Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cigar City Brew News

The Response To The Response:

Let me reiterate... you guys, and especially wayne are the embodiment of sheer awesomeness. The kick ass, bulls of pamplona stampeding, paint peeling, nitroglycerin toting version... not the carebear version (from which I stoll the phrase "sheer awesomeness") Besides, creepy is like the new black. Rock on guys... happy turkey day

Try as I might, I can offer no rebuttal of the obvious statements of fact which precede my comments. And Creepy might just make a fine and nuanced Halloween Beer name. Just saying.




Wayne, Responding To An Assessment of His Physical Aesthetics.

Someone, whom I assume to be a fine upstanding member of the craft beer community, decided to single Wayne out regarding his ruggedly handsome appearance. His ruggedly SEXY appearance.

Wayne had this to say:
"This is what happens when you let a reporter from the San Diego Examiner take a picture of you with your own camera. It was a productive brew day, however. I have taken "ugly" lessons from the best. I am overjoyed that I caught your fancy. I hope that you continue to enjoy our beer in the future. We not only brew beer outside of the status quo, we also look the part. Ha! Thanks for responding."

I had this to say:
"That's my boy!"

Joey Redner

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