Thursday, September 15, 2011

Odyssey ~ Allagash Brewing Company

Appearance: pours with the appearance of dark old European woods rich in lore. Khaki tannish head. Bottle conditioned so a steady stream of bubbles greets the eyes. Swirls foamy with a khaki collar.

Nose: interesting and intriguing. Chocolate and plum, Hershey’s chocolate and ruby port. Smell of the seasons changing to Fall. Grape and plum pomace – stems, skins, and pits. Faint oak planks underneath, almost as an afterthought. Fresh black cherries resting in their own juices with no additives or preservatives. Touch of leather in the back along with more pomace – makes me imagine what the old leather Madera sacks of yore may have smelled like after years of use.

Palate: wow! Subtle and soft, sophisticated and aristocratic. Chocolate and leather, pomace, black cherries both in essence and fresh juice. The pomace lingers in the back of each swallow along with old wine soaked oak. More cherries and chocolate with the addition of red and black grapes. Bakers chocolate teases the top back middle of my tongue. More oak comes out to play as she warms up with campfire and fireplace designs.

Final Thoughts: wow and wow! Allagash Brewing never disappoints and the Odyssey was indeed an odyssey of all the senses. If one is so lucky as to stumble across a bottle or three, embrace greed and buy them all. 


(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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