Thursday, June 04, 2009

Newest & Brewest From Avery Brewing

Good afternoon!

So, we FINALLY got Federal label approval on SIXTEEN Anniversary Ale! Took nearly 8 weeks for what is usually no more than a three week process. My apologies to you and your retailers for the delay. That said, it is WELL worth the wait! The extra tank time actually improved the beer a bit too. We used the Dupont yeast strain, added Jasmine, Peaches and Honey (this beer has become affectionately known as the "3 Strippers" here at the brewery) to the mix and created one badass SAISON. Super dry, unfiltered with all the aforementioned ingredients making an appearance in both aroma and flavor but no one dominating the mix. Truly integrated and quite refreshing for the abv. Dangerously drinkable is not an overstatement!

I held on to some 1/2 bbl kegs of FIFTEEN from last year to age for release this year with the SIXTEEN. My intention was to style out the very best Avery Tap accounts so they could have both on tap side by side. It has cellared beautifully, a bit more tart and sharper in flavor, less muddled than when fresh. Hibiscus is still there nicely in the aroma as is the pepper on the side of the tongue. Figs maybe just now peeking out a little bit more. First come, first served so let Steve or myself know how many you want!

Gemini IPA update:
Has been pushed back once again! Hop shortage is still a problem as we try to source enough of the hops we want to brew with without endangering production of our current beers. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we want to drink it too!! Sorry again for the delay but we want to create the PERFECT double IPA! All of course for our own selfish drinking pleasure! Ok, and for all those die-hard hopheads too!

Barrel-aged Series update:
Brabant was quite a success and I saw firsthand at Savor in DC last week how well it was received among true beer aficionados! Next out of those zinfandel barrels: A sour cherry 100% brett = fermentation concoction. Knowing the zin flavor will be muted vs. the Brabant, we figured the sour cherries and lighter wine flavor profile would marry well. 3 months into aging, we are PSYCHED on what is forming! Probably at least another 4-5 months to peak and then we bottle and keg. Yep, keg! Just a VERY limited number destined for the top Avery publicans across the country. You know who they are- multiple handles and bottles year round!! Love those guys and gals!

We just filled another set of barrels last week. I found some Gosling rum casks, one of my fav rums, and had them shipped in. Brewed up a nice, thick, chewy deliciously rich Imperial Oatmeal Stout. Tons of body and mouthfeel to stand up to the rum. Normal fermentation on this beer. No bugs or critters allowed! Proly early 2010 release. Will keep you updated as it matures.

And finally, just acquired yet another set of barrels. These I found at the Plumpjack Vineyard. Yep, award winning cabernet sauvignon! They do it right there. Only the best for our beer! These will house and mature our sour beer line up. First brew to go in next week. Lactobacillus will be the main acid producer and we have a strain and mix of bugs we've developed over the course of a few years of experimentation here at the brewery. Will be a mouth puckering
wild sour ale! Ready when it says it's ready! Year?!?!? Ok, that's the scoop on the new weird from Avery.

Hope all are having a fabulous day.

Adam President/Brewmaster
Avery Brewing Company
5763 Arapahoe Avenue
Boulder, CO 80303

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