each slim keg should serve about 70 8-oz wine glasses-worth of beer, so if there's something you're particularly interested in trying, you may want to show up on Friday or Saturday, rather than Sunday. When the kegs are gone, they're gone! We'll be ordering backups based on pure guesses as to what the turnout will be. We don't want to run out of beer, but then we don't want to have dozens of leftover kegs, either. This first go-round will be a learning experience, but don't let that fool you into thinking it will be anything less than absolutely KICK ASS!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

BrewDog & Schorschbraeu BIG Beer Interview

Cigar City Brew News

Pays du Soleil Florida Launch Party

One of my Florida brewing heroes, Bob Sylvester, is having a launch party for his straight up awesome beer, Pays du Soleil at Mr. Dunderbak's on February 25th (4 days from now!) at 7PM. If you know what is good for your palate you'll be there!


You definitely want to watch this in hi-def and preferably with a $45,000 Bose stereo system (they make those right?), but if you want to just settle and watch it on your crappy computer then feel free to revel in your inferior second choice:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

VB: USO Rocks America TOMORROW!!!

I'll be there making merry, snapping pics, pouring craft beer (Rogue American Amber, Sierra Nevada Torpedo, Brooklyn Brown Ale, Anchor Liberty Ale, and Avery Ale to the Chief), eating food, and in general enjoying myself way too much...ok, there's no such thing as way to much so just enough.

It's going to be a blast, and for those who can't/don't/won't make it, look for a write-up sooner than later.

Cigar City Brew News

Draft List
  • Jai Alai IPA
  • Maduro Brown Ale
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
  • Cubano Espresso Brown Ale
  • Batch #69 Double Cream Ale

WOB Viera Beer News

Blue Point Brewery Night
Tuesday, February 23rd, Blue Point Brewery from South Hampton, New York will be at WOB. A representative from the brewery will introduce Blueberry Ale, so be the first to try it. Also on draft will be Toasted Lager, Hoptical Illusion, Rasta Far Rye Oatmeal Stout and Winter Ale. Click here for the flyer.

Terrapin Oaked Wake N Bake
Come in this weekend to try Terrapin Oaked Wake N Bake. Only 2 kegs have been released in the area and we have it! This imperial stout is a full bodied beer loaded with coffee taste and aroma aged over a month with vanilla oak chips. You won't be disappointed.

St. Patty's Day Celebration
On March 17th, we are celebrating St. Patrick's Day featuring beer specials with our favorite irish imports. Don't forget to wear green that day. For more information click here.

Beer and Cheese Pairing Party
The next time you reach for a piece of cheese, save the wine and try an ale or lager. The two together seem odd but they might be better than wine and cheese. In March, Florida Beer and World of Beer is having a beer and cheese pairing party. Keep reading your newsletters to get the date and time.

New Bottles
  • The Bruery Mischief, 8.5% (California)
  • The Bruery Orchard White, 5.7% (California)
  • The Bruery Rugbrød, 8% (California)
  • The Bruery Saison Rue, 8.5% (California)
  • Flying Dog Horn Dog, 10.2% (Maryland)
  • Rochefort Trappistes 8, 9.1% (Belgium)

New Drafts
  • Abita Andygator, 8% (Louisiana)
  • Abita Mardi Gras Bock, 6.5% (Louisiana)
  • Cigar City Double Cream Ale, 9% (Florida)
  • Terrapin Rye Pale Ale, 5.2% (Georgia)Bulleted List
  • Terrapin Oaked Wake N Bake, 7.6% (Georgia)

Live Music This Week
  • Thursday - James Johnson
  • Friday - Matt Adkins & Jay DiBella
  • Saturday Nite - Micah Reed

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BEERflections ~ Bells Brewery Tasting @ Hurricanes VB

Good beer and good times ensued Wednesday, February 10th from 7pm to 9pm at the Hurricane Grille & Wings of Vero Beach, FL. The good beer? Bells Brewing out of Comstock, Michigan.

I had known about the tasting weeks in advance which ensured a steady build of anticipation and excitement. Each day that passed brought me ever closer to Bells beer bliss and Hurricane wing snarfing indulgence. Out of all the wing joints in town, Hurricanes is still my personal favorite for quality, consistency, flavor choices, and the chunkiest blue cheese dressing this side of Florida.

