Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cigar City Brew News

Hunahpu Day Hotel link

Here is a link for those who would like to book a room at our "host hotel" for the night of the Hunaphu Release Day celebration: 

In other news, we will be hosting a number of local are home brew clubs during the celebration. If you have ever thought about brewing your own but just have been reluctant to take the plunge these are the guys to talk to! They will be on hand with samples of their own brews, and love to answer questions and hear what you think about their own handcrafted beers. We all started the same way, 5 gallons at a time we're sure you will enjoy all these clubs have to offer.

We have been getting together food options for the day and are happy to announce our first vendor; Taco Bus will be here serving up tacos and some of their other specialties. This definitely saves us a trip since we would want to head there sometime during the day anyways, somehow those tacos and our beers go hand in hand we just usually usually don't get to enjoy them together. We are still talking to a few other vendors and know you will like what we come up with as far as variety and pairing up with all the great beers that will be available!

As always there will be more info to come and we will keep you posted!

Asian Saison is now pouring in the tasting room this complex medium bodied, golden colored ale has the edition of toasted Nori (seaweed) and Chinese 5 spice for an interesting complexity and flavor profile not really like anything we've ever brewed! Thanks to Ben and Wayne for that one! It's limited so get it quick, who knows if we will revisit this one again anytime soon or not.

The CCB Crew

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