Sunday, May 02, 2010

Magic Hat #9 Freshness *update*

I am pulling my remaining 5 bottles off the shelf. Being May 2nd, they are now officially 2 days past their best-by date. I don't know as to other's stock and freshness status because I don't know when the last shipment to the Treasure Coast specifically and Florida generally was. I also haven't been sniffing around Magic Hat lately as much as I have Victory (and in good cause). But, I am working on finding out. Of course, once a fresh batch is in then Magic Hat #9 will grace the shelves once more.

Will there be a sudden drop off in flavor being a meager 2 days after their best-by, no. But breweries who freshness date their beers do so because they want to ensure that their beer you are drinking is in the best tasting condition possible. Brooklyn Brewery, Summit, and many craft brewers follow this creed, understandably so, because nothing ruins a newbs and a veteran's beer tasting moment than a good beer gone bad.

Will post again as soon as I have more information. And as I did with Victory, I am sure I will have to inform Southern Eagle once more as to the freshness status of a new beer they are carrying and distributing.

(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)


  1. Good to know that you're watching out for the consumer. Wish others had the same beer-morals.

    Cheers to fresh beer.

  2. but of course. it's the right thing to do ^_^ not only do i sell the beers, but i like to drink them too. as a consumer, i'd want me to look out for me, and so i do and in turn do my best through trial and error to look out for all of us.

    cheers! :D