Thursday, January 20, 2011

BEERtrekkin ~ Atlanta, GA to Paducah, KY

Well, made it safe and sound on the second leg of our trip yesterday to land at a Residence Inn Marriott in Paducah, Kentucky. Never did come across the town of Paint Lick but maybe next time. Instead, I awoke around 8 o’clock this morning to look out my window and see snow.
Snow snow snow and more snow.
It’s coming down quite nicely though nothing like a full on snow storm or blizzard which would surely crimp our plans. Phew! Of course, the first thing I did was send a picture message to my Lovely followed by a few camera pics and a post on FaceBook. Gotta stay connected, after all.

Our destination today is Independence, Missouri which is also going to be cold and snowy. In a way the whiteness is pretty…so long as one remembers that it only stays a nice pure snowy white for about a minute. Then it turns muddy mucky and downright yucky.

Our lunch stop was a McDonalds in Manchester, Tennessee where we stopped and munched on some awesome chicken salad from Chelsea’s in Vero Beach (sorry Ronald) and Lily ran around the gargantuan play room with some other kids. We munched, we ran, we chased, and we climbed stairs. It was pretty darn cool, yes indeed. I’d like to embellish the rest of our days drive but really it was rather laid back and relaxing which after such a long drive the day before twas a nice change.

I drove the second half again which has been working out quite nicely while in the mornings I have been catching up on my reading. I think I’ll save the couple BEERflections I haven’t had a chance to write about yet for when I’m at Jenn’s; that way I can print out my final proof before posting. I’ve finish Beer Is Proof That God Loves Us and have Dethroning the King to start next followed by Flapper: A Madcap Story of Sex, Style, Celebrity, and the Women Who Made America Modern. After those I have in no particular order: Great Beers: 700 of the Best From Around the World, Amber Gold & Black: The History of Britain’s Great Beers, and the newest edition of Images of America: Indian River County. Bwahahahaha! Think I’ll have them all read by the time I return home? I’ll be taking bets later today…

Still have some 420 Pale Ale from Sweetwater which I have been instructed by Josh to save a couple bottles for him. I guess I can do that…

I’ve been making sure I take my Juice Plus veggies and fruits every morning for which I owe hugs n snuggles n kisses to my Lovely for making sure I am healthy, wealthy, and wise. I even remembered to hang up my wet bras last night so I’d have clean DRY bras to wear from here on out. Is that too much information? Meh. Whatever I say. We’re all adult human beings so our under-clothes should come as no surprise…unless you’re a hermit recluse extraordinaire.

I also figure by the time we get to Minneapolis I’ll have all my beer reviews caught up…except for on RateBeer but RB is an easy copy&paste so I think I’ll get that all caught so each subsequent beer review is a trilogy of beerotica. Mm…beerotica. *kisses for Lovely*

I do have one complaint about this particular Residence Inn Marriott: their craptastic internet connection. Between the wireless and the cable, I am sad to report that both suck. For a business stopover (especially long-term) how the heck am I supposed to conduct my business when I can’t do 95% of what I want and need to do online cause they don’t know how to set-up and proffer internet?! Sheesh! What century is this again? So if the slideshow for today isn’t up until tomorrow and/or later tonight, now you know why.

And so it goes. I’m clean and dressed as best as I can for the wintry white outside. Until next time, beer out!

(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. pagiarism is not tolerated)

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