Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Old Numbskull ~ AleSmith

Appearance: deep brilliantly clear mahogany and cherry woods under a khaki tannish head. A slow stream of bubbles keeps the head intact while releasing a tantalizing nose. Swirls with a thin yet full layer of lace.

Nose: hoppy, dry, rustic, chocolate, plums. Plum and grape skins. Fall leaves, dry wood and sticks. Whole hop cones with an evergreen essence. Red apple skins. Luxurious and silky.

Palate: lovely marriage of chocolate and plums followed by sticks, twigs, and whole dried hop cones. Plums and grapes start sweet with their juicy innards and end with the thirst-inducing bitter tannic tang of their skins. Twigs and fall leaves mingle with an air of seasons. Black cherries and chocolate bark. Clean mouthfeel, medium-bodied, and silky. Rustic finish with pits and stems. Lovely.

Final Thoughts: AleSmith belongs in Florida…okay, I want AleSmith in Florida but that’s kind of the same thing. The sunshine state aside, no matter where you are, if you stumble across some AleSmith beers, buy and/or drink as much as you can because they really are that good. A phenomenal Barleywine I’d gladly drink over and over again. 


(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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