Tuesday, July 06, 2010

new beer review design

In case y'all missed it, I've changed my beer review format. Me Like.
(for example)

Fort 7/9/2007 ~ Dogfish Head
  • Appearance: bright pink like dark rose petals. Viscous pour with little to no apparent carbonation. A few bubbles cling desperately to the sides of my glass, but that’s it. In looks alone I know her to be a big brew.
  • Nose: rich raspberry concentrate with their fleshy juicy and slightly tart meats hitting solidly in the back. Powdered sugar sweetness wafts by along with a touch of blackberry. Mingling with the tart side of raspberry is fresh picked whole cranberries for a burst of tart, sweet, and tannic, then it’s right back to a gentle dusting of powdered sugar and raspberry.
  • Palate: interesting. Not as heavy as nose implied, raspberries nonetheless dominate my tongue along with immediate warmth thanks to her generous ABV. Warm raspberry tart, anyone, soft pie crust included of course. Tart lemons tickle underneath to offset the weight of her body which doesn’t stop her from being surprisingly easy drinking. Cranberries weave in and out of the raspberries while blackberries and blueberries skitter about. Tis a berry conference atop my tongue. My chest is aglow and though it took me two hours, I finished the whole bottle myself.
  • Final Thoughts: next time, I’m sharing the bottle with someone. Other than that, an amazing interpretation of just what a fruit beer can be. I personally have no problem with good fruit beers, but for some tis a blasphemous thing I speak of. Meh. Just means more for me.

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