Even better than succulent finger-friendly chicken wings is a glass of beer to pair them with. I’m not talking your average macro swill but craft beer with the occasional artisanal import tossed in for good measure. Details past, after a months long dry spell of lackluster beer choices and dismal tap rotation, Hurricanes VB is back in the game and playing strong. I was there that evening to drink Bells beer and lots of it, but my wandering eye couldn’t help but notice the long row of gleaming tap handles that included the likes of:
SN Glissade. Brooklyn Lager. Anchor Porter. Arrogant Bastard. Cigar City Maduro. UFO Hefeweizen. Sam Adams Noble Pils. Abita Purple Haze.

Diversity of choice is the spice of life, and it’s good to see it back home at Hurricanes where it belongs.

Beer is always better when shared with fellow beer geeks. With a Bells tasting on the front page this time, I immediately set about assembling a posse of beer peeps and wing nuts to make merry and drink the night away. Looking back, we accomplished that mission and then some, further proof that Vero Beach is home to a growing group of mature fun loving adults who know how to appreciate good beer and good food.

But I digress.

My thirsty peeps and I descended upon Hurricanes and promptly commandeered the bar. To my left, to my right, and even behind me were familiar faces aglow with cheer, glasses and tasting cups in-hand. Bells Amber and Two Hearted flowed from the tap in a steady stream while Tim generously shared tasting cups of Bells Hopslam, Oberon, and Kalamazoo Stout to my thirsty posse and to patrons on the floor. The night flew by with nary a hitch that I can recall, and it was a raucous celebration when the Bells Two-Hearted keg blew. No worries though. A back-up was ready and waiting for its turn in the cooler of beer fame.

I was having so much fun that final call blew on by without ruffling a single hair on my head (not that it’s hard to do). Inbetween, I savored a glass or three of Amber and Two-Hearted along with tasting whatever Hopslam, Oberon, and Kalamazoo pours came my way. Not sure how, but somehow a mostly full bottle of Kalamazoo made it to my hands…and never left. Sorry folks, she is too good of a beer to just say no.

While performing his duties as Bell Brewery Ambassador, Tim dropped by to say hello and shoot the breeze for a few. Looking around me, and not just at my killer posse of beer peeps, every single person I saw tasting the beers had a smile on their face. Tim’s mission was successfully accomplished and then some: open people’s eyes, nose, mouth, and mind to the beauty that is good beer with flavor.

A moment please to honor the Bourbon Apple Glaze adorned wings which were lipsmackingtastic. Just the right amount of brown sugar and apple married with bourbon and set to finish with a solid kick of spice. Remember the chunkiest blue cheese dressing this side of Florida? It was there until I ate all of it, and I do believe a fork was involved.

All good times must end so that others may begin. Slowly but surely I bid rosy-cheeked farewells to Rob and Cathie, Mike and Paula, David and friends, and certainly not least, Patrick. In rare form, I even out-stayed Tim who bid farewell along with his cohort in tasting, Ron. Fun was had by all, and though beer is to be taken seriously at times, that doesn’t mean we have to always take ourselves seriously. I’m starting to find that a friendly communion between the two works best.

With the bar to ourselves, Nicole and I caught up on girl talk since the last time we saw each other. Nicole is THE bartender for me, and I have no qualms calling in advance to see if she is working. No matter how good the beer, it is the person behind the bar who ultimately creates the atmosphere of enjoyable liquid libation. For me, it’s all Nicole. Girl talk over and the evening fading fast…or was that me…Nicole set about closing and I headed home to my kitty, PJs, and some Glenlivet 21yr Archive. Apparently my apartment threshold has the magical ability to instill energy once lost. A movie later, the bed finally called and I indubitably answered.

Something that sticks with me even now is their newly adopted motto: live with flavor. I must say that Hurricanes is certainly putting the flavor back into life and the life back into flavor. I look forward to an enduring future of pint diversity and generous wings.

(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

Flying Fish Brew News

Our friends at the Cherry Grove Farms, in Lawrenceville, NJ have started washing the rind of their Farmstead cheese (made with milk from organic grass fed cows) with Flying Fish Abbey Dubbel. The result is a rich tasting semi-soft cheese that pairs perfectly--get this--with Flying Fish Abbey Dubbel. We're giving folks an opportunity to try it this Thursday evening here at the brewery. This is a bit different from a regular open house in that we're limiting the tasting to the Dubbel and cheese. So grab a friend and stop on by.

