Thursday, August 06, 2009

Cigar City news

Doug and Wayne worked on some new small batch stuff today. We are processing 20 gallons of Mochaccino Bolita, 10 gallons of Mayan Espresso Bolita and 5 gallons each of Whiskey Oak Aged Bolita and Humidor Series Bolita. They also prepped 10 gallons more of Mocha Cubano Maduro. They will be available in growlers at the brewery when everything is ready. Probably late next week for some of them, up to two weeks or longer for the wood aged stuff.

We began building pallets to send beer first to New York and then Denmark. Denmark will be bottle only, but New York will see draft of Maduro Brown Ale and Jai Alai IPA along with a small amount of our limited release bottle product.

Capricho Oscuro Batch #2 is almost ready to go, we are just waiting for the labels to be printed and suspect that to take another week and half counting shipping. When it is ready the beer will go on sale at the brewery for $9 per 12 oz bottle. Limit 5 bottles per person per day. Batch #2 was a blend of Bolita, Big Sound and 110K+OT Batch #2 all aged in bourbon barrels and it is easily my favorite fo the barrel releases we have done thus far. There are roughly 440 bottles being released.

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