Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cigar City Brew News

Hey Guys,

We have a little something special planned for next Friday, November 5th. We are very happy to welcome David Gremmel, and his wonderful cheeses to the brewery for a very special tasting from 5-7pm. Whole Foods will be on hand and have the featured cheeses available for purchase and the CCB beers featured will be available in the tasting room.

Be sure to sign up at Whole Foods if you can attend!

This event is limited to 40 people.

This week in the tasting room we put Vanilla Maduro on tap in place of Oatmeal Raisin Cookie. We will have more Oatmeal Raisin Cookie in a week or two for pints and growlers and soon you will be able to find it at your favorite beer retailer to enjoy at home! It's scheduled to be bottled in the few months, along with Cubano Espresso, Jose' Marti and White Oak Jai-Alai IPA 12 oz. all in 4 packs!

There are a few new treatments in the tasting room and more that will be turning up in the coming weeks, right now we have the Coco Loco and Seabass Passion on tap. Coco Loco is a cocoa and coconut infused Bolita Double Brown Ale. The Seabass Passion infuses a blend of fruits with an ale containing multiple layers of complexity that tingles the senses. Jose' Marti is back, so is Humidor IPA both of which we are pouring growlers of again so bring them by and let us fill them up for you!

Coming Soon! The first creations of Ben Romano, our Pilot Brewer who has been working on a few new beers for us to enjoy. Ben has been brewing small batches on our 45 gallon pilot system and we can't wait to have them on tap!

Labels were approved for our Collaboration beer with the guys from Grassroots (Denmark) and Hill Farmstead (VT)

Described as a “high gravity black ale brewed with Ty Ty honey, copious amounts of hops and aged on toasted Spanish Cedar.” 11.2% ABV to be packaged in mixed 12/12oz. of each in a case of 24. It should be out sometime this fall.

Hopefully we will be able to get some tasting notes soon!


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