Here's the scoop:
Day: Thursday, February 18, 2010
Time: 4:30 -6:30pm
Location: Flying Fish Brewing, 1940 Olney Avenue, Cherry Hill, NJ
No need to RSVP--just show up.

****SPECIAL NOTE: You and your guest must be 21 or over to attend (we'll card)*****

the BIG beer wars...of another volume

Sink the Bismarck! from BrewDog on Vimeo.

All I have to say is if it tastes good, I'll drink it more than once. Although in the case of this particular brew, sipping is definitely in order.

Cigar City Brew News

Dubliner Irish Pub @ Citrus Park CCB Beer Dinner 2-17-10

Join CCB Assistant Brewer and Production Manager Doug Dozark for a night of special beers paired with Cuban-inspired cuisine. Doug will discuss the methods of production and impetus behind many of the beers brewed at Cigar City Brewing. Don't miss your chance to meet and chat with this award-winning local brewer and to sample great beers and food! Seats are limited and are selling quickly. For tickets dial the Dubliner North @ 813-300-2076
Dubliner Irish Pub Citrus Park
12836 Henderson Rd
Tampa, FL 33625

As per usual Doug will be bringing along a limited release brew to share with dinner attendees.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

subject to litigation

I may be fairly new to the craft beer world and the wonderful community it encompasses, but in the few years I have been living in the beer community, warmth and camaraderie has reigned.

Until now.

I am extremely disturbed and disappointed by the recent rash of bickering and litigation over craft beer names and the rights of the brewer who brews them. In over a decade of personal interests and business, I learned quick that far more is accomplished in a long-term happy manner through understanding and collaberation. For a tight-nit community which has struggled through so much "big boy" opposition (amongst a gazillion other obstacles we still face), to now find them acting like the "big boys" they supposedly detest is unsettling to say the least. Where did all the camaraderie go? Relax. Have a beer. Talk about it.

Everything good that has happened to/with/around me in the last few years has been in some way thanks to beer. Beer is beautiful. Let us not ruin that beauty with selfish arguments and petty insecurities. It may sound corny, it may sound old-fashioned, but the greatest truths in life are the simplest ones:

Can't we all just get along?

(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

Bon Beer Voyage goes to Florida

(c/o Cigar City Brew News)

Bon Beer Voyage, a Beer Travel & Tour Company catering to Belgian and Craft Beer enthusiasts, will be visiting Cigar City Brewery as part of their Tampa Beer Safari Weekend, March 19-21, 2010. The Tampa Beer Safari Weekend is the perfect 2-night beer lover’s getaway, including visits and tastings at the award winning Cigar City Brewery, Saint Somewhere Brewery and Dunedin Brewery. The trip also includes a special private tour through Ybor City’s hauntingly disturbing past, a visit to Tarpon Springs, 2 breakfasts, Saturday lunch with beer & 2 beer paired dinners to be hosted at Tampa Bay Brewing and Fleming’s Steakhouse, as well as a few other surprises. The cost for the tour package is $463 per person based on double occupancy and includes all of the above plus 2 nights accommodations at the Hampton Inn & Suites Ybor City, transportation from hotel to the Brewery visits and Saturday dinner at Fleming’s(Friday nights events will be in town walking distance from the hotel) and trip insurance. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from Tampa. For more information on this trip, or other Beer Travel opportunities such as the Belgian Beercation, call 1-888-U-Go-Beer or visit the Bon Beer Voyage website at

Great Divide Brew News

The Big News

Finally! Hoss Rye Lager and Claymore Scotch Ale will be added in mid-February to our year round line up of beers! Both were seasonal beers in 2009 and based on the great response last year we decided to make them available year-round in 2010. Claymore is our tribute to the "Wee Heavy" beers of Scotland. This malty deep-ruby beauty features lots of caramel sweetness, a reserved hop profile and a subtle warming character with 7.7% ABV.

Hoss is based on the Marzen lagers of Germany. Rich, layered malt notes, with hints of cheery and dark fruits, dominate, while the unique addition of rye imparts a slightly earthy, spicy character... 6.2% ABV. You might know that Hoss won a bronze medal at the 2009 Great American Beer Festival, but a lesser known fact is that it was named one of the "25 Best New Beers in America" in this month's issue of Maxim Magazine. We are having a release party for Hoss and Claymore on February 19th.

