Thursday, November 04, 2010

BEERflections ~ A Day with The Bruery @ Vine & Barley

From inception some breweries are destined for culinary prowess the likes of which burgundians the world over live, breathe, and create. One such brewery out of Placentia, California has all those passions of beer and food at heart: The Bruery. Relatively new to Florida’s Treasure Coast, she has been slowly and surely pleasing the palates of you and me. Bottled or on draft, this veteran and sometimes jaded beer ambassador has been smitten with The Bruery long before they set foot on these sandy shores thanks to RateBeer Orlando throwdowns. To celebrate their beers of soulful flavor, Vine & Barley of St. Lucie West tapped not one, two, or even three but six different beers for A Day With The Bruery.

A subdued event, Monday notwithstanding, there were still good vibrations in the air as I parted those double doors around 6pm and savored Vine’s familiar surroundings. Just like home, no matter how much time has passed it always feels just like yesterday. On their way out were veteran Viners, Allison and Whitney, whose company is always a pleasure. Next time ladies, next time. Farewells exchanged in passing, I made it up to the bar where I ran into Mark, Louise, Joe, Marc, and of course the one and thankfully only, Mark Carbone. Sneaking in later that evening was Eric and John, his lodge brother and friend. Tim Hebeler pause in for a brief beer social before making his way home to what was hopefully a good long night of sleep. A one man powerhouse, these beertiful events would in large part not even be a twinkle in my eye if it wasn’t for Tim’s tireless and selfless efforts, all for the love of good beer. Not that the fine gentleman of BeerWorks and beyond haven’t had an effect on the wonderfully wide world of beer along the Treasure Coast. They have and they still do with no plans to do anything less.

Feeling the relaxed atmosphere permeate my tired body, I lived the night in calm comfort. Though there were six, my aim was to try those Bruery delights that I had not tasted on draft before. Considering my choices, I started with the herbaceous Trade Winds Tripel, cruised through the hoppily dry Mischief, and ended with the sublime Coton. Eric likened the Coton to a poor man’s Utopias, a comparison I could see, smell, and taste to certain extents. But why drink just one when you can drink both, albeit in a happily abject state of poverty. Riches are beholden to the eye that sees them though and in both are treasures equal and separate.

But I digress…

My triple date of Bruery dames were all fine affairs of the heart. In the good company of beer and friends, time was immaterial. Only when an intangible shift in the air signaled the end of our social affairs were farewells exchanged in jolly good fashion. On my way home, windows down, I simply basked in the cool touch of night as home rounded the bend. Inside yet not quite snug, nibblies were in order and the last of two bacon-wrapped scallops with brown sugar and cinnamon met their tasty demise. Not one to leave any soldiers behind, the bacon and blue cheese topped crustinis were also shamelessly savored in midnight munchy madness. Special thanks to my lovely for sharing such decadently divine morsels with me. So good!

Lounging in my trust Lazyboy, tummy beyond satisfactory sated, my attentions were turned to a bed still covered in clean clothes the house elves neglected to put away during my absence. A laundry shuffle later, the bed was filled with Kristyn and my head was filled with visions of Bruery flavor alchemy and bacon, beautiful bacon. Cheers and good night.

(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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