Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lost Abbey Brew News

New Online Shop
We're pleased to announce the opening of our new online shop! Now you'll be able to purchase Port Brewing and Lost Abbey merchandise -- T-shirts, workshirts, glassware, tap handles and more -- all from the convenience of your computer. Additionally, if you're a resident of the state of California, you'll also be able to make bottled beer purchases online and have them delivered right to your door. You can check out the new online shop by visiting:

Beer Releases for November/December 2009:
Here's the current new releases for the holiday season. Both of these beers have been bottled and kegged and shipped into distribution, so if you're in a region in which our beers are available (click here for a map), you should see these start to hit your favorite tap rooms and store shelves any time now.
  • Santa's Little Helper, Russian Imperial Stout
  • Gift of the Magi, Holiday Golden Ale
I would personally like to recommend THIS glass seeing as I have one and it is beautiful.

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