Thursday, December 03, 2009

Cigar City Brew News

Capricho Oscuro Batch #3 On Sale 12-4-09

Capricho Oscuro Batch #3 will go on sale at the CCB Tasting Room on Friday December 4th at 11 AM. Batch #3's blend is:
Bolita Double Nut Brown Ale
Big Sound Scotch Ale
Improvisacion Oatmeal Rye India-Style Brown Ale

I left this one in the barrel a bit longer than normal because I wanted big barrel notes in this one and I achieved my goal. 12 oz bottles will be $5 per, reflective of the lower cost to produce the base beers. Some people have expressed surprise that this batch is $5 cheaper per bottle than the previous batch. If this is an issue for anyone we will accept any amount above $5 that you wish to pay and we will use those extra proceeds to buy presents for Florida Foster Kids (no lie).

There is no set limit on this batch, within reason. We define reason loosely as meaning: don't come in and try to buy 10 cases.

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