Tuesday, August 18, 2009

is Temptation knocking on your door?

So, Vinnie and I have decided to release a little Temptation and Consecration to our online Gift Shop for shipment directly to customers within the Golden State of California! Although we distribute these beers around the Bay Area and Southern California, there are still areas we just can’t get to from here! Maybe you live in one, like Weed, for example. So head to the Gift Shop on our Website where you will find all the details, instructions, and rules for ordering and shipping clearly laid out. Just to reiterate a couple, however, we are only shipping to addresses within California, because that’s the law. You or someone over 21 MUST be home to sign for it, so ship it to your place of work or somewhere you know someone is going to be around. FEDEX will not leave it and it will come back to us. No special handling, period. We are overworked and understaffed right now and don’t have the bandwidth for special requests. And if you are with a bar or restaurant that would like to sell these beers, please contact our distributor in your area. This special release is for retail customers ONLY. Both beers are excellent, by the way! So cheers and enjoy!

We lost two friends very unexpectedly in the past few weeks, both women my age with loving families and teenage children. They didn’t know each other, but we are connected to each of them and their families who are left here with all of us, just trying to get back to school and work and life. So please raise a glass to Kim and Amy, two very fun women we were lucky to know, each blessed with a passion for loving and living! I don’t think they ever met here in Santa Rosa, but I guarantee there is one wild party going on right now in heaven!

Cheers from our brewery family to yours!
Russian River Brewing

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