Monday, May 25, 2009

Reserve Wheat Ale Berliner Weisse ~ Telegraph Brewing

I know one thing: if the telegraph hadn’t been invented, I very well may not be here preparing to sup on the Reserve Wheat Ale Berliner Weiss from the Telegraph Brewing Company. It’s mind-boggling and infinitely fascinating when I stop and think about all the little threads which connect the various scattered dots throughout history. I make sure not to think too hard about though lest my head starts to hurt. Some things are meant to intrigue and fascinate, but not to ever be truly fathomed. On the other hand, I get to fathom the heck out of this Berliner Weiss, a rarity on this side of the ocean. A bit of Germany in my glass goes a long way towards supping bliss.

She poured a hazy, blanched straw into my glass with a billowing cloud of white foam. She is quite the treasure, and lingers long into the finish. Her hazy white hue is spot on, and the tart, zesty, puckering nose that follows immediately behind is exactly what I would expect from an authentic Berliner Weiss. In Germany, it would not be uncommon to have it spiked with a fruit or herbal extract to take the edge off her sour bite, but I like my sour, so hold the extract please. Candied sugar much like one would find coating the outside of a sour lemon drop leads into a hard sour candy inside. Tart peaches, tangerines, and nectarines all on the verge of ripeness, but not quite. Crunchy acidic skins are included, of course. There is a touch of soft wet hay that billows in the background, but always as an afterthought. Mm… now that my olfactory senses have been satiated, tis time to quench the thirst. Bright, zippy, zesty, and full of the sour spice of life. Sugar-coated lemon drops, crunchy un-ripened peaches, nectarines, and tangerines dance atop my tastebuds while a soft undercurrent of creamy wheat keeps her true to her origins. The top of my tongue continues to tingle and tickle long after each quaff. I imagine myself in a field blooming with spring, sun shining down on my face, and a glass of tart, playful Reserve Wheat Ale Berliner Weiss in my hands. Bliss. Tight, pin-point carbonation holds all her flavors together as a touch of soft banana starts to peak through in the finish. Key lime joins the fray and a full blown party is in the works. Refreshing, invigorating, and exactly what I was hoping for.

A minimal thanks to history is possibly due, but even more importantly, thank you Telegraph Brewing Company for giving me a little taste of a German tradition with your Reserve Wheat Ale Berliner Weiss. May I have another, please?

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