Thursday, October 08, 2009

Cigar City Brew News

Barrel Aged 110K+OT #2 is Ready. 2 new drafts on in the tasting room/New Tanks on Friday/More news..

The Barrel Aged 110K+OT #2 is ready. Like with Capricho Oscuro Batch #2 we aren't doing a release party for this one. We just have too much on our plate right now to plan for a release party. So it will go on sale starting Wednesday October 14th during normal tasting hours and will remain available until it sells out. We did two barrels of this one so we have a larger yield than previous barrel aged releases. So the bottle limit will be going up to 8 per person. Each 750 ml bottle is $20 per.

We also have two new brews in the tasting room, but they are very limited as I again only did 5 gallons of each and after sampling there is probably less than 4 gallons of each one. The first is Humidor Series Bolita, which I don't mind saying is awesome. Huge spicy rye notes, sandalwood, vanilla and roasted nuts. The other is Scuppernong and Peppercorn aged Guava Grove. Both will be available starting tomorrow (Thursday the 8th). These will not last long. Fair warning.

We bottled Marshal Zhukov's Imperial Stout last night and it will be going out to distribution late next week. It should hit Tampa/Orlando first and then make it to New York later. We are also setting aside a few cases for Denmark. If you just can't wait you can buy bottles of Marshal Zhukov's Imperial Stout at the brewery for the remainder of the week for $10 per 750 ml bottle.

We also held back an additional 4 bbls of Zhukov's to make Humidor Series Imperial Stout as well as other Zhukov treatments.

We have a busy schedule this week. Doug will be working up some treatments tomorrow that we hope to have on in a week or two. More Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Brown Ale, Cuban Espresso Maduro, Vanilla Maduro and a Pumpkin Spice Brown Ale since we wont be brewing Good Gourd this year (we will make it next year though).

We are also working on getting our bottle filler running, which when operational will drastically increase our bottling output. Once running we plan to bottle Jai Alai IPA unfiltered in our 750 ml package and we think we can hit the $5.99 to $6.99 retail mark on it, but we still have to crunch the numbers. We also expect to bottle Cuban Espresso Maduro in a 750 ml package as well, in addition to our other current bottle product. Regular Maduro will remain draft only.

Our new tanks are scheduled to arrive on Friday. This should help alleviate a bit of the pinch on our production. We just can't catch up on Jai Alai lately. We have 30 bbls of Jai Alai going to package next week and are brewing more today and it still wont be enough. The new 30 bbls fermenter/brite tank and additional 15 bbl brite tank will be a huge help in that regard. Once we do catch up we plan to make some more of the GABF Gold Medal Winning Humidor Series Jai Alai.

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