It will be an exciting month at the brewery because we're also releasing two seasonal beers, Espresso Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout, which will be released early February, and Colette Farmhouse Ale, which will be released mid-February. Colette is the reincarnation of our Saison (released in 2009 as a 22 ounce seasonal). We changed the name this year and it will now be available in convenient to carry 6 packs! Colette is our homage to the Saisons that have quenched the thirst of Belgian farm workers for centuries. Brewed with barley, wheat and rice and fermented at high temperatures with a special blend of four different yeast strains, Colette is a fruity and slightly tart with a dry finish that makes it the rarest of treats-a beer as refreshing as it is complex...7.3% ABV.

Espresso Oak Aged Yeti gets a generous infusion of Denver's own Pablo's espresso adding yet another layer of complexity to this beer, combining with the oak character, intense roasty maltiness and bold hop profile to create a whole new breed of mythical creature. It's official: You can now have Yeti with breakfast. 9.5% ABV.

WOB Viera Beer News

Magic Hat Roll Out Party
Come by this Saturday, February 13th, it will be magical. Starting at 7:00 pm we are rolling out Magic Hat #9. Come play some fun games and win some prizes. Don't miss the Magic!

Mardi Gras
For all you Mardi Gras fans, let's party this Tuesday February 16th. We will have $3 Abita drafts, Free Cajun food for Loyalty Card Holders, Free King Cake (find the baby and win a $50 WOB Gift Card) and great giveaways. Let's bring a little of New Orleans to Melbourne and have some fun! Click here for the flyer.

Beer may be good for your bones
For all you beer connoisseurs, drinking beer could be good for health. An analysis of 100 commercial beers shows that the hoppy beverage has a significant source of dietary silicon, a key ingredient for bone health. Click here to see the article from msnbc.

First Brewery Night
Tuesday, February 23rd, Blue Point Brewery from South Hampton, New York will be coming to WOB-Viera. We will debut a selection of beers never before in Florida. Be the first to try Blue Point Blueberry. Stay tuned or check the website for updates.

New Bottles
Timisoreana, 5% (Romania)
Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball, 8.83% (California)

New Drafts
Abita Amber, 4.4% (Louisiana)
Abita Turbodog, 5.6% (Louisiana)
Summit Extra Pale Ale, 5% (Minnesota)
Hoegaarden, 4.9% (Belgium)Harpoon UFO, 5% (Massachusetts)
Tucher Helles Hefe Weizen, 5.2% (Germany)

Cigar City Brew News

Two More Beers:
Tangerine Double Cream Ale will be tapped today
Pomegranate Double Cream Ale tomorrow

We are trying to incorporate regular video updates on the blog so along those lines this is a test imbed to see how well it works.


Tasting Room Lineup Week of 2-10-10
Jai Alai India Pale Ale 7.5% ABV
Maduro Oatmeal Brown Ale 5.5% ABV
Cubano Espresso Brown Ale 5.5% ABV
Batch #69 Double Cream Ale 9% ABV
Peach-aged Double Cream Ale 9% ABV

Current Station on Pandora: Avett Brothers.
Current Temperature in the Tasting Room: 54 F
Latest Video of CCB Happenings

Confessions of a Flavorholic

Good day ladies and gentleman. I, Kristyn Lier, stand here before today to confess…a slight problem. An affliction if you will of the mind, body, and soul which only death shall cure:

I am a flavorholic.

Flavor…how she consumes me. I am powerless to her whimsical nature, tantalizing avarice, scintillating touch, and untarnished sincerity. Day and night. Inside and out. Our desires are one.

My life wasn’t always flavor afflicted, but I thankfully awoke from that listless dream of sameness. Now each day brings the promise of more flavor as I fall ever deeper into her embrace.

The air we breathe. The food we savor. The drinks we ponder. The people we love. The memories we cherish. The very earth upon which we stand. Flavor is life, and I am blessedly addicted. Surely I am not the only one. Looking out into the world, I see a growing consortium of equally blessed flavorholics living the good life.

A toast to Flavor, may she always consume us and we her.

(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Troegs Brew News

Firkin Kick-Off Event at Troegs Brewery
Join us Thursday, February 11 at 2 p.m. for a firkin tapping of Scratch #27-2010 in the brewery tasting room. Scratch #27-2010 is a collaboration beer that Troegs developed with Scharffen Berger Chocolate Company.

