Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Flying Fish Brew News

(i now have an insatiable craving for freshly shucked oysters and a rich stout...)

For its third stop on our multi-year trip to explore the state of New Jersey through its beer and culture, Flying Fish journeys to Exit 1 for Bayshore Oyster Stout.

Oysters have had a long association with stout in the United Kingdom. This tradition was gradually lost to the rise of pale ales and overharvesting of the oysters. Exit 1 celebrates this tasty combination and New Jersey's history as one-time oyster supplier to the nation. Our version is an "export style" stout brewed with oysters. The creamy chocolate flavor harmonizes with the minerals from the oyster shells (there's no actual "oyster" taste). An Irish ale yeast contributes a bit of fruitiness and a dry crispness. This richer, fuller stout is perfect for cold weather and to share with friends over great food. Not to mention with a few oysters on the half shell. It's also a great beer for Thanksgiving dinner.

And if you'd like to learn more about New Jersey's oyster heritage and what's being done to help restore the populations, visit our friends at Partnership for the Delaware Estuary:
Jeff Linkous put together a pretty nice documentary of the Oyster Stout project.
This limited edition beer is available in 750 ml bottles.

It's just started shipping, so keep your eyes out for this year's Grand Cru Winter Reserve. If you hadn't had this beer before, think of this Belgian-style Golden Ale as the big brother--the real big brother--of the Farmhouse Summer Ale. Lightly filtered, the Grand Cru is a medium-bodied beer with exceptional malt character, a slightly spicy hop presence and a balanced, warming finish. Like the Farmhouse, we use a sour mash process to give it a dry, quenching finish.

Grand Cru Winter Reserve is perfect with all kinds of food or all by itself. Available in bottles and draft. It will be available in bottle, 1/6 kegs 1/2 kegs and maybe special cask conditioned versions through the holidays.

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