Monday, January 11, 2010

New Magazine on the Block

And it goes by the name The Beer Connoisseur.

Their inaugural issue caught my eye at our local Books-A-Million while looking for the latest issue of Imbibe. No Imbibe (again), but I ventured back home with a prize nonetheless. I find it rather appropriate their inaugural issue spans the changing of years: Winter 2009/2010.

And just who waits between her fresh glossy sheets to delight and please me?

I saw faces new and old, but all of distinguished beer pedigree, professionalism, and enthusiasm. A few of the beer peeps you will find within include:
Stephen Beaumont, Shawn Connelly, Charles D. Cook, Peter Estaniel, Rob Johnson, Ale Sharpton, Carolyn Smagalski, and Bob Townsend

A star line-up if I ever did see one, though it’s a bummer to see just one lonely contributor of the estrogen variety. Girls drink beer too, and many are darn good at it. I should know.

~winkwink nudgenudge~

The format is big, glossy, and in lots of glorious color. Next to drinking beer, looking at eye-popping pictures of said beer in all her beauteous splendor is always a nice bonus. A layout of specific chapters, themes, and subjects keeps the direction in focus and presentation orderly. Any beer geek could put out a magazine espousing their passionate love for suds, but passion is no guarantee for success.

One particular point stood out, which was the lack of obnoxious advertising and the breaking-up of articles that are “continued on page…” Ok, that’s technically two points, but who’s counting. I’m obviously not. And while I’m at it, there were very little to no glaring grammar and/or spelling errors to raise a disproving eyebrow. Personal style is one thing; relying far too much on word/grammar check is a different story altogether.

The Beer Connoisseur hails out of Atlanta, GA so expect there to be local spins, stories, features, news, and so on. And why not. Atlanta, GA is a proud happening hub of all things beer.

I liked what I saw and read in the inaugural issue and look forward to more. The Beer Connoisseur was thankfully not a rehash of the same-old, and hopefully their fresh outlook will continue to evolve in the issues to come.

(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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