Cases and growlers of Scratch #27-2010 will go on sale at 12 noon on Thurday, February 11. We will be tapping firkins at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. and the tasting room will be open until 6 p.m. We will also have soft pretzels available while the firkins are on tap.

Here’s a little background on the beer:
O.G.: 18 Plato
A.B.V.: 6.7%
I.B.U.: 30
Malt: Pils, Crystal, Chocolate, Roast, Special B
Adjuncts: Flaked Barley, Lactose, Chocolate Nibs, Vanilla Beans
Yeast: House Ale Yeast
Hops: Galena, Simcoe

Scratch #27-2010 begins a new fold in the Scratch series. For the next several batches individual Troegs brewers will create recipes of their choice. First up, The Ticeman had a hankering for a sweet stout, so the Troegs brothers and all the brewers met with Scharffen Berger Chocolate Company engineers to eat ridiculous amounts of cocoa nibs and chocolates over a few pints of beer.

This collaboration resulted in the delivery of a special blend of cocoa nibs that were added during the boiling process. In addition to the nibs, lactose was added at the end of the boil to give a little sweetness in the body. The addition of Galena and Simcoe hops lends a subtle fruity balance. After primary fermentation, the beer was aged for three weeks on a blend of cocoa nibs and Ugandan vanilla beans.

Dubbed Cocaoabunga, this unfiltered beer has a pleasant cocoa aroma, a subtle sweetness in the mouthfeel, a full-bodied flavor, and hints of vanilla. Enjoy!

Nugget Nectar Update
As you read this, Nugget Nectar is being shipped throughout our eight-state distribution network. Nugget Nectar 12 ounce bottles are now available in all markets, and draft starts shipping out the week of February 22.

Nugget Nectar features Nugget, Warrior and Tomahawk hops, and uses a six-stage hopping process. “We add hops at four different times during the boil,” explains John Trogner. “After the boil, the wort flows through 25 pounds of hops in our hopback; then it is dry-hopped in the fermentation tank with an additional 50 pounds of hops. While the hops are key to this recipe, the caramel malts give the beer a delicate sweetness that tempers the intense hop flavor.”

Check the Troegs event page for numerous Nugget Nectar events during the next two months.

click here for more info

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Friday, February 05, 2010

Flying Fish Brew News

Most people missed it when it came out as the first of the Exit Series in the big bottles. Based on popular demand and acclaim, we've now released it as a pretty much year 'round beer in 12oz. bottles. The first batch just started shipping so it may take a week or two to hit your neighborhood. As always, if you don't see it ask for it. We're not doing draft right away, but maybe down the road. In case you don't remember, Exit 4--right up the street from the brewery--is a Belgian trippel finished with plenty of American hops. It has a hazy golden hue and the aroma of citrus with hints of banana and clove. Predominant Belgian malt flavors give way to a subdued bitterness in the finish. Bottle conditioned, this beer will develop as it ages.

Hmmm, a clue. Well, although it has nothing to do with him, it celebrates one of the places JH, a 20th century newsmaker might have been buried. Follow us on Twitter @jerseyfreshale, to be in the know first. And don't forget, Valentine's Day is coming up--what better brew to share with your honey than Exit 1 Oyster Stout!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

BEERporting: Town Crier Pub

In my younger years when time was free and responsibilities scarce, getting together with friends was a daily pleasure. Throw a car into the mix and the possibilities were endless. Fast-forward to now where time is money and responsibilities bountiful, getting together with friends requires a bit more effort which is unquestionably worth it. Their lives mingled with mine bring an innumerable wealth of riches to my hearth. It had been at least a month since I had seen Eric, a friend dear but not so near, a travesty that needed to be corrected. An immediate date for Monday was made and come that afternoon, I mounted my trusty steed and cruised south to check out Eric’s new pad, shoot the breeze over beer, enjoy a fantastic sunny Florida day, and eventually rustle up some dinner.

I found Eric’s new abode with nary a hitch thanks to the modern wonder that is the GPS. While unassuming on the outside, the inside was painted in luxurious Victorian reds and sepia browns, the floors a mix of wood and tile, and guarded by two adorable pooches, Toby and Jesse. Uh-oh. I did not realize dogs were involved. Enter Eric the Great to my rescue with a generic 24 hour Zyrtec. With drugs firmly in my system and allergies sufficiently suppressed, our afternoon of relaxation began. Joining us for a better part of the day was Eric’s friend, coworker, roommate, and proud owner of said humble abode, Ally.

