Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reflections: Brooklyn Beer Dinner @ Undertow

The Brooklyn Beer Dinner at Undertow Surf Cafe and Restaurant was a delectable delight. The evening started on a casual vibe which led into a cozy night of great food, great beer, and great company.

The menu was a culmination of four culinary delights paired with four beery delights. Each course somehow managed to best the one before, no easy feat since each was an epic opus of sensuous aromas, savory flavors, and artful presentation. The beers? Each one was a perfect match; their luxurious aromas, stimulating flavors, and lingering finish creating a synergistic dichotomy of yin and yang.

Hors D'ouevres
Brooklyn Pennant Ale

Dinner 1:
Bavarian Sausage in Lentil Soup
Brooklyn Oktoberfest

Dinner 2:
Brown Sugar and Spice Rubbed Roast Pork Loin, Apple and Red Cabbage Kraut, Shredded Potato Cake
Brooklyn Local 2

Deep Dish Sour Cream Streusel Torte Topped with Caramel Ice Cream
Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

It was a fantabulous night of beer geek foodie delights. My thanks to Tim Hebeler of JJTaylor Distributing for presenting each beer while providing delightful insights into the legacy of Brooklyn Brewery. My thanks to Kitty, head chef and owner of Undertow, for once more crafting a decadent array of sublimely succulent dishes.

As all good things must eventually come to an end, last night once more reaffirmed my faith in Life. She is good, but even more so when being celebrated with tasteful zest and wonderful people.

(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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