Friday, October 28, 2011

Schlafly No. 15 ~ Saint Louis Brewery

Appearance: tangerine orange under a tight head which fastly fades into nothing. Swirls with a few meager bubbles.

Nose: tangerine, apricots, and peaches. Not overly sweet with a faint nip of tart kiwi. Spice in the back. Leather and fruit skins in the back. Orange honey flambé.

Palate: sweet, tart, then orange oiled leather. Cinnamon and nutmeg. Chew breads in the back laden with apricot and tangelo chunks. Kiwi in the middle and along the edges. Candied ginger. Flambéed peaches and apricots, skin included. Underlying bitterness of orange peel.

Final Thoughts: not at all what I was expecting in many very delicious ways. I’m not sure I would classify it as a “dunkelweizen” but for now, I’ll pass on style semantics and keep the beer. 


(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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