As the hours waned, my stomach interrupted our joviality with firm protestations of attention deficit, and so Eric and I set out for dinner at the Town Crier Pub. We took the back roads for a lazy drive through the setting sun and just as night arose, we arrived thirsty and hungry. Since it wasn’t freezing outside, the tarps were gone, revealing a quaint outdoor patio where we promptly made comfy. The heat lamps that had previously kept me toasty-warm now stood forlorn in the background, their services no longer needed. Or so we thought. It had been so wonderfully sunny all day long, the thought of a cold evening never crossed out minds. We were wrong. Our first merry libation was more of that new golden delight from Samuel Adams, the Noble Pils. For me it was a long-overdue reunion, and for Eric it was a successful first date. Sipping our Noble Pils, we slowly browsed the menu before deciding on an appetizer and entrée each along with a communal side dish.

(On a side note, there is no smoking allowed outside on the patio, making the Town Crier Pub effectively a smoke-free environment.)

I started with the New England Clams Casino. A passel of tenderly breaded turtleneck oysters with shallots, topped with red and green pepper, garlic, butter, and breadcrumbs were baked to golden-brown perfection atop a bed of rock salt and served in the white pan they were baked in. A vision to behold and even more so to eat. Melt in the mouth comes to mind as each morsel did exactly that. Eric’s Four Cheese & Herb Flatbread was prodigiously chosen seeing as cheese pairs so well with beer. A thin melted cheese nirvana (mozzarella, pepper-jack, provolone, and parmesan) arrived topped with just the right amount of basil, garlic, and herb oil. Scattered about the flatbread were chopped red peppers for a crisply sweet garnish alternative. Smashingly done, in our opinion.

As the night air continued to drop, I decided a little warmth was needed. A bottle of r1 had caught my eye earlier which I ordered neat with a small glass of water on the side while Eric went with a Makers Mark on the rocks. We ordered a single each, but what arrived to our surprised delight was very generously at least a triple. Being an aficionado of the grain in many various forms, the r1 was a rye whiskey delight. Inbetween sips, we both ordered a Rogue Mocha Porter with the wise intention of giving her ample time to warm-up for after-dinner enjoyment. What we didn’t factor into the equation was the cold night air, but we made do.

For my piece-de-la-resistance, I ordered the Ratatouille, a simple dish consisting of chopped zucchini, eggplant, yellow squash, bell peppers, and tomato topped by thinly sliced hot Italian sausage for a spicy kick and then baked to crisp, succulent perfection. I insisted my Ratatouille be served by an amazingly adorable mouse chef, but no luck; maybe next time. Eric ordered the TCP Rosemary Roasted Chicken, and both were delivered to us by our cheery waiter, John. The entrees were lipsmackingtastic and as with everything Eric and I ordered that night, we shared bites. To accompany our meals, we ordered a side of Portobello fries. That’s right, Portobello fries and they were disgustingly delicious. The Portobello used were huge considering the overall length and girth of the fries. Delicately battered and lightly fried, they melted in my mouth in an orgy of Portobello mushroom awesomeness. For dipping if one so chose to, there was a creamy Dijon mustard of sorts. Personally, I enjoyed them best naked.

My Ratatouille was rapidly disappearing inbetween shameless moans of sublime food indulgence, but Eric struggled a bit with his TCP Rosemary-Roasted Chicken. Using a whole chicken half sliced in two, the meat is left whole on the bone which involved more fingers accompanied by a knife and fork than anticipated. Overall, we loved the succulent chicken, pervasive herbs, Yukon gold potatoes, vegetables, and the slurp-worthy broth they were stewed in, but not the bone. In the leisurely time we took to savor our meals, the Rogue Mocha Porter had warmed sufficiently to allow her full array of aromas and flavors to shine. Unfortunately, the night air had seen fit to drop even more and with the checks signed, sealed, and delivered, we moved inside to finish our beer.

A lovely evening which left this beer geek foodie extraordinaire extremely satisfied. To top it all off, the menu taps out at $18 which is most affordable for the quality of food. Seeing as I have barely begun to conquer their menu, here’s hoping for many more tasteful nights of artisanal beer and artisanal food at the Town Crier Pub.

(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

Russian River Brew News

Feeling Younger Everyday!

