Friday, June 17, 2011

Woodcut No. 4 Oak Aged Lager ~ Odell Brewing

Appearance: deep rubies and garnets. Lovely khaki hued head, lace clumps for a mostly solid head, slightly thin in areas. Swirls thick and woody.

Nose: wow! Oak, caramels, and vanillin. Candied apples. Cinnamon apple tart bun. Raisins. Fizzy and twiggy. Tickle of heat – woods and oak flicker with the flame of fire. Large chunks of oak – trunks and trees. Spiced pears, apples, and plums moist and gooey.

Palate: frothy, smooth, creamy, caramel, vanillin, toffee, chocolate, and Skor bars. Flambéed apple crumble, caramel apples. Lip coating, sticky mouth and coats top of tongue. Heat in chest appears very fast and lingers first to last. Vanilla bean fresh from the earth, some dirt still clinging to its roots. Toffee and more toffee. Tip of tongue tingles with caramel. Lots of tree wood oak and bark, especially along the edges where it is dry. Apple skins.

Final Thoughts: if you told me it was a lager I’d be hard pressed to believe it, but it is. What do we know of lagers anyway? What’s in a classy classification these days? An invitation to break the rules or a quick clap of the whip to keep scalawags in line? Or maybe both. What I do know is that the Woodcut No. 4 from Odell was divine. 


(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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