Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weyerbacher Brew News

Latest Release: Quad 11.9% ABV.
Belgian abbey-style quadruppel ale. Quad was the only US beer to make the top 10 in the New York Times panel tasting of Belgian style brews in 2005. Notes of date, fig and malt intrigue the palate with just enough hops to balance things out. Ages to perfection in 6 to 12 months.

Next Scheduled Release: Fireside Ale in January.
An intricate dark ale with a touch of smokiness. The rich malt flavor, crisp bitterness and smoke reach perfect equilibrium in this brew.

Still in the stores:
Winter Ale is plentiful in most stores but is moving fast. Grab your cases soon. If you look hard and are lucky you may also still find some pumpkin.

Mark Myers, a chef at Wegmans, is developing recipes featuring our products. Rib Roast with Caramelized Onion and Winter Ale Au Jus is on our web site and sounds delicious. You will also find other recipes such as for Bigos (Polish Pork Stew) and Pumpkin and Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta made with Pumpkin Ale. As soon as we have the Quad recipe we will post it on the web site.

Comments from both Chris (es):
Chris Wilson and Chris Lampe are responsible for producing all of our wonderful beers. Chris Wilson, Head Brewer develops all of our recipes. He and Dan Hitchcock brew to very tight standards. Chris Lampe and his crew cellar and package our beer. Chris watches all of the cellaring activities closely to ensure you buy quality products.

Chris Wilson, Head Brewer:
We have installed a new 40bbl whirlpool which allows us to utilize our 40bbl boiling kettle to its maximum and doubles the volume of a single brew. Installation was not a simple endeavor, but with the help of some excellent riggers and welders it went as smoothly as possible. Make time for a visit so that you can see our new equipment. It looks like a new building..

Chris Lampe, Production Manager:
We have also been busy installing new equipment. A new 40bbl Bright Tank came in with the Whirlpool and is in place thanks to the diligent efforts of Geoff Michalski, Production Supervisor and Plumber Extraordinaire. On top of that we were able to install a number of pallet racks which (as Chris mentioned) make it look like a brand new building. Check the website in the near future for photos of all of the new equipment.

Visitor Center:
The VC is open every Saturday 12 – 3 for tasting and tours. We will be open 12-26-09 and 1-2-10. We always have every style currently available for tasting and if Chris Wilson has brewed anything special that will also generally be available. Hotel, the last 2009 one off will be bottled (for the VC only) this week.

Other News:
In PA our Big Beer Variety Pack is available at most distributors. It is a great case containing 6 each of Double Simcoe, Merry Monks, Blithering Idiot and Old Heathen. Look for them at your favorite distributor. For those of you outside of PA you have the luxury of being able to mix and match. These styles complement one another.

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