Saturday, August 01, 2009

the leaves haven't even begun to change...

and fall beers are already starting to grace warehouse and liquor store shelves. i'm all for my seasonal beers, especially the latter half of the year, but it's just now August first and i already have one case of Oktoberfest on my shelf:

Flying Dog Dogtoberfest Marzen

a good beer, to be sure, but especially since i am here in Florida, land of the 10 month long summer, it's a wee bit early for fall and winter beers. is it even officially the fall season yet? i'm pretty sure it isn't...

so why so early? i'm not sure, but it's probably a number of different reasons, one of which is obviously marketing and the almighty dollar. granted, everyone is releasing their fall beer earlier than they did this year, the big 3 included, but when is too early really too early?!

are we hurting ourselves in the long run by moving the seasons further and further away from the actual reality of when the seasons change? or is it really nothing to get all that worked up about? i love good beer and have no problem drinking good beer, whatever it is whenever the season, so maybe it's just me need to "get over it".

hm... now i'm craving a smooth, crisp, toasty and slightly sweet marzen. someone grab me a glass and a bottle. the seasons are calling me.

other seasonals to look forward to sooner than later:
Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale
Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin
Ayinger Oktoberfest
Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin
Brooklyn Oktoberfest
Samuel Adams Oktoberfest
Stoudts Oktoberfest
Avery Kaiser
DFH Punkin Ale
Weyerbacher Imperial Pumkin Ale
Southern Tier Pumking

...and many many more to come.

(an original work written by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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