Thursday, July 01, 2010

Oregon Homebrewing In Danger

It's good to read that the community of homebrewers in Oregon is already working to get this moronic travesty of archaic laws and modern bureaucracy reversed. The downside is that the committee doesn't reconvene until 2011. The upside is that I have faith when the committee does reconvene in 2011 the problems will be resolved. If you do want to express your concerns to those in charge in Oregon, please do so in a mature, polite, and sensible way. Blithering blustering idiots only appear as blithering blustering idiots and in no way do any good to the community of homebrewers in Oregon (and elsewhere) in reversing this decision.

I also encourage others to look at their own states and keep in mind their own horrible patchwork quilt of post-prohibition beer laws and that this could just as well be your homestate next. In a day and age where quality beer is blooming everywhere, creating a personal and professional atmosphere of community which, quite frankly, we need now more than ever. Instead of taking steps backwards, I would love to see more steps taken forward to create a more level playing field and more opportunity while eradicating many of the silly stupid archaic beer laws.

To read more about the specific concern and article, click HERE.

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