Monday, June 01, 2009

Catastrophic Devastation to German Hallertauer Hops

unfortunately, Mother Nature struck with her worst. while i doubt highly that the Hallertauer Hops will fade into extinction from this unforseen tragedy, they will not doubt face years of rebirth and growth. whether or not they will ever come back to their original force will be seen.

and on the other side of things, who is to say that other families of hops haven't suffered similar tragedies over the centuries. the evidence isn't there to support it, but the nature of Mother Nature (and mankind) pretty much dictates that this isn't the first time a hop family has faced extinction or even gone extinct.

i hope they don't, but if they do... sometimes tragedy is the great mother of innovation and invention. maybe this is what Germany needs to reevaluate their tired purity law and certain floundering brewing practices.

just my .02 cents

a bit more info on the devastation with more facts and less hype:

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