Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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Cigar City Brewing’s next two beers, Guava Grove and Humidor Jai Alai IPA, should be getting bottled and headed out for distribution in a week, two at the most. Keep an eye out for it in your local Florida beverage retailer, and if you don’t see it be sure to ASK for it.
(on a side note: if you don’t like their beers, there is something wrong with you)

Blue Point Brewing out of Long Island celebrates 10 years of brewing. To celebrate their success, they will be releasing a series of special 22oz beers. Seeing as how they just moved into a new brewhouse, they should have no trouble accomplishing their new 10th Anniversary line along with other great things in the beery future.

New to New York and the NE beer scene in general, the Good Beer Seal of Approval. Also, July is Good Beer Month in New York City.

Summer releases to look forward to from Southampton Publick House:
  • Belgian Amber
  • Bavarian Wheat
  • Summer Ale
  • Burton Ale
  • Saison Deluxe

The Long Island Matinecock Masonic Historical Society Cask Ale Festival is being held June 27th from 1-5pm in their society house. Tickets are $40 and info can be found HERE.

Two new breweries being distributed along the East Coast: Twin Lakes and Duck Rabbit.

Northern Virginia Summer Brewfest – Morven Park in Leesburg, Virginia June 27th – June 28th with over 40 breweries representing their beers. Food and live music. Family friendly.

Vermont Brewers Festival July 17th – July 18th with at least 36 craft brewers. Tickets are limited.

Great Brewers breaks out the Beer Sommelier to help novices and experts alike break down the challenges of pairing beer with food. Over 250 dishes and relevant pairings are featured. The website is new, but growing so look forward to hopefully more dishes, more variety, and more Beer+Food awareness.

There are two new additions to the Goose Island Reserve Line of 22oz bomber beers:
  • Sofie – a saison-style ale
  • Juliet – a sour ale

Harpoon Brewing is set to release a new and their third addition to their unfiltered wheat beers: Harpoon UFO White Ale.

Craft Brewers Conference – Chicago, 2010.

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