Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dreaming of Boston...

...and consequantly, luckily, and amazingly of Samuel Adams. more specifically, Mr. Samuel Adams himself, Jim Koch.
(Koch = pronounced as 'cook')

i was at Vine & Barley tuesday night for an impromptu beer, or two...
...when who should wonder on in unannounced but Mr. Jim Koch himself. after barely restraining my beer geek freak-out, Samuel Adams Boston Lager and Octoberfest flowed (in the appropriate Samuel Adams glass, of course) and my life became just a little bit more complete.

the man himself? fun, funny, and just a wee bit wicked i would say based on some of the hilarious stories he shared. Jim hung around for a good hour which gave me more than enough time for a picture, and he also graciously signed the back of my t-shirt which is going to be framed ASAP.

to great beer, to Samuel Adams, and to Jim Koch: Prost!

(inside i'm sqealing like a 3 year old at Christmas)

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