Friday, June 17, 2011

Saboteur Brett Barrel Brown Ale ~ Odell Brewing

Appearance: deep wooden browns – clarity when held up to the light with garnet glints. Bubbly woody head, vivacious. Equally bubbly collar crawls up the sides. Blotchy layer of head lingers infinitely. Swirls delicious.

Nose: Brett meets brown ale meets love. Funked leather and twigs followed by nuts and chocolate shavings. Rubber soles and leather shoes. Plum skins. Nuts and stones – chestnuts and acorns. Earthy. Firewood. Green leaves and green bananas. Horse, luggage, new car smell without the vinyl and plastic. Berry seeds. Pomace, dates, cherry pits.

Palate: oh where to start… surprisingly creamy mouthfeel. Chocolates and nuts mingle seamlessly and somehow also separately. Cherry pits and skins, prunes and chocolate all converge in the back of each swallow. Fresh leather to chew on, horse, and polish. Plum pits join the party. Meaty. Starts to linger with warmth and a tickle of spicy heat. Rubber soles. New car finish. Amazingly drinkable for such complexity. Apple and pear musk.

Final Thoughts: whoa! It’s been a while since Brett and I have danced the dance of Bretty delights. A love renewed once more and long overdue. To Odell and to Mother Nature, thank you for all that Brettanomyces has given to me; I am humbled. 


(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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