Sunday, June 05, 2011

BEERflections ~ Tequesta Brewing Kick Off @ Hurricanes VB

Tequesta Brewing is Florida’s newest member of the craft beer family. Or maybe you would like to call it artisanal. Micro. Small. Real. Personal. Tastetastic. Whatever definitive adjective fits your intelligencia is fine with me. In a time of political correctness and label mania, all that’s left is what your tastebuds have to say. The unfortunate pitfall to that ideology is crap begets quality begets crap and all is lost in-between. Thankfully, labels and red-tape were but one means to a dream come true for Matt Webster, brand new papa to Tequesta Brewing Company, a brewpub of titillating gastronomic delights all can agree on.

It shames me to admit that I have yet to patron the new brewpub, but in the meantime Tequesta Brewing was gracious enough to patron me. Well, maybe not me specifically but somewhere just as worthy – Hurricane Grill & Wings of Vero Beach, Florida. Our official kick off was Friday May 13th (yes, I am the perpetually late blogger) and a fine Kick Off was had for all, yours beerly included of course.

Similar to the Ballast Point Brewing extravaganza not so long ago, the festivities started as soon as the doors opened for business. Served in appropriate glassware, Der Chancellor and Gnarly Barley took Vero Beach by storm. Trinkets, gold doubloon, and sunken treasures can still be found off our storied shores, but tis so much easier and far more rewarding to dock at your local pub to enjoy a glass or three of liquid gold brewed in here in the Treasure Coast.

As for the beers themselves:
Der Chancellor is a brilliantly crafted beer in the Kolsch-style rich with freshly picked tropical delights, dew drops, delicate green grass notes, soft Hawaiian rolls, and a soul soothing presence. Gnarly Barley is a classic American Pale Ale with some personally interpreted English designs – dry crunchy caramelization, orchard fresh red apples, bracing bitterness, and a thirst-inducing presence balanced only by quaff after quaff until there was none.

Both were delightfully delicious and both were masterfully Matt’s.
What do I mean by that?
You’ll just have to make a trip to TBC and discover for yourself the decadent deliciousness that waits.
You will enjoy it.

Speaking of enjoyment, I’ve been a repeat-offender at Corner Café (& Brewery?) but news of good beer travels fast and drinks well, too. Not only did we blow a keg each of Der Chancellor and Gnarly Barley that day, over the course of the weekend Hurricane’s thirsty patrons happily drained a grand total of six kegs, three Chancellor and three Gnarly respectively. A big thank you to Mike and Paula, Bob and Pam, Rob, Sam, Randy and crew, Tara, Chris, Rick, and all my beer loving Veroites. It was tasty, yes it was.

And so beer ambassador extraordinaire Kristyn Lier is getting back in step with her peeps and peepettes while spreading the beery gospel in these here parts. Diversity speaks in what we drink, share, and dream. Hurricanes of Vero beach defies the ordinary by creating a craft beer destination for all to enjoy. In my brief time ambassadorizing good beer diversity, I’ve seen all walks of life savor the flavor created by tun, mash fork, and love. With Matt’s finesse behind the kettle, I look forward to savoring all that he has to offer at Hurricanes, his brewpub, and beyond. Cheers, my friend. See you soon.

(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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