Sunday, November 01, 2009

NEW ~ Samuel Adams Barrel Room Collection

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm excited. Go, Jim Koch!
Hm... now I have to figure out a way to get 2 bottles of each for myself...

Announcing the newest additions to the Samuel Adams family!We're really excited about these three beers. They represent a long history of aging beer in wood barrels dating back to Samuel Adams Triple Bock. We continuously experiment with new styles and aging in wood, but until now these beers have been limited in their availability to a few beer festivals or the lucky visitors here to our Boston Brewery.

Samuel Adams New World Tripel: Pale gold in color, this ale is big, flavorful and complex. A special Belgian yeast strain adds tropical fruit and spice notes to the crisp dry ale, while Saaz hops add a subtle herbal note. (~10% ABV)

Samuel Adams American Kriek: The intense black cherry character in this beer comes from Balaton cherries, which were discovered in Hungary and are now grown in Michigan. These special cherries are prized for their depth of flavor. The tartness from the cherries is balanced by a rich, malty character with toasted oak notes added from the barrel aging. (~7% ABV)

Samuel Adams Stony Brook Red: This unique brew defies traditional beer style definition. The rich, malty brew combines notes of tart fruit from the yeast with a toasty oak character from the barrel aging. The long dry finish is almost wine-like. This is a beer that is satisfying on its own and also pairs well with many foods such as braised or roasted meats, beef stews and strong salty cheeses. (~9% ABV)

Each style in the Collection is bottled in a 750ml bottle and finished with a champagne cork. Samuel Adams New World Tripel and Samuel Adams Stony Brook Red have been bottle conditioned, a process which creates an extra smooth and balanced flavor in the beer. The Samuel Adams American Kriek is left uninterrupted to maintain the rich cherry flavor from the Balaton cherries used in the brewing process. For an optimum drinking experience, we recommend serving each brew in a traditional Tulip-style beer glass to best capture the beers aromas.

The Samuel Adams Barrel Room Collection beers are available for purchase at the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery and will be available at select retail locations in Massachusetts, Denver, Colorado, Maine and New Hampshire for a suggested retail price of $9.99 per 750ml bottle in the near future.


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