Well, just a few more hours until we finally release this year’s batch of Pliny the Younger, which I sampled a bit of today and it was tasty! We are ready for the festivities this Friday, February 5th, for the official release party, and, apparently, it has become one of the first official events for San Francisco Beer Week. That was not on purpose- it just worked out that way!

So let’s go over the details:
  • Pliny the Younger is NOT available in bottles!
  • Younger will be tapped when we open at 11am on Friday the 5th! Please follow this link for directions and parking suggestions. We suggest you park in the garage on 5th Street to avoid those unpleasant parking tickets. There are also hotel recommendations if you are going for the Full Younger Experience!
  • Half-gallon growlers of Younger are $35 NEW, $29 for a refill (I did my math wrong on the last blog- too many Blind Pigs, I guess!).
  • We do not and will not fill ANY other breweries growlers. It is against the law in the state of California. Look it up if you don’t believe me.
  • Younger will be served in a 10 oz. glass at our pub with NO Happy Hour prices and certainly NO pitchers.
  • I don’t know how long it will be available at the pub. However, I venture to guess less than one week and more than one day!
  • We are delivering Younger to select accounts in the Bay Area and sending a tiny bit to our distributors in Southern California, Portland, Seattle, Denver, and Philadelphia. We do not know where exactly it will be available, but if you are familiar with these markets, you can probably make an educated guess!
  • Pliny the Younger is still NOT available in bottles.
  • We have NEW Pliny the Younger t-shirts available in our on-line Gift Shop at this very minute or at the pub! Be the first on your block to own one! Available in blue, green, and natural, which I am wearing right now.

In addition to the Younger this Friday, we will have about 17 other beers on tap, including 3 barrel aged sours and our annual Valentine’s Day Belgian Black Ale, Rejection. Of course, there will be plenty of Blind Pig and Pliny the Elder, too! Batch 4 Supplication is also newly available in a 375ml bottle with NO limits for $12/bottle. They don’t need to be kept chilled and travel pretty well for those of you coming from afar.

Vinnie, our staff, and I look forward to seeing you this Friday if you are in town and planning to stop by our pub! And a big thank you for your continued support, whether or not we see you Friday!

Natalie and Vinnie

WOB Viera Beer News

The Big Game!
Come watch football on Sunday February 7, its time to party for the Big Game! $1 off all drafts and wines by the glass. Wear your logo of the team that scores and receive a free beer shot. We will have complimentary food for loyalty card holders. Let's party and have a super time! Click here for the flyer.

Mardi Gras
For all you Mardi Gras fans, you don't want to miss this party - Tuesday February 16th. We will have $3 Abita drafts, Free Cajun food for Loyalty Card Holders, Free King Cake (find the baby and win a WOB Gift Card) and great giveaways. Let's keep our shirt on and have some New Orlean's fun! Click here for the flyer.

First Brewery Night
Tuesday, February 23rd, Bluepoint Brewery from South Hampton, New York will be coming to WOB-Viera. We will debut a selection of beers never before in Florida. Be the first to try Bluepoint Blueberry. Stay tuned or check the website for updates.

New Bottles
  • Great Divide Old Ruffian, 10% (Colorado)
  • Lagunitas Haary Eyeball, 8.83% (California)
  • BrewDog Hardcore IPA, 6% (Scotland)
  • BrewDog Dogma, 7.8% (Scotland)
  • North Coast Old Rasputin XII, 11.2% (California)

New Drafts
  • Dogfish Head Olde School, 15% (Delaware)
  • Brooklyn Brown, 5.6% (New York)
  • Summit Extra Pale Ale, 5% (Minnesota)
  • Radeberger Pils, 4.8% (Germany)
  • Harpoon UFO, 5% (Massachusetts)
  • Terappin Rye, 5.2% (Georgia)
  • La Chouffe, 8% (Belgium)

Live Music This Week
Thursday - Micah Reed
Friday - Jay Johnson
Saturday Nite - Matt Adkins & Jay DiBella

Michael Jackson: Beer Hunter & Whisky Chaser

Now I have at least one movie to look forward to this year. Heck, it's the only movie I need to look forward to.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Cigar City Brew News

Draft Lineup Week of 2-3-10

On Tap This Week Starting Wednesday:
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Ale
Warmer Winter Warmer Old Ale
Cubano Espresso Brown Ale
Humidor India Pale Ale

This is our 4 day beer forecast. If you require a longer timer period tap forecast please contact our friendly team of customer service representatives via