Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BEERtrekkin ~ Vero Beach, FL to Macon, GA

Today marks the first day of my road trip/vacation with the sis, my new niece, and the pooch of the house, Skyler. Leaving a bit later than planned, we still made it to Macon, GA by 7:30pmish without any hang-ups. We even had time for lunch, walkies, and some playtime along the way; all good and important things in the life of a dog and a baby.

We swung by the Indian River Animal Hospital to check on my baby, Mr. D, who decided to get sick just days before my road trip/mini vacation. Thankfully Doc Johnson and his fantabulous staff have always taken good care of our family's four-legged babies. This time was no exception. Mr. D looked good though a little worse for wear; the antibiotic was leaving him feeling a little groggy. Not too groggy though to glomp onto his mommy, me, and nuzzle for as long as I held him. My memento for the visit was an impressive layer of kitty hair on my shirt. After all, I won't be seeing him again until next Wednesday. In the meantime, the folks are cat-sitting so I know he is in good hands.

Taking the FL Turnpike to I75, it was a smooth drive despite the best efforts of rain and the typical Georgia road construction. It’s been a while since I have made the I75 drive north through Georgia, and yes, there was construction then as there is now. I could swear it hasn’t progressed any at all either. Thank goodness it’s not my taxpayer money…at least, not to the best of my knowledge. You never know these days with the gajillion taxes me pay, big, small, and indescribably.

Skyler was all eyes, ears, and nose for the first part of the trip, despite the fact that he was exhausted from at least two weeks of rustling around with Puppy Joe and Old Man Baron. My lil niece was cute as a button and a total good girl for this first day of our trip. Sleep was the name of the game and she was a certified winner. I even snuck in a nap or two along the way, despite best efforts otherwise. I am riding in back with the lil button, after all, so I need to be awake for any needs that arise. That and to make funny faces at her cute baby self.

Along the way a few billboards of amusement popped into my view. During the merger of the FL Turnpike into I75 there was a line of billboards as far as the eye can see. Literally. At over two dozen billboards I just stopped counting. After all, I can only acknowledge so many kitschy warehouses, sleazy stripper, and creative if not industrious porno shops in one sitting. As for Georgia billboards, seeing their decrepit faded state determined their obviously low stature on the state priority poll. It should also be known that upon crossing that Georgia border I ran into the dreaded temperature drop and funky smell that never fails to turn the nose. I can’t explain why. I don’t know why. And I don’t know if care to. Just understand that if you are driving north through Florida, once you enter Georgia, strange and unusual changes take place most significantly of which is no liquor sales on Sunday. Period.

Thank goodness it isn't Sunday.

Once upon our Macon exit, we stopped at a Publix so I could bop in and grab a couple 6packs of beer. I figure even if they didn’t have something good that I can’t get in Florida, they’d at least have the good ol' boys like Sierra Nevada, Dogfish, Flying Dog, or Brooklyn. Instead, I had the extreme fortune of bringing back to the hotel two sixers of New Belgium: 1554 and 2*Below. Mm… nummers! I’ve had the 1554 before so I’m supping on that tonight. I haven’t had the 2* Below before so tasting notes must be observed before blissful quaffing can ensue. I know my beertrek has officially started when in the midst of travelling away from home, I locate, buy, and drink of tasteful brews of a diversity I can't find back home. Let the beer hunting begin. Before beer and hotel relaxation, food was a must. A bacon cheese burger from the Outback across the street filled the black hole in my tummy, and pjs were donned for final relaxation.

I must say in conclusion that if you’re thinking of road trekking in February and operate under the delusion that it’s only from Florida to Georgia so shorts are A-OK…know that you are so wrong. Suffice to say, the jeans and long sleeve shirts will be going on tomorrow after waking up early to work out. Gots to keep my exercise routine rolling even if I am on vacation. No rest for the weary, or in my case, the giddy excitement.

(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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