Thursday, September 02, 2010


**I can't stand bringing politics/religion/whatever you want to call it into my public life, not personal life, but I guess at some points it becomes unavoidable. And so I find myself now, surrounded by 2-faced arrogant prejudiced ignorant bigotism in the face of hard times and a "black" president, that I can't keep shut. This may be the last or it may be the first of a very few and far between beer-removed posts, but good beer begets good people and if you're not any of the above, then I have hard second thoughts about having a good beer with you. I'm just sayin..**
*it's all stream of thought so pardon any grammatical misgivings*
pft. how easy it is to forget how the last 8 years sucked just cause we whiny bitches aka Americans don't like the fact that our current president cant snap his fingers like some make-believe Disney figure and make things all better.
wah. wah. wah.
get over it. bush sucked. Sarah Palin would have made me move to another country. we aint all that. we're so lost and fucked up right now that you could give me all the monies in the world and immunity and i still wouldn't want to be president. and yet someone has to. and so we voted Obama in (i voted for him) and suddenly cause our snivelly pissant selfish no-sided wants can't be sucks.
wah. wah. wah.
seriously. no one pities ourselves more then we do which means we seriously need a re-adjustment and alignment of priorities and no matter the president, white, black, ethnic, purple people eater, if we can't get over our own perverted shit, we will never be happy. period. nuf said. and yes, i hate American politics. if i found someplace happier would i move? absofreakinlutely. we're fucked. we're fucked with crisco and poppers.
America is at a threshold of change. no matter "who" is in office, they are fucked. until we get over/accept/adjust/work with change (it's inevitable people. accept it.) then we are just some sad sops who know nothing else other than how to whine, bitch, and complain, despite knowing full well that if ourselves or our "savior" were in office we would still be fucked, though possibly without the crisco and poppers.
this is Kristyn Lier signing out.
now where is that tropical island in the middle of nowhere I'm moving to cause in the end...hell yeah.
I'd also like to say before i crawl into bed and bid the putrid world of corrupt "politics" aside that we are in this mess of no fault other then OUR OWN. I'm as guilty as the next. i spent money i didn't have. i bought corporate and not local. and now i am working on paying it off and living on my money and my money alone.
for every dozen jobs sent overseas by mass conglomerate corporations dozens upon hundreds of thousands more were sent overseas and duh! of course they accepted. we were stupidly willing enough to send our own communities and commerce overseas so why NOT accept if you were the bloke on the other end. it's as much our fault as it is their gain.
and yet we want a person. ONE person to blame when really, it's our own selves in the mirror and even more so, the bloated corrupt politics and megalopolic companies and corporations and system set up of our day that is mostly, not wholly, at fault.
don't like mass produced? what about small and asrtisanal?too expensive? too limited?why is that?
maybe cause it's to the benefit of the larger, not smaller, and so the big bloated companies can charge less for a lesser product the same of which a smaller producer could charge equally for a better product? even if just a few cents more, the value is indisputable.
notice how all things of their origin are amazingly affordable and cheap by our standards and our "great" goods are the most expensive. local is supposed to be accessible and affordable: that's the meaning of local. I'm not going to knock immigrants cause we are all mutts. illegal is a matter i won't dip into, but we are all a mixed breed of some sorts. i myself am of at least a half-dozen nationalities that i know of, which probably means i am of more, and that's great. get over it people. stop using one person's presidency as an excuse to sugar-coat or cover-up your prejudice and ignorance.
nuf said.
cause any more and i'll get aggravated.
(original written work by Kristyn Lier.plagiarism is not tolerated)

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