Friday, December 10, 2010

Coasters Belgian Beer Fest 2011

**Seeing as I missed last year's Belgian Beer Fest do to a very good reason: road trip with my sister and my newly born niece, I will not be missing this one. And yes, it will be E.P.I.C.**

Last year, we distinguished our Belgian Beer Fest as the 'first annual' Belgian Beer Fest. And we weren't kidding.

The wheels are already in motion, kegs are already on order, and we're excited to announce that Coasters Pub's Belgian Beer Fest 2 is marked on the calendar for February 11th, 12th and 13th, 2011. That's the weekend after the Super Bowl.

In what is sure to be known as the premier Belgian Beer event in the Southeast, we will be taking down all of our regular draught beers to make room for more than 35 taps of Belgian Beer at once, with many kegs in the on-deck circle waiting for the first round of kegs to empty. In all, we expect to offer around fifty different Belgian beers over the three day weekend, along with Belgian food specials and live music. Sound like fun? You bet it is. This isn't a 'beer tents in a parking lot' type of Beer Fest. This is your chance to sit down and enjoy some of the finest beers in the world in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Due to cost and rarity, most beers will be served in wine glasses to allow you to try a few different varieties without having to down multiple pints in order to do so. Keep in mind that a lot of these beers are potent, so please plan accordingly. Last year quite a few people booked hotel rooms at one of the many beachfront hotels nearby, most of which offer a free shuttle service. There are also a few 'mom & pop' type of motels nearby with cheaper rates.

As the event grows nearer, we'll post a list of the kegs that will be tapped. Until then, here's the page for last year's Belgian Beer Fest to let you see what was available. And here are some photos from last year's event!

Stay tuned for more details.

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