Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Cigar City Brew News

CCB Beer Tasting Bid Up to $700!

Woohoo the heroes did it! The bid on the Cigar City Brewing private tasting hosted by Creative Loafing Beer Writer Bethany Sherwin and CCB Head Brewer Wayne Wambles has rocketed from a paltry $100 to $700! We sweetened the pot by throwing in a grab bag of rare goodies for each of the attendees (the tasting is for four people) to take home. And in only three days you guys increased the charity donation to The Children's Home seven times!

But, now I'm faced with two things that concern me. The first is $700 is a lot of money and we want to make the experience worth every penny of the charitable donation. The second is that we are now in sniffing distance of the current high bid which is $1,000 for the opportunity to buy the cover of Creative Loafing Magazine. Currently the Cigar City Brewing Private Tasting is tied for second highest bid with the #17 item which is to Co-Host A Radio Show For a Day with a fellow who's nom de théâtre is Cowhead. And while mass-communicating is certainly a thrilling experience, I just don't want to lose to a Cowhead. So if the bid for the CCB Tasting breaks $1000 we are going to step it up even more. Consider the pot further sweetened:

Typically wealthy philanthropists can, through their largesse, count on leaving their mark on the world. And we don't think beer lovers should be any different. So in addition to all of the aforementioned private tasting goodness the winning bidder will secure the naming rights to our newest and largest beer fermenter. This 1,000 gallon, 14 foot tall stainless monument to brewing goodness will be adorned with whatever name you wish, provided the language is kept G-Rated. The John Doe Memorial Beer Swimming Pool? That's cool. Want to name it after your dog? Works for us. Want to name it after your beer loving dad as the ultimate Christmas gift? His name will loom over our brewery for all to see.

And now that you have your own beer monument named after you, it's time to have your very own beer. That's right, we'll prepare a special batch of beer blended from our cellar stock, just for the winner. 10 gallons of a one of a kind beer that is yours and yours alone. It is even yours to name, though again there are certain restrictions as the Federal Government has a few notions about what constitutes an acceptable beer name. And since you now have your own beer and fermenter named after you, it is clear you are a luminary in the beer world. So the winning bidder will receive 4 VIP passes to our upcoming March 12 Hunahpu's Imperial Stout Release Party which will grant you early access to the release and first place in line to receive 8 gratis bottles (2 per guest) of Hunahpu's Imperial Stout as well as a cozy spot at the taps to try the many limited brews which will be on draft for the release party.

The auction closes December 16th and victory is in our grasp. Don't let the evil forces of the Cowhead prevail! All proceeds go to The Children's Home.

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